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constant deja vu Anonymous 4806

this has kind of always been happening but for the past year, it's gotten much worse. i use a lot of imageboards, and every time i find a new site i like, i feel like i've been there before. i know this seems like a statement about chan boards being the same, but that's not what i'm saying. even the posts are the same.
whenever i go to the store, it feels like i see the same people, in the same sections, buying the same thing.
does anyone else experience this? it feels like i'm in a loop

Anonymous 4811


yeah but not just online but in conversation, driving, smelling things, any real trigger and it feels like it just loops over and over. im sure its just psychosis luv

Anonymous 4812

Anonymous 4813

All the pictures, into the mind, there’s a flashing in my eyes. Can’t you see now? Condition, the fiction, it’s come running again. Can’t you see now? The illusion, right into your mind. Deja vu!

Anonymous 4831

yes completely. it's so odd because an artist i like will release a new album or something and i will get a sinking feeling because something in me KNOWS i've heard it before

Anonymous 4925

aren't you in depression or something?

Anonymous 5062

I've been living on my own for a while now and it worsened. I feel like I'm losing the grasp of what's real and what's not.

Anonymous 5222

i miss having deja vu. i used to get it pretty frequently and its such an interesting and exciting feeling. i get deja reve more often now, where my dreams are so realistic that in waking hours im convinced of something that inly happened in a dream. or maybe something that i believe strongly to have happened in real life, yet cannot remember clearly. i used to get deja vu more when i was smoking less weed so maybe ill take a t break to post in thread

Anonymous 5234

get checked for epilepsy! this is a very common symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy

Anonymous 5235

Yeah, my mum has epilepsy and would would feel deja vu during it but jamais vu after.

Anonymous 5249

I always have deja vu around the time something really important happens to me. Like when I make some huge development in my writing. Suddenly I've seen this snippet of whatevers in front of me before. It's like remembering you've seen everything that's going to happen in your life, already. The same way you 'know' when you get hunches, or get a premonition

Anonymous 5791

I try and put date and times and a short description of dejavu incidents onto my colornotes app.
trying to find a pattern as to why dejavu happens is interesting

I wonder if the Mandela effect is a part of dejavu…

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