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Psychedelics General /PG/ Anonymous 4967

Post your experiences with psychedelics.

>Preferred substance

>Preferred place to do it
>Favourite psychedelic realm you've entered
>Do you believe psychedelic trips are spiritual?
>Has a trip ever healed you?
>Have you ever had a bad trip?

Let's share our experiences!

Anonymous 4968

I've wanted to share this with someone for a while now and I think this is the perfect place to do so; no weird alleged "specialists" or doodes that can only talk about ego death.
I've never taken any real psychedelics other than weed, I can't find any proper substances so I sometimes do 25i nmbome.
In almost every trip I had, I've seen and experienced a never-ending loop that seemed to be a representation o the concept of infinity, I couldn't reach the end because my mind would tell me "it's infinite" and I would surrender only to be caught in the loop a few minutes later.
I can never reach infinity and I don't think it is possible, unless you believe in God or something, when God will be what you see.
My friend said she saw the end, which I don't believe because she could never explain it. She has said that she saw Pennywise at the end of everything before, so yeah, there's not much there lmao.
I need to read more experiences like this, I couldn't find anything relatable by just googling, only reddit dumb moid rambling lmao.

Anonymous 4971

I so want to try dmt as wel, I used to know a guy that did it himself and we were going to smoke together but I couldn’t manage to pretend to be his friend for too long to Iost my chance. It is SO hard to find some here and I think almost everywhere.

Also it’s so weird that you don’t get any visuals from shrooms, have you tried with more stimulant strains of weed?

Anonymous 4998

>Preferred substance

DMT and shrooms. LSD is cool but kind of speedy for me.

>Preferred place to do it

DMT - bedroom
shrooms - bedroom
Lsd - outside doing something active!

>Favourite psychedelic realm you've entered

I like those low-moderate doses of DMT where I get to watch my room come to life. One time I hallucinated that when I closed my eyes a veil would come over my head and I saw two men brawling. I thought, sucks to be them. I'm cool just chilling. It was so strange.

>Do you believe psychedelic trips are spiritual?

I believe they are what you make of them.

>Has a trip ever healed you?

"Healed", probably not. Opened up my mind to problems and their sources/how to overcome them? Certainly.

>Have you ever had a bad trip?

Hell yeah. One time I took what I thought was acid that most certainly was not acid and I proceeded to trip so hard I had a panic attack and thought I was going to die.
Other times it's more of bad thoughts. "Nobody likes me. I'm a shit person. I'm so alone." And I spend the whole day just crying.
Usually the trips are good tho.

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