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Anonymous 4977

Has anyone else noticed a dimensional shift lately?

Anonymous 4978

chris chan warned us about this

Anonymous 4979

Ya, I have too

Anonymous 4981

tf are you all talking about

Anonymous 4982

>she doesnt know about the dimensional shift

Anonymous 4989

the dimensional shift, can't you read?

Anonymous 5004


The dimensional shift was Chris-chan's entry into the normal public consciousness. He was an internet phenomenon that, by virtue of fucking his mother, has breached through into the real world. This is the catalyst of the dimensional shift/merge. It is the merge of the evils of the ID-adjacent digital world with the corporeal real world. By fucking his mother, Chris-chan conceived something otherworldly and evil. Nine months from that conception the worlds will have fully merged. We may not be able to fully see it, but some will sense it and the world will begin to collapse from its foundations outwards.
Really, we are merging the normal human earth with Hell. From the gates of Hell being fully gapingly open more troons will come pouring out, more evils beyond our comprehension and the pedophile elite will embrace it and force us under the trials of suffering and living a false mirror existence, keeping us away from nature and our base instincts (the crumbling of the foundations of society and the mind) and force us all to observe Hell and the martyr chris-chan who warned us continues to rot in jail and meditate on his burgeoning Godhood. NPCs will be rewarded. Those with a conscious will be forced to stare into the void.
It's happening.

Anonymous 5005

Yeah I'll incorporate that into my belief system

Anonymous 5025


Do you think the Metaverse happening at this instant is the beginning of the dimensional shift?

Anonymous 5042


It's probably one of the first steps into transferring the human consciousness into digital form in order to encourage transhumanism and our separation from humanity. Maybe transhumanism is the goal of the merge. I think neoliberalism also pushes us towards transhumanism, which in a way is selling our souls to a devil (the selfish hedonism of living in a false digital world and ditching humanity and mortality). Even Chris-chan is transhumanist and has been this entire time. His entrance into the normal world gave consent to the transhumanists to be more open about their agenda. According to Chris-chan, the merge would allow us to meet our "OCS" and other fictional creations which to him somehow exist independent of the human mind. OCs and fictional characters only really "exist" over the internet, and the Metaverse will only encourage the priorities of fiction over fact. The merge itself is our descent into Hell, or the digital world we've created where laws and morals don't matter; we trade mortality for immortality and face the consequences while the world around us crumbles because people look towards the void; the digital world where reality is manipulated, instead of looking outwards at the real world or even inwards towards the Self, the human condition and the natural instincts we all harbor deep inside. The Metaverse is just a haven for selfish cowards to indulge in. People are encouraged to change the world and leave an impact, become famous, rich, and beloved. This is unrealistic for most people and that is okay. Everyone participates in history whether they want to or not, but unfortunately people are willing to sell their souls to the corporate masters; in return, they are promised salvation, but it isn't Heaven they are going, it's into Hell.

Anonymous 5046

Scary stuff. I also feel that VR and transhumanism are linked, and we might be disrespecting our Creator by altering ourselves in such ways. I don't know if current conditions such as lockdowns, increasing price of living, and social isolation will push people into VR, but it will definitely stop us from looking after the real world.

How is joining the metaverse 'selling your soul to corporate masters'? Does it benefit anyone in particular, to have humans in virtual reality?

Anonymous 5047


The Metaverse may allow people the freedom to do whatever they want with it but there's likely going to be some people in charge of it. I don't know if joining the Metaverse itself is the act of selling your soul to corporate masters but it is certainly a first step into introducing people to the idea that we can live our lives in a simulation instead of in reality. When humans turn their backs on reality in favor of simulations, what happens then? I only see this process as basically a testing grounds for when we are expected to just abandon the dying earth and live inside simulation pods. To me this doesn't seem too different from our previous desires to go into space, except that seems unrealistic now because of how expensive it is whereas VR makes money. Who knows, the Metaverse itself may be a fun thing for those willing to try it out but I doubt the Metaverse is the conclusion or the destination.

Anonymous 5092

I have been thinking the same. Did you notice that in the meta commercial while the kids were in the gallery, at the back were painting made by a satanist? I'll try to find the video that breaked it down.

Anonymous 5421

Virtual reality supposed to be better and more pleasant than real reality
I am not gonna spend my virtual years in such an ugly space

Anonymous 5423

What makes it more pleasant or better? There will still be laws in place. The highest order will probably be the creator of the virtual reality. Our current reality has no one creator; whether you believe in God or not, we abide by the laws of nature and of the universe which dictate our moral and ethical laws. You would rather live in a world created by one or a team of people who think of themselves as gods? Why?

Anonymous 5427

Because they would give me an opportunity to be somewhere where I couldn’t be and to be something I’m not
I think I wouldn’t care who they are and why they are doing what they are doing
If they would abuse their power - that would just make a virtual space not comfortable, thus not interesting for me and for many other people, I think

but yeah, by pleasant I actually meant visually

Anonymous 5568



Anonymous 5569


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