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Most retarded conspiracy you believe in! Anonymous 4991

Anonymous 4992

One word: Giants

Anonymous 4996

Climate change can be stopped, but the elites don’t want to, because they want to see people die, for their amusement, and to feel special in their New Zealand bunkers.

Anonymous 4999

That this thread is a way to make us unbelieve our "theories" , really makes you wonder !!!! Jk its the (((())))

Anonymous 5000

Sounds true tbh

Anonymous 5001

Part of it can’t be stopped because it is a natural process. However, the man made part can. I don’t think it’s that they want to see people die but they just don’t care to do anything about it when they can make $$$

Anonymous 5002

Nuclear weapons don't work.

Anonymous 5003

I believe in the pedophile cabals, I also believe that the push for trannyisms is just the beginning step for pushing transhumanism.

Anonymous 5008

I am the elite.

Anonymous 5016

9/11 was an inside job

Anonymous 5024

The people who built the pyramids were giants but they are extinct now

Anonymous 5028

I wish he was my boyfriend

Anonymous 5029


We are the giants. Our ancestors massacred the normal-sized humans. The pygmies are the last remnants of a dead people.

Anonymous 5030

Planets r alive

Anonymous 5039

They’re going to remove back cameras from future smartphones, to encourage narcissism amongst the general population, and to make it harder to film evidence of the crimes of our increasingly oppressive regime.

Anonymous 5059

with the way things have been going over the past several years my new formula is that whatever your dystopian prediction is, make it 10 times worse, and you'll still be thinking optimistically.

Anonymous 5060

when you play a final fantasy game once

Anonymous 5066

jim carrey is an epstein goon and has probably killed someone

Anonymous 5068

People with red hair are descendants of beings not entirely human

Anonymous 5069

simply scientifically true, if you want to wrap the history of humane evolution up in mystical and mythical trappings. there was a lot more human diversity before. see: homo floresiensis

Anonymous 5070

the reason why most pop songs are about sex is that elites want us to constantly reproduce and sponsor only those performers who are willing to endlessly sing about it.

Anonymous 5071

Or maybe because sex sells

Anonymous 5076

then why is the population declining and why are people having less sex than ever kek

Anonymous 5077

Because of pop music, clearly

Anonymous 5083

men in black.

Anonymous 5085

>elites want us to constantly reproduce
they are very open about wanting to depopulate

Anonymous 5086


Literally the "they feed us poison" meme.
>They feed us poison (lots of sugar and fatty foods; tricky pricing like constant "sales" and decoy popcorn)
>so we buy their "cures" (diet culture, fad diets requiring specific products which of course are expensive)
>while they suppress our medicine (moderation)

Anonymous 5105

>while they suppress our medicine (moderation)
Moderation of poison isn't a cure for anything. If you're eating chemical shit at all, you already lost the plot.

Anonymous 5109

It's the opposite. In the 70-80s they settled on a doctrine of depopulation. They destroyed fabric of families to this end among other things (except their own of course).

It is actually sexualisation, which started in earnest at the time, that aids this as well. Because relationships aren't about forming a family, they're increasingly just based on sex. It's not just depopulation but people without strong families are weak-minded and have no collective power.

Anonymous 5112

I'm (((one of them))) and someday when I reach a certain age I'm going to get a letter inviting me to the whole shindig.

Kinda of like Harry Potter, but with more matzah and gefilte fish and less tea and crumpets.

Anonymous 5113

And you will never report back, will you schlomo?

Anonymous 5114


Probably not. But I promise that I'll shoot the miners last when I get my hands on the space laser.

Anonymous 5121


i believe there is such a thing as clean coal or at the very least a much less toxic version than the ones we use today

Anonymous 5130

Interesting. Why do you believe in this?

Anonymous 5422

Thats moreso "Vapid Hedonism Sex" than reproduction.
An instance of what you're implying would be how the Japanese PM sponsored a bunch of anime to have traditionally masculine, pro-family shit to get Japanese Weebs to start families, in response to their population decline(Spoiler, didn't work)
Fact of the matter is that suggestive imagery/lyrics are a fantastic marketing strategy

Anonymous 5424

Marriage and families benefit males at the cost of the health and happiness of women. There are elites on both sides, with different agendas, and pushing the “elites WANT you to do that so it’s bad” narrative just shows how easily manipulated you are. Look out for your interests, don’t pretend they’re the same as the rest of ours.

Anonymous 5428

This, I think the real goal of all the sexualized media and pro-kink stuff is to sell people shit like sex toys, birth control, and drugs to treat STDs.

Anonymous 5436

Related to this, but I don't think any pharmaceutical company tries to research cures for anything anymore, only treatments so they can milk money forever.

Anonymous 5442

honestly, white genocide.
the amount of interracial propaganda aimed at white people has become unbearable and can't be explained only with "muh selling products".
they are obviously trying to "sell" much more than products.

Anonymous 5443

it's more about making relationships exclusively about sex, lust, short-term pleasure, instead of love, commitment, family, etc. the latter is to be deemed as "boring".

Anonymous 5444

That's not a conspiracy, just the consequence of capitalism. Hell, the biggest pharma companies spend their time buying patents on molecules developed by smaller companies instead of doing research themselves.

Anonymous 5449

That’s just pharmaceuticals, but medical researchers who are independent of big pharma still research cures.

Anonymous 5450


Tartaria, if only to see someone with actual artistic talent try to illustrate what it would look like. Same with Agartha, everyone just defaults to nazi conspiracy bullshit but it feels like you could fashion an entire unknown world in that case.

Anonymous 5460

Because people sense things are oversexed subconciously even if they won't come out and say it, and they're kind of tired of losing the simplicity and innocence before sex was pushed everywhere. There ARE drawbacks to pushing it all the time, and making existence seem vile when there's clearly unhealthy obsessions that turn people against each other

But its also something that is aimed to obviously benefit moids. They try to get away with it. Of COURSE they want us to fuck and reproduce like animals and "venerate sex objects" in our society. How would that not benefit scrotes infinitely?? Meanwhile why else would old skeezy men try so damn hard to control abortion and fight tooth and nail over birth control???

Sure there are a lot of men who care about harmoney and pleasant strandards of existence, they care about technology and comfort, but EVERYTHING you see around you is built and designed to hoard power, wealth, better understanding.. to gain access to sex.

Sky scrapers, wealth, fame, entertainment, the media, technology, its all really built, designed and maintained, used or manipulated for better access to sex and money (more power, more access to sex). Why should I even have to spell it out for you though?

All of this is hilarious to me though, because I could care less about being in a relationship.. the burden of it.. the insanity of having children.. No thanks. Kind of makes me feel like I'm gonna DIE laughing some days. I literally could not care during 90% of my week, about any of it.

Anonymous 5463

corporations care about pandering who whatever political ideals are popular with their audience. most corporations want to pander to people in their 20's and 30's, and right now it's popular with that demographic not to not be a racist fucking scumbag. people are super sensitive about interracial couples, so showing interracial couples in your ads displays that your company is Hip and Progressive and With Those Wacky Millennial(/Zoomer) Kids who Don't Care About Miscegenation (and probably don't even know what that word means, and probably can't remember a time when the shock of a white person dating a black person was a sitcom/comedy/dramedy staple). not to mention there are tons of ads with male/male interracial couples and female/female interracial couples; in other words, couples who won't be having biological kids.

Anonymous 5464

i just googled tartaria and holy fuck this is the most retarded shit i've ever read. not only does it fundamentally misunderstand how groups of humans work, but it misunderstands how broader cultures work. it misunderstands the ways architecture is (and isn't) prioritized and for what purposes, the process that goes into planning and building structures, plus the vision of individual artists. that being said i do like poking around the images people use as 'evidence' of this retard-drooling-in-the-loony-bin level conspiracy, just because it features some of my favorite architectural styles.

Anonymous 5465

lool. you americans are so destroyed.
you're probably black too, which is why you're so sensitive to white people not wanting you.

not wanting to race mix isn't "le ebil racism". it's just normal. marrying and having kids with someone of your race/ethnicity/group is perfectly natural.

Anonymous 5466

also, don't even try to pretend that only white people care about race mixing.
black women get very angry when they see a black dude with a white woman.
black men get very angry when they see a black woman with a white guy.
so don't even go there.

Anonymous 5469

She didn't even say anything targeting whiteys. You wanna be victims so bad.

Anonymous 5470

Sometimes you can just tell by how someone frames their arguments, Nona, it's no different than sniffing out a moid. Plus it was in response to white genocide so yes she was in some way discussing whites.

Anonymous 5471

Blacks are the ones burning down cities over made-up victim bs lmao

Anonymous 5472

I don't think she was saying that not race mixing is evil or racism.

Anonymous 5473

not the original poster but who creates this image if not the corporations and famous people? It's not like subcultures form out of thin air…
And also, I think a part of the reason is that even bad publicity is publicity. Brands don't advertise to make you go to their store immediately, they do so so that when you eventually want something they sell, and you choose store then you will pick theirs. if they create some minor controversy a lot of people will spread it around and others will hear about it like that, easy

Anonymous 5474

she kinda hinted at that.

Anonymous 5477

>You wanna be victims so bad.
looool. this coming from a black person is hilarious. you're the biggest cry babies ever, constantly winning about everything. have some self-awareness.

Anonymous 5481

What do you get out of trolling over race — earnestly? Who's paying you?

Anonymous 5508

bill gates started the "bill gate microchips in vaccines" thing himself to distract people from his links with epstein and his divorce

Anonymous 5519

Russia has a meme with an annoying song about September 3rd that started some years ago. Coincidentally, this is also the day of commemorating this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_siege
I believe that Russian glowies might have helped popularize this song to distract from Beslan tragedy and the criticism of the Russian government

Anonymous 5521

Anonymous 5567

The Texas school shooting was a hoax, and no one died. It is truly sandy hook 2.0. Just a distraction from the covid vaccine deaths and crimes against humanity just like the Ukraine Russia "war". Also before anyone makes it about gun control, it isn't. That's just a distraction too. Except no one realizes this and would rather believe in "false flag mk ultra shooter" or "evil mentally ill kid". So I guess this belongs in the retarded conspiracy thread since that's what everyone else thinks.

Anonymous 5789


[cow]glow glow glowie[/cow]

Sus that it's glowing? Wat do?

>Cut the monitors

>shill less
>Don't be a faggot

Easy, ain't it anon

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 5792

I wonder if people are more inclined to believe mass shootings against children are false flags because it's easier to cope with

Anonymous 5822

I think the ultimate goal of modern feminism is to make us second class citizens. Every pro woman movement that feminism supports eventually finds it's way to help rich white men get more power and money. They dangle things like abortion laws in front of us like a carrot on a stick to get us to keep voting for them and yank it back when they need us to get riled up again for next elections. Making our votes just act as padding to cancel out the opposition keeping the status quo

Anonymous 5871

There is actually something going on with the Simpsons episode that people jokingly say "predicted 9/11"

Anonymous 5872

anything that doesn't actually challenge power (read: men) is a co-opted movement that does not have females' best interests in mind. if it doesn't truly empower girls/women then it is in males' interest and that why any mainstream feminism-labeled movement is going to be a paper tiger.

Anonymous 5878

You are correct and should read about the treatment of women in the USSR and postwar America.

Anonymous 5880

if feminism was truly pro-women, we'd be living in a system that gives women the chance to choose to work or be housewives. oh, did you say we already live in such a system? think again.
first, if a woman wants to work in the current system, she has to do it at the pace of men. the workplace is organized in such a way that it is optimal for men. that's because men have a daily hormonal cycle that perfectly matches a 9 to 5 job. A woman has a monthly hormonal cycle and should be given the chance to work at her own pace in a female-friendly system.
second, in the current system, when a woman chooses to be a housewife, there will always be an amount of financial worry, because she is dependent on her husband's only income. in a woman-friendly system, social security is organized in such a way that a family with a housewife can function optimally without fear of ending up in poverty, independent of the husband's income. and this system will also support the woman in the event of complications in the relationship, such as divorce, to prevent women from being financially affected if her husband left her.
third, in a female-friendly system, women in school learn extensively about their menstrual cycle and how to manage and live with it, rather than the current system suppressing femininity by encouraging women to prescribe hormonal contraception. hormonal contraception is a misogynistic drug because it removes the true core of femininity from a woman's existence.
fourthly, in a women-friendly system, mother communities and women's communities are the norm, while in the current system we barely know our female neighbours, let alone the women of our street or village.
fifth, feminism only brings women together online and also welcomes men who identify as women. feminism doesn't want to do anything for women that benefits women. From an evolutionary point of view, a huge part of women's lives is bearing, nurturing and raising children. and what do feminists want? they want abortions.
whether you agree with me on the abortion issue or not, you can't deny that feminism does little for the benefit of women
and so much more tbh…

this misogynistic system feeds women the idea that they can only be real women when they can earn their own money by working in a workplace that is absolutely not adapted to women's needs, but the misogynistic system just solves that by giving women hormonal contraception so that they lose the core of their femininity and become hormonally more male to cope with this male workplace.

feminism, as we know it, is exactly the kind of women's movement that our wealthy male oppressors want us to believe we need.

Anonymous 5881

The first half was empty moaning about the existence of scarcity, and the second half was just schizo nonsense.

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