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Most retarded conspiracy you believe in! Anonymous 4991

Anonymous 4992

One word: Giants

Anonymous 4994


Anonymous 4996

Climate change can be stopped, but the elites don’t want to, because they want to see people die, for their amusement, and to feel special in their New Zealand bunkers.

Anonymous 4997

>believing in climate change

Anonymous 4999

That this thread is a way to make us unbelieve our "theories" , really makes you wonder !!!! Jk its the (((())))

Anonymous 5000

Sounds true tbh

Anonymous 5001

Part of it can’t be stopped because it is a natural process. However, the man made part can. I don’t think it’s that they want to see people die but they just don’t care to do anything about it when they can make $$$

Anonymous 5002

Nuclear weapons don't work.

Anonymous 5003

I believe in the pedophile cabals, I also believe that the push for trannyisms is just the beginning step for pushing transhumanism.

Anonymous 5007

The earth is hollow

Anonymous 5008

I am the elite.

Anonymous 5016

9/11 was an inside job

Anonymous 5024

The people who built the pyramids were giants but they are extinct now

Anonymous 5028

I wish he was my boyfriend

Anonymous 5029


We are the giants. Our ancestors massacred the normal-sized humans. The pygmies are the last remnants of a dead people.

Anonymous 5030

Planets r alive

Anonymous 5032

I used to also wish he wss mine

Anonymous 5039

They’re going to remove back cameras from future smartphones, to encourage narcissism amongst the general population, and to make it harder to film evidence of the crimes of our increasingly oppressive regime.

Anonymous 5059

with the way things have been going over the past several years my new formula is that whatever your dystopian prediction is, make it 10 times worse, and you'll still be thinking optimistically.

Anonymous 5060

when you play a final fantasy game once

Anonymous 5066

jim carrey is an epstein goon and has probably killed someone

Anonymous 5068

People with red hair are descendants of beings not entirely human

Anonymous 5069

simply scientifically true, if you want to wrap the history of humane evolution up in mystical and mythical trappings. there was a lot more human diversity before. see: homo floresiensis

Anonymous 5070

the reason why most pop songs are about sex is that elites want us to constantly reproduce and sponsor only those performers who are willing to endlessly sing about it.

Anonymous 5071

Or maybe because sex sells

Anonymous 5076

then why is the population declining and why are people having less sex than ever kek

Anonymous 5077

Because of pop music, clearly

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