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Domesticated Pig S…

Is collecting animal bones bad? Anonymous 5094

Am I going to get bad spirits after me or get cursed if I collect animal bones? I recently got very interested in the hobby. I'll have a strict rule to not collect bones from animals that are known to be used in dangerous rituals.
In my country we have a lot of holidays where animals are killed and eaten, if I ask my relatives to give me the bones after they're ready eating the animal, will it be dangerous? I'm also thinking of buying replicas, but they're harder to find. What if I buy real bones from websites or private sellers? I don't want to disrespect the animals I get the bones from.
I also have a very particular interest in pig's skulls and bones, even if I don't eat anything from them because of religious reasons.

Anonymous 5116

I like bones too, I don't have a huge collection but I'm interested in bones. I'm not deep into the magic that goes behind it all, I just find them fascinating from an artistic perspective. I'm not sure what country you're from so it might be different there, but I'd search for hunters who are sourced and reliable and don't kill just for sport. I hate sport hunting as much as I hate the meat farming industry. Other people collect roadkill specimens but that probably carries some kind of bad juju since the animal died by human carelessness. Hunting for sustainability and food is probably the only ethical way to get ahold of animal bones. The closest thing you'd get to a pig's skull is a boar if you're set on the idea of not wanting to participate in the societal structure of animal harm.

Anonymous 5117

One more thing, I'd also suggest scavenging, scavenging in nature will lead you across bones. There are people who scavenge for a living, kind of like roadkill, except these animals died presumingly natural deaths and the only harm done if you believe in the idea of disturbing burial sites. Also just getting a decent book on skulls might satisfy your curiosity if you you're uncomfortable with purchasing.

Anonymous 5123


> I hate sport hunting as much as I hate the meat farming industry.
Same, I can't stand people who think it's justifiable to end an animal's life just to get a throphy. People such as these that have no respect for the beings around them disgust me. Also I think that the farming industry is horrible because of the inhumane ways they treat the animals.
The pig I want to get the bones of is one from the farm of my grandpa. I've visited here - the pig is not forced into a cage (they get it inside the barn when it becomes night and it's time for it to sleep, because the village is right next to a forest where there are a lot of foxes and coyotes), it roams the yard and meadows in the farm whenever it wants, they give him fruits and vegetables and keep it's hygine good. They even named it. So I think the pig had a happy life, so I don't think that I'll be haunted if I get it's bones.
>I'd also suggest scavenging, scavenging in nature will lead you across bones.
Tried it, all the bones I find are from small animals and It's from their limbs and I can't identify from what animal it is or what bone that exactly is because most of the time I find them broken. Also I found a dead body of an fox, but it was stinking really bad (I almost could not breathe around the corpse) and it was covered in maggots and other larvas so I could not get the bones (I was afraid of catching an illness or infection).
I think the best option is to buy replicas, or get my bones from the farm and make the skeletal myself. Thanks for taking your time to answer!

Anonymous 5193

I have collected three boar skulls from a field on some family property. These were hunted, a bit sad because they have holes in the skull where bullets have passed through. Though they are invasive to my area, and the hunters cleaned them for meat there and left the bones for other animals to eat.

The most 'ethical' way to source bones is vulture culture, just going out into the woods and looking for animal remains. It is a bit harder to find intact remains unless the animal was hunted or still exist as a carcass. Not sure about getting bad juju from bones but I did find what I'm pretty sure to be a dog skull one time, I did not take it because I felt sad that it might've been someone's pet.

Anonymous 5194

I found a turtle shell while cleaning once and kept it. I haven't actively tried to look for bones though.

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