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Anonymous 5098

We live in a world where furries inject their vacine into us. Soon enough anyone that has been vaxxed with the moderna will start to develop furryism symptoms. It first starts with interest in the furry fandom and slowly the pathological thoughts settle in, and the once innocent individual turns into a full blown furry addicted to yiff porn. We live in a dystopia that allows these things to happen. Why? Why must humanity be punished in such a way?

Anonymous 5101

You can check his twitter here: https://twitter.com/sailorrooscout

Anonymous 5102


Anonymous 5103

It all makes more sense now that you realise that there has been an increase in furries during this pandemic. Makes you think.

Anonymous 5104

Good thing I got Pfizer instead. God, I hate furries.

Anonymous 5106

I tried, retard doesn't know how to format tweets in a readable format for shit. I attribute it to autism. Godspeed furry vaccines maker.

Anonymous 5107

What proof is there that this is the guy? Do we even have a human name to go with this?

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