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World Economic Forum Anonymous 5226

How do we stop the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset?

Anonymous 5228


I know it might sound naive but talking about it and spreading awareness of how evil it is. Also check their website and stop following celebrities and buying from companies who have been writen there.
Also support and buy stuff from small businesses from your country and avoid things from big biz as much as you can. Buy real meat and avoid products that are plant-based meat, artificial meat, or insects.
You can check out people such as Russel Brand that are actively speaking againts the Great Reset and the WEF.
You can also stop using Amazon (well I guess you already stopped or never used it like me).
Hope we spread the word sister!

Anonymous 5229


Anonymous 5232


Anonymous 5240

youll definitely need xanax after this shit

Anonymous 5571


Female Separatism

Anonymous 5587

Why? What's wrong with it?

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