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Intrusive and obsessive thoughts Anonymous 5246

>be me, 3/10 stinky urbanism nerd
>studying cs in uni, freshman year
>see a beautiful moid with long (like, really long) blonde hair
>he is in my program so we are having lectures together
>no common friends so i don't talk to him and just enjoy his presence
>no stalking or intrusive thoughts
>maybe some staring… and head turning..
>guy suddenly drops out
>experience loss of overall satisfaction
>start obsessing over this guy, he now lives rent free in my head
>all constructive thoughts escape my mind, intellectual productivity drops to 0
>start stalking
>develop ethnic supremacy values
And these thoughts seem to never leave my mind. I would explore philosophical and urbanistic questions before he had left, now all i can think of is blonde supremacy, this sounds so fucking stupid. Why would i become like that? I would still never get a chance with someone like him, first - i am not the most pleasant person both physically and emotionally, second - moids aren't pleasant as well. Is there a way to get this obsession out of my mind? Pic unrelated

Anonymous 5247

Channel this energy into drawing? Draw yourself a beautiful long golden haired male.

Anonymous 5251

based advice. turn the musings into a muse. sculpt, model, dress up characters in games, make up stories and post them anonymously, etc. it is great fun, and if you turn him into a character, he will be a cooler version of that guy.
alternatively, masturbate so much to him that you get bored, it worked for me sometime as i exhausted every fantasy scenario. the best one though is to develop a new crush, one that would get you interested in urbanism or computer science. it could be an attractive teacher, another classmate, or potentially a hot youtuber on this topic. i am not good with forcing crushes but once i am bored of an old one i easily transition to a new crush. i think this dude is just your type and you've discovered this for the first time. i am really into dudes that look like a mexican jesus, so at one point i tried finding models with that style and found some porn list of guys with long hair. i still think that's the hottest look a guy could have and i am kinda ashamed that i am so autistic about a type but if moids can have types for boob and butt size i think this is fine too.

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