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Growing mushrooms in my body Anonymous 5389

I'm a slacker with no goals, but the freedom of neet is becoming samey. I'm starting to wish I could take Lay Down And Rot more literally. It's like an intrusive thought but I agree with it.
I'm not worried about my health. The smell and damp of mold doesn't bother me at all.
What does bother me is that it can't be at all practical and is probably awful in reality. Is there a way I can achieve my dream of becoming a mushroom-woman symbiote?

Anonymous 5390

Drink lots of milk/consume dairy and don't wash yourself

Anonymous 5391

touch grass and stop 'trolling' on the internet

Anonymous 5396

I love this post, very much.
I also find it a nice thought to just decompose. I like the idea.
I don't think it is possible though.

Anonymous 5398

Any amount of decomposition of your own body is unhealthy
If you grow mushrooms in a garden though, youll be in a symbiotic relationship with the mushrooms though

Anonymous 5400

I've seen a lot of people with fungal infections. It's not cutesy or artsy or whatever else you're thinking.

Anonymous 5402

But mushrooms and fungi are different.

Anonymous 5403

Mushrooms are fungi.

Anonymous 5409


Yeah but not all fungi are mushrooms retard, I'd imagine it would be different growing mushrooms on your body which can likely be easily removed rather than having nasty ringworm.

Picrel is Dede Koswara, "tree man"

Anonymous 5410

His condition had nothing to do with parasites, it's a strange reaction to HPV, a virus.

Anonymous 5411

You can imagine whatever the fuck you want, but you would be wrong because you're an idiot who doesn't know what a fungus is.

Anonymous 5412

Contract filamentous basidiomycetes (mushrooms growing in the stomach) or Schizophyllum commune (mushrooms growing in the sinus or lungs).

Both of these conditions will make you feel incredibly ill. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous 5415

No thanks.

Anonymous 5433

shit yourself forever

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