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Stalkers and creeps: Greentext version Anonymous 546

I'll start

>be me, 16 years old, grew up very isolated being disabled in a rural hick village, ugly, no social skills, shy to the point of retardation

>join my country's anime/weeb platform
>basically facebook for weeb, everyone's on it
>within a week, get a message from a random user inviting me to a group for our local area
>start to hang out with them at meetups
>ice cream parlors, chinese restaurants, karaoke nights, craft meets for convention prep, typical 2005 weeaboo circle
>one guy hovers around me a lot
>after one karaoke night, my mom picks me up in the small town the hangout was at to take me home (8 miles)
>i rush outside, guy runs after me, everyone hugs me goodnight, he goes to say something but I'm already in the car
>message me afterwards saying he wanted to give me his number in case I ever want to talk
>think he's a pretty nice guy
>he's a mutual friend of the friend circle who formed this local meetup, so they are all close to him and he seems trustworthy
>asks me if I want to go to the christmas market with him, i say yes
>we walk around for a few hours, he keeps insisting to pay for things I buy, I'm ultra shy and reject it every time
>he keeps being kind of wistful and gives me ton of compliments, calls my shyness and fidgeting cute, interested in me, but keeps it respectful
>I'm uncomfortable because nobody ever hit on me in real life so I have no idea if I'm reading too much into it but I still feel weird about giving him too much leeway
>I say it's time for me to leave, he takes me to the bus stop and brings up new year's eve and if I have any plans
>I don't
>Invites me over, I decline, he keeps urging me, I say maybe
>Bus arrives, hugs me goodbye
>As soon as I'm on the bus, I text him saying I don't think we should spend new year's eve together
>He asks why, tries to convince me to change my mind
>Later sends me a long message on the weeb platform
>He found my deviantART profile and read a blog post where I vented about knowing a cool guy but he seems to be into me and I just can't read the situation and feel weird about all the plans we made (at his behest, but I was socially isolated and not used to ANYONE giving me attention and actually initiating hangouts)
>Makes some tongue-in-cheek comments about how he can't believe how blind I am to his feelings and that he would walk around town holding an "I LOVE ANON YMOUS" sign if it opened my eyes, and compares his former hints to signal flares
>I shut him down nicely but definitely
>My weeb friends voice their disappointment because they think we would have been cute together, but accept it
>He accepts but makes a ton of whiny blog posts
>Comes over to a sleepover with my weeb friends
>We're one bed short, it's mostly girls, one of them is there with her boyfriend, so only me and two other guys remain
>I have to choose between sharing my bed with the dude who's been flirting with me, or a stranger who's been chill
>Pick the stranger
>We all go to bed, laugh a little in our rooms
>3 am, dude knocks on my door and announces he's walking him (again, 8 miles) because he can't take being in the next room
>We don't talk for a few months until he chats me up again, insisting he's over it
>A few months late, I have a crush on a mutual friend and vent about it
>He comments a passive-aggressive throwback
>More months later, I start dating my first very serious boyfriend
>Dude congratulates me, we stay in touch every now and then
>Many years later, bf and I break up and I move into the city where my weeb friends live
>He messages me out of the blue and asks how I've been adjusting
>Weeb friends and I plan to meet up
>He ends up joining somehow
>Picks me up from my place a few hours earlier and we end up walking through the downtown talking and catching up
>He asks about my love life
>I say I have a flirt going on with a dude we both knew but it it's taking its while
>Dude starts to neg me
>Obviously jealous
>rest of the night goes well
>next day, texts me to ask if I want to go see a movie with him, platonically
>I say no thanks
>Tell him I'll consider it but since I just moved I don't know if I can reach him (truth)
>"Anon do you still have the same phone number?"
>"Y-Yes" (damn why did I say that)
>receive text message that he topped me up with more credit
>at this point I'm so over this guy and weirded out by him overstepping that I'm lowkey bantzing and insulting him
>ignoring didn't work either
>constantly asks me if i'm free
>"what are you up to"
>"going out with friends" (total lie)
>later the same night:
>"I went to [bar] and didn't see you and checked some other places I know you like but I couldn't find you anywhere"
>he is not deterred
>gets a new girlfriend
>brags extensively
>a few months later, it's her birthday
>his gift is a salon treatment
>encourages her to change her haircut and color
>she comes out looking like she's wearing my scalp (I was the only person with this certain hair color in my town during these years and it's not a normal popular alt color like red, pink, purple or blue and I had the exact same haircut for 10 years)
>She even has the same first name (not his or her fault, just an extra creepy detail)
>Still messages me occasionally
>Dropping things like "You and I both know I would dump her the second you gave me the sign"
>"I am at your feet, you are judge, jury and executioner"
>Reject it and make fun of him for not getting it every time
>messages me all the time, leading with a normal topic until he slides into begging me to give him a chance, pulling a full fedora move with displays of power and intellect
>realizes the guy I'm into is one of his friends too
>tries to neg me into thinking i'm not attractive enough etc
>at the same time telling me he doesnt deserve me
>ignore him for years
>get into abusive relationship and i have to flee as i'm in physical danger and completely isolated
>make an update on my very old social media profile with only close friends
>someone tells him because he lives very close to the town i had relocated to
>he messages me and offers to take me in for a while because his roommate moved out
>I'm desperate and everyone who's offering their place has hit on me in even worse ways before
>I accept and move in for a few weeks
>he randomly turns off the hot water when i'm in the shower and my towels are gone
>has loud sex with his gf in the room next to mine, she leaves, he takes a shower, then leans into my doorway in just a towel around his hips, asking if i want to come to his room and toke
>comes up with random house rules to display power
>has a spare key but i can't have it
>move out after 2 months
>he keeps messaging me for bullshit reasons to force a conversation (claimed I left a top, I told him to throw itaway, he insists on sending it etc)
>tried to date my best friend from back home for a while
>to this day he sends me fb requests

>tfw you're so ugly 99% of the people attracted to you are repulsive creeps

I missed a bunch of sub-stories but this is already TL;DR.

Anonymous 547


Holy shit op. That was a good start.

Mine is suuuuuper long but I'll try a TLDR version for the sake of my own sanity and come back someday maybe if I feel better hopefully

>Meets guy on a suicide forum

>Comes from a broken household, sex abuse history, feels ugly
>Guy is charming
>Obviously suicidal
>We become friends easily
>Bond instantly
>Start e-dating
>Introduce guy to another online friend
>Guy has Skype sex with her
>Girl was so close to me I called her sister
>(Never find out until maybe 1.5 years later)
>Guy says he's gonna kill himself
>Says he's a piece of shit
>"I don't deserve you, anon"
>I forgive him because my self esteem is low
>Time passes
>Guy leaves me because "I will kill myself"
>Guy comes back because "ILY"
>Leave/come back again over and over
>That happens several times in the course of years while he repeatedly cheats on me with many women
>Always asks for forgiveness
>Guy gets gifts and tats for me
>Tells guy not to get tattoo
>Guy does it anyway to prove he loves me
>Just feel very depressed
>Love the guy as a person but hate what the relationship has become
>Guy says he's leaving again
>1000th time
>Say I won't be around if he really leaves again
>Warn him this will be the end if he leaves once more
>too depressed, too hurt he has left so many times
>Becoming numb
>Guy leaves again
>I cut all contact
>Never respond again
>Guy goes crazy, start spamming me
>Guy sends online threats
>Tells my online friends he will kill me
>Says he's gonna show up here
>Says he knows I'm pregnant from another guy even though I'm a virgin
>Says he hacked me
>Says I'm a monster
>Says I'm probably X, Y, and Z (other members of the dead forum) at the same time which I'm not
>Says I know what I did even tho I never cheated on him
>Says he is sure I cheated on him with some random online buddy I barely talked with
>Threatens this random dude
>says he will never give up on his dream of murdering me
>Does that for over 1 year
>Badmouths me, defames and bullies me wherever he can
>Contact the police/complicated story
>Guy never gives up…..
>Still ongoing

This was the TLDR version. There's a lot more like the parts of him finding out he was a girl inside and e-begging to cross the country, finding out he was an "indigo child", etc. I still love him as a person and as an individual, but I stay away because yeah you know why.

Anonymous 590

Came here from /feels/. Jesus anon, if you haven't already, change your accounts, phone number, and move across the country.

Anonymous 596

Thank you, anon. We're in different countries but he knows (part of) my address. I think I'm relatively safe because he's broke ASF and can't travel here anyway.

Anonymous 598

How far are we talking?

Anonymous 614

Some of this sounds like how I used to act in college. I learned better (college was in the 90s) but damn I just feel bad for basically everybody who had to interact with me back then.

Anonymous 662

cheesus crepe these are fucking terrible!

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