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Anonymous 5467

I'm hurting the people around me by my negative thoughts.
I have thought of bad things happening to me and they happen to people around me not long after, i have caused chronic illness, strokes, and death of family members to people around me by thinking these things upon myself but it deflects and hits other people to teach me that I shouldn't think of these things either by worrying about getting them or wishing for them.
I feel guilty because these people get the exact same illness I worry about getting, the stroke caused a relative of mine to lose ability to speak and had to relearn with difficulty after I had fantasized about becoming mute, my friend's dad died after I had wished mine would, another got cancer, and another got penumia after I had worried about having it.. and many other instances I can't recall right now that can't be just coincidences.
I want to stop this, I want to stop having negative thoughts because I feel terrible about putting people in these situations because of me.

Anonymous 5468

Lol, I bet you really hate thinking you have unprecedented and impossible supernatural abilities. Don't convince yourself you're some vengeful goddess. If it was happening, how is it happening? What exactly are you doing to "cause" these things?
You don't need to do anything because you aren't doing anything. Sounds like you could do with counselling to deal with grief, and also for guilt.

Anonymous 5790

Vanilla sky was a decent movie
It needs tits tho

Anonymous 5793

youre schizophrenic babe

Anonymous 5814

I went to work once in the worst mood of my life, kept it polite but brief with the people around me, and a freak accident happened causing my boss to break her foot right next to me.

Also, people who've humiliated or tried humiliating me in the past have a habit of dying premature deaths or having freak accidents happen to them. Can count on two hands the times this has happened.

I wonder if there's some entities that feel protective of us? Or at least in my case it feels like there's some darkness looking out for me. Maybe start showing yourself love instead.

Anonymous 5815

If you're really determined imo, Only way to heal that is buddhism but mahayana, like Chan or some tibetan branch. Not a woman-fearing branch. It's true that you can worsen things for others by having bad thoughts and it's commendable that you want to stop.

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