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Paper Trip Anonymous 5578

I'm terribly interested in starting life anew. I think about going abroad, but would rather not. I'm in America and I'd be fine moving anywhere without much. No, truthfully, I'd be fine working paycheck to paycheck and working scrubbing tables and waitressing. I'm waiting for the one person who is dearest to me to die (they're elderly) to move on so I can truly move on myself while still alive.

I wonder if I'm someone who spends a lot of time thinking about this due to just not having any history of a decent domestic life. I have family that doesn't particularly care for me, but I'm working on building up a variety of skills to work elsewhere without bringing a lot of attention. I think remote work is good to evade people from knowing me as well.

Any talking points about the pandemic on those who did such a thing? I imagine with the paper/electric load burden officials would be prone to making mistakes. Any other forms of info that would be beneficial for somebody like me who just wants to disappear? General discussion about famous people who take a new identity is encouraged as well, modern and older.

Anonymous 5579

No info but planning to leave too. What type of skills are you learning

Anonymous 5588

I was originally practicing steno, as a hobby but then I realized it was solid pink collar work. Then I realized if I became a court reporter, might be a bad idea to change my identity and work as such. My new goal is accounting. Boring, hard, but it's def a solid one where if I get in and it's a small company I'd be less likely to be talked about.

Anonymous 5589



What's your picrel? I didn't know there was a tarot deck made out of The Last Unicorn. That's cool as fuck.

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