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How to manifest money/ a job Anonymous 5649

I am really stressed about my financial situation and have been for a while. I am 10k in debt, not counting my car. I am tired and working two minimum wage jobs. Have any of you manifested money or a high salary job. I've been trying for months with no success. I am appreciative of every moment, but it gets hard sometimes. Abhram Hicks doesn't work for me.

Anonymous 5652

this is giving you false hope. Make more tangible steps towars these things instead.

Anonymous 5653

yea of course, I have been applying to new positions and spending less to pay off debt. It just seems so pointless.

Anonymous 5654

sacrifice a chicken to a god of power and wealth (demon)

Anonymous 5655

No,poor chicken. Sacrifice a tomato instead.

Anonymous 5656

oh anon, you think i'm here killing chickens in my basement? just buy a chicken heart and use it in your spell. the entity will understand, it'll get you a minimum wage job.

Anonymous 5657

Nono artichoke heart

Anonymous 5658

Then starve

Anonymous 5667

Work in a hotel it's a lot more chill. Screw fast food. How much do you make op? What kind of debt? You have a room mate or family you can stay with? I would of stayed with my family and chucked all my money at it biweekly.

Anonymous 5668

not if the hotel's being run poorly
looks can be deceiving, even high-class joints can be a complete shifight behind the scenes

Anonymous 5669

OP, here is the proper way to manifest things:

1. Make a clear list of things you want. They can be big and small things, such as winning the lottery and getting a promotion at work.
2. Make a mood wall in your bedroom. Something you will see everyday. Put up photos and text that will remind you of your goals. Every time you think of a new goal, add it to the board.
3. Look out for ways to make your goals come true. For example, you can’t get a promotion if you don’t work extra hard at work. You can’t win the lottery if you never play. Obviously don’t push yourself too hard or spend all your money on lottery tickets.
4. For bigger goals, such as a higher paid job, break it down into smaller steps and manifest each of them. For example, if you want to become a nurse, first you would need the right high school qualifications, then get accepted to university, then find a scholarship or loan, then graduate, then get a job.

Manifesting isn’t about making wishes, it’s about keeping your goals at the front of your mind and grabbing any small opportunity that comes along.

Anonymous 5679

That's not magic at all!
That's just setting boring old goals and working towards them…

Anonymous 5680

I've worked at a few and I liked them so much better my god. You also get paid more.

Anonymous 5681

That’s what manifesting is. The book “The Secret” is basically that and it’s the most famous manifesting book there is.

Anonymous 5718

Get some career manifestation crystals (citrine, pyrite). I'm not saying they would instantly change your life but believing my life can be better-with these crystals reminding me on day to day basis, they can help you achieve your goals. You might also incorporate negative energy blockers as you might have been shadowed by curses, intentional or not. Manifestation can go simply from having a board full of your goals and writing them down to praying and acting on your goals slowly yourself. Set them in realistic setting too. Do them one at a time. Good luck to you anon.

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