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Question about Reporting Posts on 4chan Anonymous 736

This is a certified idiot question

but is there a way to report posts on 4chan to fbi

Anonymous 737

What kind of post? If it's something against the law usually the mods report it themselves.

Anonymous 738

You can, there's a way to report to the FBI online, but I'm a yuropoor so I don't recall the exact site.

Anonymous 740

Can we report the woman hate thread posters to the fbi while we’re at it?

Anonymous 1632

You're not truly /x/ until you realise it's the FBI posting those threads.

Anonymous 2120


Anonymous 2125

If it's related to CP/grooming shit:

Just sent in a tip earlier for the first time because I found a moid on Reddit confess that he's addicted to CP, keeps downloading it and has it all stored on a phone buried in his backyard.

If not:

Anonymous 3996

totally new to this site, been using 4chan this whole time

was this thread started fucking three years ago? is that how little traffic we get here?

Anonymous 3997

Yes. Enjoy the comf.

Anonymous 3998

well dang, that's pretty crazy. i might hang around a little bit, but my attention span demands moar so i'll probably keep 4chan tabbed

Anonymous 3999

probably a good time to hang here though, the female thread over there is getting goreposted.

Anonymous 4008

try lolcow.farm , they're more active than here

Anonymous 5252

most western imageboards post-2014 get relatively low traffic compared to how they did when the internet was less centralised

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