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Afterlife Anonymous 753

Do you believe in it?

Anonymous 758

i habeeb it

Anonymous 759

i think its a nice thought, like heaven or god, but it probably doesn't exist

Anonymous 761

Reincarnation exists and it's infinite through other time periods, dimensions, humans, animals, trees, "aliens", etc.

Just dying and not existing (being in the black) also exists but you will soon be rebirthed again even if it takes a millenium, so to speak. Nothing is real. I don't know why this is so hard for people to grasp.

Anonymous 763

I believe something happens, I’m just not sure what. I’d like to think it’s something like what >>761 said though

Anonymous 766

I dont, the idea of dying and resting forever makes me feel at ease.

Anonymous 770

Even though it's completely unknowable, I am almost entirely sure there's something after all this. I don't know what form it takes, and really it could be anything. But I don't think everyone gets there. I don't think I'll necessarily have an afterlife unless I do something beyond extraordinary. I think only the truly exceptional have any sort of existence after death, maybe just in their incarnation in the memories of those they affected.
For instance, Hitler almost certainly lives on in some way just by the fact that he affected so many people so strongly. Every single day, people talk about him , think about him in some way. And I think he knows that even now.

Anonymous 1858


I hate the concept of Hell. Living seems like its own special Hell. By comparison physically tortured for all eternity seems like a weak cheap scare tactic created by religious leaders to con you out of money. Because you would become too desensitized by it and go numb. Same thing with eternal pleasures. I just rather slip into the void. I would absolutely hate to be reborn in this boring reality.

Anonymous 1860

>Because you would become too desensitized by it and go numb
You don't seem desensitised to suffering right now.

Anonymous 1861

Don't worry, I'm wearing down and becoming complacent.

Anonymous 1862

See you in the vent thread, anon.

Anonymous 1869

I've always had this fear that death isn't real and your consciousness is still trapped in your body even after your body starts decaying.

Anonymous 1875

What if you get cremated? Or die in some way that destroys your body?

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