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Paranormal thread Anonymous 83

Post here your own real stories, creepy pics and videos, myths, anything that will make your skin crawl.

(Please remember as per the rules you need to upload a screenshot if you post a video link.)

Anonymous 84

So there's a new-ish youtuber that has a channel under the name of "Fantastic Daily". He started investigating BEK (Black Eyed Kids) and went from that to supposedly being personally attacked (as in they tried getting into his house , made his pregnant wife do weird stuff, etc etc).

Is he real or is he another Marble Hornets? I don't know for sure but some of his videos are creeeepy.

Pic related: supposed shot of one of the BEK that he was able to capture with one of his surveillance cams. (video on direct link)

Anonymous 85

The only ~paranormal~ experience I've ever had happened when I was 10. I saw this really tall human shaped shadow in front of my room. Whenever I read stories about shadow people, victims say their experiences only lasted a couple seconds. Well, mine was pretty long compared to theirs. I stood there looking at it for a bit, and I think he saw me too because I felt like he was staring back at me. I know it wasn't just my head because my dog saw it too and started barking and staring at it. I have no idea why I didn't scream because I was about to shit my pants. No idea what that was and I don't really think about it very much, but yeah. It was fucking scary.

Anonymous 86

check 'em.

Anyways I had a (kind of )similar experience. Actually the only thing in common was that my dog saw something.

So one Sunday many years ago when I was still in high school I was completely alone in my house. (Which on itself was a rarity because I was living there with my parents, siblings and the maids so there was always people around.)
Anyways it was like 11 am and I was laying on my bed in a fetal position (back to the door- which was closed btw) with my dog by my feet. Suddenly I started hearing noise in the kitchen (downstairs), like drawers opening and closing, utensils being moved around etc. It went on for a while and suddenly stopped. No more than 10 seconds later I felt like "something " came into my room(without opening the door) and, I kid you not, I FELT my mattress going down in the corner, like when someone sits down. I instantly opened my eyes and looked downwards towards my feet where my dog was at . He was looking at that corner of my bed, ears perked up and growling/showing his teeth. It went on for 15 seconds until I shushed him and instantly i felt the mattress going up (like when someone stands up) and my dog looked back at me and stopped growling.

A lot of things happened in that house so I was kind of used to creepy sounds and stuff but that was the only time something like that happened to me. Ill tell more stories later.

Anonymous 87

I used to live in a rural house when i was is in HS and always in may and december these strange bright lights would bounce around in the sky at night, like dancing (?) my dad and mom were the ones that saw them first, the weird thing is that when you tried to film them or take pics of them nothing would show up even though they were so bright and big. It was weird but beautiful.

My fave paranormal story is the one of Elisa Lam. She was staying at the Cecil Hotel in LA and she was found dead in one of the water tanks. Here is the last video where Elisa is seen alive.

Anonymous 88

You think its something supernatural (like orbs/aliens) or something like St Elmo's fire or swamp gas?

Anonymous 89

I definitely think these are aliens and not a natural phenomenon. But I may be wrong.

Anonymous 90

I had a wicca phase when I was around 13. At the time, I had an extra bedroom which I'd lock at all times because my brother would enter unannounced or when I wasn't home. Us two were the only ones living in the house because of absent single parent.

So one day I decided to make an ~altar~ and use it to pray to the goddesses or something. I set up a table with some crystals and candles and herbs, and filled a planting pot with soil to grow a small plant, a symbolic act. I put the seeds in and watered it, finished my ~ritual~ and left the room, locking it.

When I returned a few hours later, the soil was strewn all over the floor, but everything else was still in its place, including the pot. It looked like someone had just grabbed a handful and flung it.

>inb4 it was your brother, duh

The door was still locked, I had the only key and was out of the house. Something was angry at my heathen self, I guess.

Anonymous 91


You guys ever heard of a triangle UFO? When I was 9 years old (2000), back when I was living in rural Scotland, I saw one.
It was about 1:00 in the morning and I guess I'd probably been staying up late secretely playing Pokémon on my Gameboy or something naughty like that. As I was leaning over the bed to put it on the floor and go to sleep, I suddenly caught some form of movement from outside my window. I remember standing up on my bed, pressing my face against the glass and staring transfixed at these 3 lights in the sky which were orientated in a triangular formation. Obviously as a 9 year old you're not exactly educated nor worldly, but even at that age I had a basic grasp of acceleration, trajectory and aerodynamics, and the way those lights moved throughout the sky absolutely terrified my tiny child brain.
It moved the way a bee would buzz about a Spring garden, seemingly instinctive yet unpredictable, zooming to one corner of the sky at times, and hovering idly at others. Man, I remember it so clearly, standing against that glass, my nose growing cold from being sqiished against the glass, absolutely and completely paralysed with terror. Suddenly the 3 lights grew in intensity, and then in an instant they were gone. I cowered under my duvet for what felt like hours after that, and then I guess I fell asleep.

I never did forget what I saw that night, until about 12 years later when I saw a photo on the internet of those same lights, and I discovered that the triangle UFO was actually something that thousands of other people had seen and attempted to document.
I've seen people try to give various explanations as to what they are over the years since, from weather balloons to drones, but I am telling everybody reading this, what I saw that night, either it didn't come from this planet, or it was created using technology that is hundreds, maybe even thousands of years more advanced than what is currently available within the public domain.

Anonymous 92

Oh, even more interesting, my experience is further corroborated by a large scale one that occurred in Belgium 10 years prior and was witnessed by some 13,500 ground witnesses, including police officers and air force officials. Same aircraft, same movement patterns etc.


I know it shouldn't frighten me because it's as clear as day now that extraterrestrials are indeed in contact with our planet, what scares me is the reality behind them being covered up to this extent. Like, there has to be a pretty damn good reason for it. You have to wonder, is it the kind of truth that would make our entire species lose our collective mind if unveiled?

Anonymous 93

I've seen these as a kid, but I didn't know they were a "common" sight. Your picture immediately gave me a shiver and teary eyes
I'll read up on this all night, thanks for the nightmares A-anon

Anonymous 94

I brought up the possibility of 9/11 being a mass Satanic ritual recently and "yeah, maybe". It turned the tables on me and I felt like they were all crazy after that.

Anonymous 95

I have a couple stories to share.

When I was a kid, one of my older sisters used to mess with a lot of spellbooks and whatnot when she went through her edgy phase. Our mom is very superstitious and didn't want her messing with that stuff. She did it when no one was home because we'd hear her talk about it with her friends when they were over. After a couple times one of my older brothers kept saying he was being bothered by something. He didn't like being in the hallway at nigh and avoided certain spots of the house and there would be these intense cold spots in the hall. I was just a kid(about 6 or 7) so of course it freaked me out. Not long after this, my brother's girlfriend at the time was washing her hands in the bathroom when the door swung shut hard as hell and locked on her(it only locks from the inside) and it took a while to get her out. She didn't come around much after that. My mom told my sister "I don't know what you've been messing with but get those books and whatever you've used with them out of my house" and started spreading salt and burning incense everywhere for a few days. I don't know what my sister did with the books to this day but not long after that all the cold spaces, my brother being "harassed by weird things in the hallway" and the door slamming stopped.

I was about 16 years old for this one but this experienced scared me shitless. I had woken up one night and was wide awake which isn't unusual for me. I sat up in my bed just thinking about nothing waiting for myself to get sleepy again but I felt like I was being watched. I looked at my door thinking it was just my cat staring but nope, cat is at the end of my bed staring at my open door. There's this thing peaking around the corner at me. It was white and had like grey spaces for eyes and had a mouth along with a human form but it's really hard to describe. I just stare with my cat and it starts calling my name and then hiding around the corner of the door then reappearing like it wants me to follow it.

I'm too scared to move for a few minutes and my cat's fur is sticking up like she's ready to fight. So I think "holy crap what if it comes in here". The lower half of my body feels like dead weight so I start banging on the wall right next to my bed and summon the courage to scream as loud as possible. Both my parents come tearing down the stairs thinking someone broke in and the thing disappears into nothingness. I told them what I saw and my dad did the usual and told me to stop watching scary movies and my mom, being the superstitious woman she is, begins doing her purifying rituals and putting holy water and salt on all the doorways and windows of the house. As dumb as that sounds it made me feel safer and while I was spooked the next couple of nights I eventually got over it.

I don't know if paranormal things are actually real or not but I don't mind if they are/aren't because I think those make for interesting stories to tell sometimes. I've experienced shadow people a couple times but they never made me scared like that white humanoid thing did.

Anonymous 96

Has anyone seen this thing about the humanoid figure with three long ass fingers being found? I hope it doesn't turn out to be a hoax because I wanna be friends with a cute alien girl one day. We can borrow each other's clothessss and show each other new robotics we've built~ sigh

Anonymous 97

link pls, i havent heard of it

Anonymous 98

Anonymous 99

Oh shiit I remember when /x/ was going crazy with Elisa Lam. The whole thing was so weird. Those scheduled tumblr posts that "she" kept posting after her death. Spooky.

I don't think I've ever experienced anything paranormal, sadly. But there are lots of creepy stories in my family.
My grandmother used to tell me about her father's mistress. She supposedly practiced black magic and made a pact with the devil to curse her lover's wife and unborn child (my grandma), out of jealousy. When my grandmother was born she became very sick, and her father was advised to perform some kind of cleansing ritual in which he was to throw all of the baby's clothes into a fire, then walk away and never look back. He supposedly heard a loud explosion-like sound, but he never looked back. I don't believe in this kind of thing, but my grandmother did become healthy again. She also told me about one time when she woke up in the middle of the night with her mother crawling around the bed and making strange animal-like sounds. The house where they lived is currently abandoned and still has the reputation of being haunted.
My grandma, mother and aunt all have strange things to tell, but it seems like I was spared from the curse lol.

Anonymous 100



Elisa Lam fascinated me more than anything for a while and I read up a ton about her. Sadly it seems like she really did have an episode and climbed into the tank to "hide".

When I read about her, I found a theory that claimed everything was a viral hoax to build hype for a new movie, which was interesting, but everything about her being real and the documents seem to check out. sorry for rambling, I'm stoned af Something about a graffiti near the hotel building on Google Maps, a reference to the invisibility technology conspiracy, and a website registered by a production company. I could dig it up if anyone's curious.

Here's the maps link to the Cecil hotel:


Anonymous 101

Im originally from Peru and I havent heard of this lol tbh it sounds scam-ish. One of these "alien mummies" pop up once every few months, all over latin america. For some reason these peeps love their fake mummies.

Its been out for a long time already that she had some mental disease, and as you said she just had an episode. What some people dont know how to explain is how did she get in that tank, I dont remember if they were saying the door/cover was too heavy for her to get in, or it was too high up for her .

Anyways the thought of drinking the tap water and "tasting some weird flavour " to it makes me feel sick.

Anonymous 102

I read that the cover wasn't as heavy as people are thinking. She didn't have to lift the whole thing, just a corner and the other side could be resting on the tank, so that would have made it easier.
If I remember this correctly she also was prescribed medication that wasn't suitable for her but I'd have to look that up.

The whole thing is just really sad.

Anonymous 103

Anonymous 104

Dunno why but going through it was so eerie.

Anonymous 105

According to my mom, when I was a little over 10 months old I told her I was tired, and when she asked "of what? You're a baby" (or something of the sort) I said "tired of dying and being born again". It creeped her out so much she actually "converted" to (or, more accurately, started believing in) spiritism and believes it to this day. Ironically enough, I don't. And I told this story anonymously a few times before and for some reason someone retold it as if it happened to them, which was also weird.

I think we're just beginning to see (or notice) dead people's social media now, it's something very new. To me it's always eerie, regardless of the circumstances of their deaths.
I kinda wish I had a decent understanding of programming/coding/computers in general. Rogue A.I. is my favorite type of creepy story. Anyone have some of those?

> Like, there has to be a pretty damn good reason for it
"It would throw society into a state of complete chaos" sounds like a pretty good reason for me tbh

Think about it, it's a completely unprecedented event and nobody has any idea how people would react. They may not know what the aliens' motivations are either, or if they have an understanding of the world/reality/society/morals similar enough to ours, or if our means of communication are compatible.

It would be easier to communicate with a sapient (sentient?) species from our own planet than foreign ones. Evolution here is pretty damn similar for most species - you kind of know teeth, nails and growls indicate danger, for example - so we have a good idea how to show we're not a threat.

Though if they're here, something prompted them to come here. In the very least we have space exploration in common.

Anonymous 106


I've grown up with a lot of paranormal happenings or unexplained things in my life. From being 100% sure I was abducted by aliens when I was a child, to seeing shadow men in the corner of my rooms, to possibly dealing with a skinwalker or fleshgait.

I'll talk about the last one for this as it's the most recent and I have video proof (I don't feel comfortable posting the video here as it's on an account with other videos I don't want linked to me) If people are curious I can upload on a throw away.

Okay, So I feel like the location is the most important when it comes to this story. I lived in the middle of nowhere. I don't live there anymore so I feel fine to upload this picture of a google maps. My house was just at the end of the treeline for the mountain. The other houses next to the house are mainly farm buildings for animals.

So, I moved in there in April of 2016 because I was kicked out of my old house. So I move to stay with my parents. I'm sleeping in the living room and I'm about to fall asleep when I hear something say my name. My name is sort of common so I brushed it off. Again, I'm about to fall asleep when I hear someone scream my name right outside the front window, which is right under where I was sleeping. I shoot up out of fear and look outside and see nothing. I lay back down eventually. For the rest of the night I hear dragging from the back porch. We have a lot of boxes there as my dad's wife buys a lot of shit. I would have brushed it off except in the morning my grandmother asked if I had been crying. I was confused and asked why and she said "Oh I heard you crying very loudly last night. I was concerned and almost came out but the moment I stood up it stopped so I just went back to bed."

Now, the next thing to happen is a few months later. Nothing in this story happening right after another which is another reason I don't think it was any animals.

My neighbor who used to live near me had chickens, about 30 of them. All of them died in two days. Now for the longest time I thought it was mountain lion as I heard the screams that they do. If you don't know it sounds like old women screeching. I recently have found out these chickens didn't just die they where mauled and played with. They where thrown up in trees, strung over fences. It was like how small house cats play with mice. In two nights all of them where just mauled and played with.

A couple months after this, I'd say it's 2am when I hear a few loud distorted sound outside of my window. It sounds like a cow mooing. We have cows near me so I was confused to why it sounded so close to me. The noise happens again, except it's really long and drawn out. I can only explain it as when children have toys with dying batteries. It was so loud and just wrong. I knew it was outside of my window, I felt like whatever was outside was looking at me even though I had my blinds down. I ignored it and went to bed eventually.

The last event to happen while I lived in this house is what I have on audio. I was sitting late at night and all of the sudden it sounded like it was raining very heavily. I live in Oregon so I'm used of the rain. After awhile of listening to it as white noise with my headphones in I took them out and realized the 'rain noise' was much much louder than what rain normally is. Again, it was right outside my window and the front porch. I googled if it was raining, It wasn't It was a clear night. I was scared to look out the windows because that's where the noise was coming from. At one point I was so tired of the noise I turned on the front porch lights on and off a few times. The noises stopped for a bit after that but they woke me up at another time. I grabbed a recording around this time and showed my friends. I thought I was going crazy so to show my friends and have a confirm that this was too loud for anything natural, felt really great.

I don't live there anymore, I'm really glad. I hated it there, I always felt watched when I went outside.

Anonymous 107

Do you still have the audio? I don't even care if it sounds staticy like most rain-like noises recorded, I just want to hear it, if you're okay with sharing.

Anonymous 108

Yup I ended up putting it on another channel that I have

To make it clear, It was perfectly clear out and as far as I know there was no animals that I could see when I flickered the lights


Anonymous 109

What the hell, it sounds like someone popping or crunching something. You should have totally peeked through to see who it was. Maybe if you acted aggressively they would have fucked off, since you said the flickering of the lights stopped them for a bit, there was obviously some sort of "oh shit" moment they had.

Anonymous 110

>>108 I totally get why you thought it was rain, thats so creepy/scary. Would you ever consider going back there just to investigate further? Maybe set up cctv or something

Anonymous 111

If you have any more stories, I'd love to hear them.

I don't exactly "believe" in these things, and as much as I'd like to agree, that could be dangerous.

Anonymous 112

My friend told me it sounded like mice in the trash can but it was way too loud for it to be that. So maybe I thought racoon but I don't think with how long it was happening, About 2 hours, plus more later into the night I can't even count because I just played music.

I don't think so. The place never felt right to me, I always felt watched and uncomfortable. It's more than 30 miles away too. I think there was only one time I went up into the woods area, It was just to dick around on skype and show my friends and when I came back I had about 5 ticks on my legs so that's another reason I don't want too. It's flee and tick infested, even with thick clothing you'll pick up one or the other.

Yeah I'll tell you my Alien story.

So, growing up I always had really bad nightmares, for no reason. I remember this one clear as day though.

I'd say I was 3 years old when this happened. I remember being in a chrome and gold colored ship. I was in a room with a lot of coffin type beds, all the lids on them where open.I was able to get up and out, be able to move around and hide around these large poles. These poles where like how banks have those things that suck up your credit card.

So these things, They're like really large snakes, except a lot more flatter. They're really dark, and they're texture they have are like a dripping muck that slides off of them.

In the ship they where cutting the stomachs out of people and removing a lot of the organs so they could crawl inside of them.

After that, I just remember being awake in my bed. The whole roof was missing and the stars looked a lot closer than I've ever seen in my life. From that point I started too look around my parent's room. (I shared a room with them until I was 6)

My father was laying on his side back facing to me. I watched him when I could see through his back, one of those things turned around and opened up their eyes and smiled at me. I scream at this point. The room instantly goes back to normal with a bright flash and my mom comes running into my room and comforts me.

On a side note, my dad has to be the lightest sleeper on earth, so for him not to wake up was really odd.

Anonymous 729


Ok, so this could be a coincidence but I decided to post about it anyway, to see what you guys think.
When going through my drawers, I found this pocket watch that I got 8 or 7 years ago. One day, something like 5 or 6 years ago, I winded it up to hard and ended up breaking it, no matter what I did, it wouldn't work again.
I just took the watch out of the drawer and winded it up, waited a few minutes and noted that it still didn't work, so I just put it carefully on my desk.
The next morning, as I was sitting in my bed, my mother asks me what I did to my self. As I look at her, questioning, she tells me to look at my arm. I had a very distinct handprint on my arm (picture related) that took something like one hour to go away, this means the hand must have been pressing my arm quite strongly to leave such a mark. I didn't have this mark when I went to bed the previous day. When I put my hand on the handprint, I notice it has the exact same size as mine, therefore I must have done this to myself. But it has to be noted that I'm normaly a very calm person while sleeping, I don't move a lot and stay very aware of what is surrounding me. When sleeping with someone, I never hit that person in my sleep. So I don't know how I could do this to myself without at least waking up.
A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and came back in my room. As there was a complete silence, I hear a very fast "ticktickticktickticktick". So I took my pocket watch and opened it, it worked again. Of course, I was happy it worked again but it shouldn't work. I didn't do anything different from my previous attempts to make it work again. Of course I didn't open it but I didn't even shake it, hit it or anything that could have made something move inside the pocket watch. Plus I tried to wind it up and it didn't do anything, so it must have worked again while I was asleep, while it was just on my desk, so it had absolutely no reason to start working again. This pocket watch, if I recall correctly, was a gift from my oncle who died two or three years ago but I don't know how he got it.
For the record, the place where I live is the place where both my grandparents were living before they died but they didn't die inside the flat. The pocket watch could be a gift to my oncle from the same grandmother that lived in this flat. It's not a certainty but it could be the case.

So as I said, this could be a complete coincidence but why does an even that has never occured before and an event that shouldn't even occur happened during the same night ? Even if me pressing my arm like crazy happened because of some dream I had during the night, why did that pocket watch started to work again ?

What do you think ?

Anonymous 732

The same thing happened to me 2 or 3 times during last summer! When I woke up I had a handprint on my arm on the same position as yours, and it took like an hour to fade like I had been pressing on it, but I don't remember doing such a thing, using physical strenght in my sleep. Idk, I remember that I did sleep with arms above my head sometimes, so maybe one hand grasped for my arm spontaneously.
As for the pocket watch, I don't know what to say…

Anonymous 733


Watch Collector here. Old watches that randomly start working and stopping is pretty common. Bring it to a watchmaker and let it get fixed/cleaned

Anonymous 804

Interested as fuck if you have the time.

Also, 3:30am is right in the middle of Witching Hour so who knows what kind of crazy shit was happening.

Anonymous 811

fuck. it's stories like these that make me both want and not want to have a paranormal experience.

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