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Spooky greentext Anonymous 966

Femanon from 4chan /x/
I haven't seen any greentext threads or real story threads, so post yours!

>Be me

>Hanging out with grandpa
>Fisihing at a pier near his house (he lived near the ocean)
>Its night, maybe 11
>See something glowing in distance
>see it get closer
>looked like of like a pig?
>Pointed it out to grandpa
>he freaked out
>took me home right away
Everytime I would ask him about it, he would be super vauge. I'm not sure what it was, but it was unsetteling.

Anonymous 976

It's not very good, maybe I was delusional, but it must be noted I've never had an audio hallucination smoking pot prior or ever since.

>be me in 2013

>middle of winter and im living with a coworker temporarily
>nearby his apartment are some quiet woods with a stream that runs through
>after work sometimes i would walk the trail a bit and then wander a bit into the trees to smoke
>one evening i do this after dark
>im sitting there smoking and i hear a baby crying
>i don't even consider what im hearing for 20 seconds until i think about how im all alone and theres no one nearby
>i stand up and look around and there is still this crying but nobody in sight
>i throw everything away and bolt to the trail and out of the woods as fast as i can

I never went back there at night.

Anonymous 1264

>be me
>live in an older apartment building with some family members in europe thats been here since before ww2
>some families have been living here since the building was built
>always feel uneasy and like im being watched at night to the point where i have trouble sleeping
>chalk it up to me feeling uncomfortable because a relative died in recent years and i have nightmares about her ghost in the apartment
>nightmares involve me finding her corpse in the dark storage room and the corpse reanimating and chasing me as well as some other shit
>nightmares usually end up in me looking out of the window in the dream world to see that everything around me is grey and bleak and has been bombed to the ground
>also sometimes see a hand in the shadows that come through the window and things moving out of the corner of my eye


>one day one of my family asks me if i can take a photo of a mark on the wall in the staircase just outside the door of the apartment

>imagine a giant hole that has been filled with plaster
> she needs photos to send as she wants to get the wall repaired
>i ask her what caused the giant gaping hole in the first place

>be civilians in ww2 era axis controlled europe

>city is being sieged by the red army
>decide to go out into the staircase for a smoke
>get shot and killed when a sniper notices you lighting a cigarette and mistakes you for the enemy
>stray bullets end up hitting wall and causing the hole to form
>tfw 3 people were killed not even a meter away from my apartment door
>im definitely being haunted
>i can feel the presence as im typing this

what can i do

Anonymous 1265

Belief in ghosts is heretical. Find the source of the noise causing you unease, and handle the disturbance.

Anonymous 1945

Say seig heil ofc. Then apologize if you hear a ghostly cyka blyat instead.

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