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post good shows 1

Anonymous 2


Anyone else love trashy teen dramas? I cried.

Anonymous 3



i watched one episode of this and it sucked riverdale is the suprior edgy teenage drama

Anonymous 4


archie sucks

Anonymous 5

Archie was the most useless character, I'm glad he didn't end up the main focus of the show.

Anonymous 6


elizabeth tho

Anonymous 9


Give it up for the GOAT

Anonymous 10


I feel like an idiot, but i have no idea what this show is (but am interested, as I also love trashy teen dramas lol).

I really like this tv show Awkward, but think its going to be discontinued, although I think it went downhill after the cast graduated high school tbh. Pretty sad about it honestly lol.

>>Any suggestions for similar shows?

Anonymous 11


It's a show based on characters from the Archie comics, but in a modern/anachronistic setting (it's set in the present with all the technology and social media but the cars and locations are very retro). It follows a group of teens who investigate the death of one of the resident creepy rich twins.

It wasn't as trashy as I expected but the characters aren't as frustratingly helpless and self-endangering as e.g. PLL. The murder mystery is a bit ridiculous, but compelling enough.
There are some sweet and some intense character establishing scenes that were really spot on and touching. I fell in love with Betty.

Anonymous 20

Who's following Better Call Saul? i'm gonna start season 3 soon, just finished catching up on s2 recently

Anonymous 23

I haven't watched the new season yet, but I love the show.

Anonymous 27


The best show to ever exist

Yeees Riverdale is so fucking cringey that its so good. Hemlock grove is similar, as in its also a trashy teen murder mystery show produced by netflix, but with werewolves

Anonymous 29


I really like it, it's comfy. I'm a nervous flyer and I always download it to watch during flights because it's so calming.

Anonymous 31

Stream it on solarmovies or something, that's what I'm gonna do. Chuck made me rage last season ugh

Anonymous 32

Okay, Riverdale. I'll check it out. Thanks anon!

>>Anyone like trash tv like The Bad Girls Club or My 600 Pound Life?

Post them!

Anonymous 34

FUCK CHUCK Jesus Christ I almost cried.

I don't watch a lot of trashy reality TV but I love Catfish.

Anonymous 35

Couldn't get into BGC but My 600 Pound Life is insane. I wanna watch Revenge Body but idk where to find it.

Lowkey hoping him and Harold die lmao.

Anonymous 36

I don't want Chuck to die, but only because I know it would hurt Jimmy and he's too good for that.

Anonymous 38

aww, I know, but he'll still have Kim! I died when he brushed his teeth with her finger

Anonymous 41

>Chuck made me rage last season ugh
Not to spoil, but if you hated him already you got a big storm comin'

Anonymous 71

Just caught up on the new season, he really got BTFO, now I almost feel bad for him

Anonymous 113

The 100 is so good. Even too good for The CW

Anonymous 129


I don't typically get into shows but I loved skins uk seasons 1-4 as well as 7, I find myself re-watching it all the time. It has such a strange lonely feeling to it. I really liked the soundtrack, British tv usually has good music.

Anonymous 130

I don't understand why you guys like this. I watched thoroughly until 19 minutes in and had to fucking stop that's how boring it was. I then skipped through the rest of the episode to find out if anything was going on but it was still the same boring stuff that was happening in the first 20 minutes. Maybe I'm just not the demographic it's meant to be for but am I missing something? The only character who isn't annoying and doesn't talk in an awkward manner is Betty. Don't get me started on those really cringy "I want you" scenes. There's no chemistry that makes me feel like anyone in this show should get together lmao it was just thrown in there but there's no love tension going on so it's like… ok…

Anonymous 131

Not keen on Riverdale either. It's boring and I read archie comics as a kid and the chracters feel a little off.

Anonymous 151

I watched the first generation and I know exactly what you mean, it evoked a really wistful feeling despite being god-awfully ridiculous at times…

Anonymous 152


> all these new shows

Oldie but a goodie (just skip the last couple of seasons if you dont like gov't conspiracy shit).

God I love these two sexy fuckers, I would let them sit on my face anyday. And their chemistry on the show hnnnnnnngg

Anonymous 155


thank you for reminding me to watch this

Anonymous 165

Yes do so!
I actually liked the last seasons (even with Robert Patrick instead of DD).

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