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Unrealistic things in movies/TV Anonymous 1020

Discuss the things that you find unrealistic in movies/TV that seem to go unnoticed regularly/is so ingrained in society that it's not a real "issue".

One thing for me is make up when a woman is sleeping/showering/just waking up/whatever. No matter how far I'm supposed to suspend disbelief, that little detail always fucks me up. I know it's because real people's skin is gross but why not just PS that shit later?

Anonymous 1021

Also, sorry if this should go on some other board, I wasn't sure.

Anonymous 1022

On the subject of makeup, I always wondered why every character in a movie that wears obvious makeup always wears the exact same looks. I feel like in reality, people play with different makeup looks a lot more.

Anonymous 1023

Hahaha OP picture is funny.

They always have perfect WHITE teeth.. no matter what.

Anonymous 1024

As I've gotten older, the one thing that has been getting more and more annoying is unrealistic housing. Like all the shows set in New York and the people have 2+ bedroom apartments but are 'struggling 20-somethings' or 'poor waiters' and yet live in central Manhattan with only one or no roommates.

This is applicable to most shows and the cities they're set in but just NYC is such a popular choice that it's the one I see most often. Stop giving me unrealistic housing expectations!!!!

Anonymous 1025

>main character gets a phone call
>when the conversation ends they don't even say bye
>just disconnects the call and puts the phone back in their pocket

Anonymous 1026

This may seem like a minor one, but the whole "Character A says something funny/insightful and then leaves room/house/restaurant." You'd be surprised how rarely people ever "exit stage left" IRL. Usually people just hang around exhausting conversations even when they don't want to, they're far too polite to get up and leave. This happens all the time on TV and it's always extremely distracting to me.

Anonymous 1027

In some movies when they want to show an ugly character they use a very good looking person and just put glasses, freckles and regular clothes on them. That kind of bothers me but usually movies like that are trash anyway.

Anonymous 1028

>character makes a bold claim in front of another character who's usually an antagonist of sorts
>antagonist laughs in a good natured way and their henchmen join in

Just stop. Whether it's done for comic relief or dramatic tension it never achieves either and you can see it coming a mile away.


Excision does that, but I think it more than gets away with it.

Anonymous 1029

>Character A says something funny/insightful
The rapidfire conversations also get to me. It's like no one pauses to "think" of what to say next but everything they say is (obviously) very well crafted to be witty/funny/insightful/scathing

Anonymous 1030


When there's a huge age gap between a female character and her love interest. People have just come to accept it and don't notice often. It's giving men this impression that women don't age and putting pressure on women to remain eternally youthful. I hate it.

Anonymous 1031


Anonymous 1032

Eugh yeah actor age gaps is a whole other disgusting mess that is completely normalized in Hollywood. I hate it so much.

Another trope that drives me nuts is the "misunderstanding from walking away" trope. Where like, a character gets kissed or says something or lies and their partner/love interest sees it and then runs away and gets pissed at them without asking about context or waiting to see what will happen. JUST TALK TO ONE ANOTHER! 90% of romance movies would be finished in 20 minutes if the people actually had a healthy relationship and talked about shit lol.

Anonymous 1033


>Female android
>Perfectly smooth skin, no pores, no blemishes, make-up and photoshop out the wazo
>Male android
>Lol lets have a zoom in of Michael Fassbender's god awful skin

If I payed $$$$ for a robot and got one that fucking haggard looking I would sue.

Anonymous 1034

kek, i went to the cinema last week for the first time in ever. this trailer came on before the movie started and I just died laughing with my boyfriend. He's pushing 60 and she's like 20. Kept making jokes about how it was going to be about girls with daddy issues who dislike their otherwise fine moms.

Anonymous 1035

Oh wow! Natalie Portman's (Léon: the Professional) or Kirsten Dunst (Vampire diaries) graphic must be quite disturbing.

Anonymous 1036

Interview with the Vampire*

Anonymous 1037

Saw the exact same trailer last week and it's what inspired my post above. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The audience laughed really awkwardly and my bf turned to me in shock and he was like "Surely that's part of the horror element right?" but then there was a sex scene.

I'm fucking nauseated.

Anonymous 1038

Obviously I can't take their personal life choices into account, but isn't it funny how these actresses who grew up as major leads are now the ages of the male leads they were typically cast alongside (early to mid 30s) and they are barely getting lead roles anymore, and are delegated to "old spinster" at 35?

Anonymous 1039

This is a rubbish description, but the faux-awkward, stammer speaking Americans do when they're improving in comedies is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I noticed it like two years ago and basically every American comedy since then has been ruined, not that I mind because it's so lazy it doesn't deserve laughs.


That started off looking quite interesting, then by the end it was just nonsense. Also who would let Ed Harris inside never mind sleep over? lol

Anonymous 1040


*improvising, rather

Anonymous 1043


Movies or series that are set in dystopias or something like that and the women always have perfectly smooth skin, not even a single leg or armpit hair to be seen.

Anonymous 1044

when I was a teen, in any survival/dystopian type of movie I would spend the whole time wondering about the women's periods and shit. You mean to tell me, in this zombie apocalypse where EVERYTHING is scarce, you aren't freebleeding like a stuck pig?

That and periods and things in general in movies/shows.

Anonymous 1045

>historical period drama is airing"
>"oooooooh I'll give that one a watch"
>every single female character is inexplicably devoid of body hair

Anonymous 1046

>token ugly duckling female character gets a makeover
>they comb her hair and take off her glasses

Anonymous 1047

When an ugly/below average man gets a really beautiful woman. Especially when they set it up so that the girl is ~finally happy~ when she settles for the uggo ''good guy''.

Anonymous 1048


Omg this so much. And of course the reverse has literally NEVER happened.

Anonymous 1049

And makeup + nice brows ((:

Another thing I hate is when two characters HATE each other, and of course later they fall in love, ugh

Anonymous 1052

Jennifer Lawrence
>Javier Bardem

Literally old enough to be the damn woman's father, jfc.

Anonymous 1066

Tbh the current Game of thrones season, especially the most recent episode (I'll spoiler this rant)

the teleporting around?? Like hello? Gendry running to eastwatch to send a crow and dany appearing to save the day… whilst they wait the whole time?? Doing what? It didn't even indicate how long they were there?

Just the knight king just downing the dragon with OP spear throwing when he could of just thrown spears at them the whole time they're stuck on the ice?

I know it's fantasy but come on. It's been so "real" until now and you had a good sense of time passing. Now it's like mega rushed and annoying.

Anonymous 1069

Anonymous 1072


Sex scenes in scary situations. Like horror movies where the female character will be like "omg we're going to die better fuck"

I can't have sex if I hear a weird noise outside let alone some fucking murderer or disease was after me. I just don't think fear's the aphrodisiac the gimps who write horror/scifi think it is.

Anonymous 1073

I read a neat "rewrite" that would have solved this teleporting problem.

Just have Dany and dragons go to Eastwatch with them and hang out there, so when Gendry runs back to the wall, it would take maybe a day or two for her to actually show up with dragons, instead of having to come alll the way from Dragonstone.

If Season 7 and 8 actually had 10 episodes each like the older seasons, then I don't think this would have been a problem.

Anonymous 1078

>>1073 that rewrite would be ideal! And yeah I totally agree, less episodes is making this potentially my least favourite season due to the above mentioned. A lot of cool scenes have happened (I lived for the brianne and arya spar. it gave me so much LIFE.) but the lack of good pacing is messing up the story for me a lot.

Anonymous 1081

Man, Alien Covenant as a whole was godawful. Ridley gone senile.

Anonymous 1082

God bless him for 2 hours of Michael Fassbender on spandex tho

Anonymous 1084

I hate when two characters are supposed to be falling in love by just standing there and staring at each other without saying anything. Take out the bg music and it's so awkward and weird.

Anonymous 1085

30 year olds playing high schoolers

Anonymous 1086

But anon, that would mean they'd have write actually good love stories… ain't nobody got time for that!

I love romance shoujo manga but fuck am I tried of this trope. It happens literally every time.

Anonymous 1140

Believe me anon, you don't want this irl. A family member always does this to give their message meaningful undertone in discussions or whatever the fuck but it's just completely annoying.

Anonymous 1181

He's a handsome man but needs loion

Anonymous 1189

and some gotdamn lips

Anonymous 1199

and less forehead

Anonymous 1211

and a new face

Anonymous 1217


Anonymous 1218

I really hate anything in media to do with computers or technology. I'm sick of people "HACKING INTO THE SYSTEM" tap tap tap or really clear CCTV footage or people putting files containing huge amounts of infomation onto a usb that takes like 2 seconds to transfer.

Anonymous 1236

I was watching the X-Files last night and I couldn't stop laughing when they managed to extract this perfectly clear face from a blurry distorted polaroid

Anonymous 2093


I wonder why they're STILL making regular technology seem so weird and foreign. It's not like in the past where a regular person didn't know what a file transfer looks like.

Anyway, I'm reviving this thread because I'm watching Black Mirror season 1/2 and they showed on two separate episodes a couple having sex, the guy finishing (inside her I guess, they do that covered by the sheets thing) and they just roll over and go to sleep. WITH ALL THAT SPLOOGE STILL INSIDE HER/ON HER/SOAKING INTO THE BED that is just absolutely fucking d i s g u s t i n g

Anonymous 2555

When they put high heels on female characters despise any circumstances.
Like Silk Spectre on Watchmen, why put her on those heels when her characters had to do so many fighting scenes.

Anonymous 2558

Yeah, I saw that new netflix cloverfield movie and a female character had completely flawless makeup after being transported into an alternate universe, resulting in her being phased into the wiring of the ship and the crew literally had to remove dozens of wires and cables from her body.
It just pisses me off that men can look however the fuck they want, but women are supposed to look flawless and made-up and fake in any situation.

Anonymous 2559

Agreed with the technology. And when the "techie" character says "I'm opening Google Chrome" and the other characters are like "what the hell are you talking about?"

Also, re:Black Mirror, so much of that show seems so male… like, filtered through the male lens of seeing the world. Like does anybody else notice the weird cuckolding theme in several episodes? Also, in the episode where general hux is the perfect robot boyfriend, there's a scene where he's shown to be super good at sex and says he learned it from analyzing internet porn – as if someone who learned about sex entirely from porn would be anything but horrible at it.

Anonymous 2565

Whenever a couple kiss after waking up because how do they not have morning breath

Anonymous 2566


Whenever I watch movies like these, I ALWAYS notice their makeup first and think "what the fuck."

Anonymous 2575

My boyfriend and I kiss when we wake up, I'm happy to see him first thing in the morning and don't care about morning breath.
Saged 'cause off-topic.

Anonymous 2586

I haven't watched very much black mirror, but I'm curious to hear more about what you're talking about here.

Anonymous 2587

Do you have examples of this, anon?

Anonymous 2635

this is my first c…

>it's early in the morning
>skinny high school character is served breakfast
>huge fucking plate filled with bacon, eggs, sausages and toast. next to them a glass full of orange juice

am i insane or who the fuck has the time or the cholesterol for that shit. in high school i grabbed coffee maybe a crunchy bar and i was gone.

Anonymous 2637

Well, they never actually seem to eat all that breakfast either. As a mother, that pisses me off to end. If I'm making you all that food you better eat some of it goddamn wasteful little shit.

Anonymous 2638

Yeah, things like the Ghost Busters Remake and A Million Ways to Die in the West. No one acts like a person, even an over the top, comedic person. There's plenty of others, but I don't want many comedy films these days.

Anonymous 18470

Eating a proper breakfast is 100% a realistic thing to do unless you're part of some poor trash family that doesn't spend anytime around the table together.

Anonymous 18471

It's because movies are escapism and no men want to escape into the other reality where women get old and not so pretty anymore. With men age doesn't matter as much, and if you think it does, you are not average in the slightest. This isn't a socially engineered narrative to make your life awful, it's the default that you can't escape no matter how much you mask it.

Anonymous 18473

What? I don't know anyone who does that

Anonymous 18474

I don't get why in movies schizophrenia means multiple personality disorder. It's some kind of misconception all of Hollywood has and I don't know how it started.

Anonymous 18476

People are being ridiculous here. Normal people don't eat like that unless they are in a hotel or cafe, or if they consume a lot of calories because they are fat or very athletic. It's not about you mother loving you or you being poor, it's just too much food. Lots of kids like to sleep in too instead of having a sit down breakfast.

Anonymous 18477

what a weirdo kek plenty of family are well off but they don't take the time to have a group meal in the morning. no one in my house wakes up at the same time because we have different things going on for ourselves. stop projecting.

Anonymous 18478


Good addition. It's worse in common schizophrenia jokes. Shirt that says "I have schizophrenia" on the front. On the back it says "Me, too"

OT but it's just so off when you really know the illness. There are theories there is some personality splitting going on sometimes caused by trauma. That voices can be expressions of these splits. This one woman said she tamed her voices and that the scariest ones were actually the most scared parts of her.
But overall, schizophrenia is just too wide of a spectrum of symptoms, delusion, paranoia, hallucination, etc and multiple personalities are so rare.

Anonymous 18481

I've always had a big healthy breakfast in the morning so I don't think it's unrealistic at all in movies. But then again, I had a stay-at-home mom who liked to cook. My dad would sometimes make big breakfasts on weekends to give her a break. I recently tried remaking it and oh my god it takes 1h to cook something nice in the morning.Most people would rather sleep in I reckon

Anonymous 18484

I haven't skimmed this thread but leading on from what OP said, bodyhair on women in post-apocalyptic scenarios or wilderness civilizations. Once I had it pointed out at me I couldn't stop noticing it. I remember the scene in Hunger Games where Katniss had to get her legs waxed and she was already super clean shaven, because of course they wouldn't let JLaw go a week or so without shaving her legs. It's so ridiculous.

Anonymous 18487

This is what I meant. Lower class people that can't afford one parent to stay home and cook, and whose parents are too lazy in the morning to give them a nice meal are the weird ones.

Anonymous 18522

That's an incredibly narrow-minded take

Anonymous 18523

>being lower class is weird

Anonymous 18660

when they brush their teeth and there's no blood

Anonymous 18661

The real thing that gets me about big breakfasts in media is how the characters NEVER FINISH THEM… They take like 1 bite and 1 sip and that's it.

Anonymous 18663

i dont bleed 90% of the times wtf

Anonymous 18664

Anon go to the dentist you might have gum disease

Anonymous 18666

Seconding this. Or at least try to brush more gently.

Anonymous 18667


Anonymous 18681


Period dramas with minorities playing characters with no regard to historical accuracy.

Nothing says Regency Period like a black dude playing a Duke amirite?

Anonymous 18682

Bridgerton's explicitly alternate history.

Anonymous 18684

Nta, but new complaint.

Covering up poor historical study and accuracy by throwing the term "alternate history" around which is just "I want to have historical symbols, and eat them too."

Anonymous 18685

See even got the producers thoughts right.
>Chris Van Dusen has said that the show "is a reimagined world, we’re not a history lesson, it’s not a documentary. What we’re really doing with the show is marrying history and fantasy in what I think is a very exciting way. One approach that we took to that is our approach to race".
Fucking retarded.

Anonymous 18686

Minority characters did exist at that time, though not as dukes as you say.

You can pick out a bunch of other inaccuracies from that picture alone, such as the fabric of the clothes, her dyed hair/wig, her modern eyebrow shape etc

Narrowing in on race only is racist anon.

Anonymous 18688

It's always like that with these people cause they don't actually know anything more about history than the directors.

Anonymous 18759

The way the characters always speak so smoothly without ever pausing to think.
Also how quickly people accomplish their goals, form solid relationships, or completely change their shitty behaviors and just generally how fast everything happens.

Anonymous 18760

This. Also, let's not pretend there aren't movies which insert white people in a historically inaccurate way.
For example, movies about ancient egypt where everyone looks european when they should look middle-eastern or african.

Anonymous 18801

I can start getting autistic about that as well, usually no one wants to hear someone rant about the fact that corsets aren't depicted properly, how the fashion is anachronistic. I notice the race thing because it's the first obvious corporate globo-homo pandering to make you think they're not giant pieces of shit.

Anonymous 18802

Egyptian Actor.png

According to genetic studios Ancient Egyptians have more in common genetic with Eastern Meditarians then they do the current people in Africa.

Though now that you mention it this does remind me of another controversy that I find hilarious for "anti-racist" losers like you, where an actor with two Egyptian parents played a Pharoah and people thought it was "white-washing", when according to the legal definition of white, anyone born in North Africa is white as well.

Anonymous 18806

That doesn't sound racist then.

>the first obvious corporate globo-homo pandering to make you think they're not giant pieces of shit.

Agree, I don't like this rewriting of history. Why not make movies and shows about actual black and minority people from the time? The movie Belle did it.

I wish they'd stop obsessing over the same people and time periods. The Regency period was only 12 years! How many Regency period adaptions do we need?

Anonymous 18807

fuuuuucking adults playing high schoolers like in rebel without a cause or do the right thing

totally destroys my suspension of disbelief

Anonymous 18808

On a related note.

I hate teenage actors in general, they are never good at acting.

Anonymous 19035

Adults are better actors but a lot of movies cast adults so they can get away with putting teenage characters in adult situations which is a pretty yuck.

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