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Classical Music Anonymous 1219

Do any anons on here have any favorite pieces they want to share? Favorite composers? I recently read a study that said listening to classical music can enhance mental alertness, so now I'm trying to expand and broaden my musical tastes because of it lol.

Anonymous 1220

I'll post a few of my favorite.

Anonymous 1223

I really like (omfg dyslexia, here we go…) Tchaikovsky, he's the composer who created "The Nutcraker Suite" and I really like his style.

I alos like Saint Saens, who did "Danse Macabre" and "Carnival of the Animals."
I'm perpetually looking for a good recording of Animals with the poems included to put away in my "If I ever have a baby" box.

Anonymous 1233

Habanera is my favourite since I was little, I remember being a kid and playing my parent's CD just for this song.

My taste/knowledge of classical music is basic as fuck though. I know the famous pieces that everyone knows, but even then it's mostly just by ear- I can't for the life of me remember which names and composers go with which songs. I just put my playlist (mostly from albums like 'Classical Music Top 100' kek) on shuffle in the background.

Anonymous 1389

I like baroque music, usually Bach's partitas played by Glenn Gould, some Classical era, and a lot of Romantic stuff. If I could travel back in time and get Liszt to marry my ass, I totally would.

Anonymous 1390

>>1389 YAAAAS anon!

Honestly the Baroque period created the most elegant music~

Anonymous 1392

The best (well, my favourite anyway) version of this quartet. Every other quarter plays this too slowly and I get bored. But this rendition…… you can see Shostakovitch crying because someone understands him, how it's really supposed to be played. You can feel all the paranoia, guilt and fear just seeping from this recording that I never found in others.

Have you listened to Purcell? I really like the aria from Dido and Aeneas, though I'm quite partial to opera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qgg1IZWMdw

Anonymous 1395

>you'll never dance at a ball in the 1700s to dvorak

Anonymous 1400

Ugh, thank you for this thread classical music calms me tf down

Anonymous 1401

Well, you never would be able to even if you had a time machine, since Dvorak was composing in the 19th century, heh.

Anonymous 1406

i knew someone was gonna say that. it was a pretty obvious typo.

Anonymous 1413

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to come off as rude.
Here's a nice rendition for appeasement ;-;

Anonymous 1416

This is a bit pleb (especially for a classical music thread), but the video game Arcanum has a soundtrack that uses a string quartet and a traditional orchestra. The whole thing is like 50 minutes long and I often listen to it when I'm doing something like dicking around in Photoshop


Anonymous 2523

I love baroque

Anonymous 2692

Dvorak's 8th is easily one of the best symphonies. Shame that everybody only knows his 9th.

Anonymous 3032

Some of my favorites
Maurice Ravel:

This guy has a really cool youtube channel, he's an incredible organist, and the churches he plays in are beautiful. Makes me jealous of Europeans.

This is nice.
Whoa, I'm going to have to check out more of this composer's stuff.
I definitely like the more romantic stuff, but I love Vivaldi.
>My taste/knowledge of classical music is basic as fuck though.
Same, I also have a hard time with some classical music because it's TOO dynamic for me. I'm too used to modern music, I guess.
Oh, god.

Also, sorry, newfag here trying to figure out what youtube direct link does.

Anonymous 3225

>My taste/knowledge of classical music is basic as fuck though.
Same. I took piano and violin lessons before and had been taught some music theory but my tastes are still limited to beethoven/liszt/chopin.

>I can't for the life of me remember which names and composers go with which songs.

Hmm really? Most of the prominent composers have fairly distintive styles. I can relate to not being able to remember the titles though, especially when most of them are given opus and movement numbers and nothing else.

>tfw really liked a beethoven piano sonata I heard a decade ago but I lost the CD and haven't managed to find it since

Anonymous 3226

Why do asians like A Maiden's Prayer so much? Pretty much every asian I've met who played piano knows this piece.

Anonymous 3233

For me, this was one of the pieces that my piano teacher taught me and I suppose I have nice, nostalgic feelings about it.

Anonymous 3265

Whitey here, I was taught by another white teacher and I learned it. Ahh I remember playing it for one of my first recitals with said teacher, such a sweet memory <3

Anonymous 3267

also, if it helps any, it's a piece that is meant to sound far more showy and complicated than it really is. the term escapes me at the moment, but I think it's called a bar room? or salon? piece.

Anonymous 17882

bump because i'm tired of listening to gymnopédie no 1 and moonlight sonata over and over again. anyone have recs?

Anonymous 17883

Chopin's works are all pretty phenomenal, his ballades are my personal favourite. The youtube channel this video is on also has tons of interesting classical pieces you could check out

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