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Love Nikki Thread Anonymous 1343

Discuss the game, show off your outfits, ask for help, find friends, promote your association, etc!

Anonymous 1355

Ever since seeing this game in the mobile app thread, I tried it out and I really like it! Question, is it worth blowing my stamina to just get all the drops from levels? Or nah

Anonymous 1525

Since the game appears quite popular on the mobile app thread, i was wondering if anyone would like a crystal cafe association for it?

I've been thinking of leaving my current one since it's very inactive and making my own, and thought it might be a good idea if there's enough of us willing to join!

Anonymous 1530


I might be speaking too soon, but this is the first time I've ever been in the top 1000, very pleased tbh

I'd be done for one! Hopefully more anons play it, it'd be great to have one from here.

Anonymous 1533

Does anyone know how to download Love Nikki on an iPhone with a Japanese App Store account?

Anonymous 1546

Just picked this game up a couple of days ago so I don't really know what associations do but I'd be up for playing with some miners and trying it out.

Anonymous 1568


Alright, if we get some more people (mayabe 8 or 10 (being hopeful lol)) on board i'll create it since i've got some spare diamonds!

Associations are kind of like an extra way to get items: they give you stamina/outfits/diamonds and have a shop where you can purchase exclusive items as well as dyes for very cheap. Every member contributes with their score and the higher that is the more stamina and gold you get.

Also you can expand how much money you get for completing lvls or increase your score, they are really neat if you are on an active one!

Anonymous 1569

Oh man I could use those cheap dyes. I hope this comes together!

Anonymous 1722


>be me
>spend all my diamonds in hell event
>get over a million coins and over 3000 stamina, so even more coins
>oh man maybe i can finally finish some of the sets that require mystery pull items! some are bound to fall with so many pulls!
>spend all the coin on mystery slots
>3 new items total
>none are part of any of the outfits
>none are even remotely good items or at least look good
>mostly 2-3 star ugly dumpster fire-tier clothes
>close to 2 million coins and 70 pulls spent

Anonymous 1845

Well this thread seems pretty dead (rip), but for the few of us who seem to play, if anyone wants to add me my friend code is 100573324 , it could be fun to add each other and see our outfits through the starry corridor feature!

Anonymous 1847


Angry af that this is a recharge event only suit. I know that's just how it is but I wish this was the event suit instead.

Anonymous 2165

Sorry to be reviving an old thread, but in case there are any lurkers, I made an association! Its ID is 17758 and if you join you'll get a cake!

Anonymous 2651

How do I went myself off this game? I spend more every month on it and it's horrid because even fashion irl is my weakness. I'm still saving half of my money every month, but like, this game could easily spiral out of control. To be fair, I've been in emotional turmoil that past few months, and I was fine before then, but it's bad, very bad, especially with this Happiness event.

Anonymous 2652

*Wean, not went

Anonymous 2684

I was so looking forward to playing this game when I got an android phone, and now I have one, and I downloaded the game, but it won't work. I get stuck on the loading screen, after a few seconds it says "Update download failed. Retry?" or something like that or it just kicks me with the "app has stopped responding" message. I'm so sad.

Anonymous 2691

What model's your phone, anon? Maybe I can help

Anonymous 2694

It's a Vivax phone, Fun S501. But it's ok, I downloaded Dream Boyfriend and a bunch of otome games so I'm not so sad anymore.

Anonymous 2791


New free outfit in LN, miners! How did you fare on the Desert and Teacup events?

Anonymous 2792

I gave up on this game when I had to join and win (?) contests to progress through the story. Welp.

Anonymous 2849

I just started playing love nikki, feel free to add me 109278049! Also maybe this is a dumb question but i linked the app to my fake facebook account, i did use a different nickname but when i go to the friends thing i see my facebook account name. Does this mean that everyone is able to see my facebook account?

Anonymous 2850

I will add you when i get on the app!
And about the Facebook thing, no it only shows that way to you, the other players will only be able to see whatever name you chose for nikki.

Anonymous 2880


I'm gonna spend all my diamonds trying to get this outfit, it's so damn cute…

Anonymous 2881


You can get one and a half suit for free if you have high accuracy on the event! So maybe wait until the last day of the event to drop dias on it.

I'm so excited for the keyboard cat from the new circus event, the whole suit in general is amazing and fulfills all my cat lady needs, i hope it's a pick and choose event so i can spend my dias on this one and some pieces from the others.

Anonymous 2882

Literally the better suit in the event.

Speaking of which, what is you all's favorite suit? Or if thats too hard, kingdom? Lilith is obviously the most superior~

Anonymous 3036

Hello, I decided to make another association for miners!! Its new so low level, but I think it would be nice to have another since most of them are filled up! ID is 36415! <3

Anonymous 34117

This game was my crutch on life back in 2017….. Is it too late to get back into the game???

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