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Nintendo Switch Thread! Anonymous 1486

>When did you get your Switch, what games do you have?
>Do you love it or hate it? Why?
>What games do you want to see get ported to the console?
>What mods/accessories did you get for yours?

I got my switch almost two weeks ago, I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Double Dragon 4.
I love my Nintendo Switch, but I don't like how unfinished it feels. There's so many features and apps missing, like video streaming and save backups.
I want Jet Set Radio, Perfect Dark 64, and Cuphead on the Switch.
I got a cover flap, cheap screen protector but I'm planning on getting an Orzly protector, and a modified grip to be a bit more portable.

Anonymous 1487


I really enjoyed puyo puyo tetris but there isn't a lot of exclusive content for the switch that interests me yet. Waiting warmly for the next animal crossing.

Anonymous 1488

I have a WiiU right and I've been thinking hard about getting a switch (mainly for breath of the wild and splatoon2, and hopefully for a new animal crossing). I'm not sure if it's worth it tho? I loved my wiiu and I feel like the switch does have nicer improvements but I'm not sure if I'll use it often do to school taking up a lot of time rn. So to those of you who do have the switch: would you reccomend getting it?

Anonymous 1489

Is there any news on the new taiko game thats gonna be on the Switch? I'm so excited and happy that the switch isn't region locked.

Anonymous 1490

>Waiting warmly for the next animal crossing.

TELL me about it. Nintendo needs to pony up, they still haven't released the mobile animal crossing project. I am tired of waiting!

Anonymous 1491


So I just heard that Doom and LA Noire is being released on the switch the same week as skyrim…

Anonymous 1492

Just got my Switch this weekend along with Breath of the Wild. Love it, but not sure what I'll get next. Animal Crossing on the Switch is definitely what I want most though.

Anonymous 1493

If you want a game recommendation, get Mario Odyssey. I tried out the demos of it and it's fantastic. My paycheck is going to get decimated this weekend.

Anonymous 1501

Kay, we here now…

Anonymous 1504

Is anyone interested in SMT V? What do you think about the new trailer? I'm really looking forward to it but I have other SMT games to beat first.

Anonymous 1511

Recommendations are great, I'll def check that out!

Anonymous 1520

Not entirely sure what to think of that game…

I mean, the trailer was cool in a 90's PS1 game kind of way…

Anonymous 1541


So I just played through Mario Odyssey, fucking amazing. It's like Mario 64, even with the easter eggs of the classic game. :D

Anonymous 1551

I thought Galaxy was like Mario 64 too? Or am I wrong?

Anonymous 1555

Galaxy is kind of it's own game in terms of difficulty and level design. Mario 64 has more detailed levels that allows more challenges.

Anonymous 1556

A better way to explain it is that Galaxy's level design is Linear. You go from point A to Point B.

In Mario 64 and Sunshine, you have a large open world that allows multiple objectives to complete.

Anonymous 3730


Do you think we will ever see a comprehensive Metroid collection on Switch?

Anonymous 4308


Got a Switch during Thanksgiving, currently have:
>Smash Ultimate
>Let's Go Eevee
>Bayonetta 1&2
>Octopath Traveler

Excited for Animal Crossing, maybe new Fire Emblem. Want to eventually get Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and not sure what else.
Don't have any mods/accessories yet, do have a screen protector if that counts.

Anonymous 4309

2018-11-12 12-41-4…

Switch is actually gr8 for chilling in local park. I got:
> Free
- Nes Games
- Fallout Shelter
> Catriges
- Splatoon 2
- Mario Oddysey
- Zelda: BoW
- WolfenStein 2
- Valryria IV
> Bought in e-shop
- Diablo 3
- Stardew Valley
- Everspace
- Rouge Legacy
- Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
- Mariokart 8
- Armello
- South Park: Stick of Truth
- Titan Quest
- Just Dance 2018
- Sonic Mania
- Skyrim
- Rocket League
> Games that wasn't worth buying
- Hyper sentiel
- Brave Dungeon

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