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Children Media Anonymous 1497

Let's talk about our favorite media that's mainly targeted at children

Disney movies, cartoons, games and even toys/collectibles in general

The genre itself, the adult fanbase andthe possible stigma around it can also be discussed.

Anonymous 1498

I've really been enjoying children's cartoons from the last few years. They're really making an effort to include adult jokes and interesting plots (probably for the sake of parents who are sick of watching Peppa Pig on repeat). I don't get people who are obsessed with Disney, though.

I've loved dolls my whole life and I've considered buying some second-hand Monster High dolls so I can repaint them and make them little wigs/clothes.

Anonymous 1499



>I don't get people who are obsessed with Disney, though

I would'nt say I am obsessed (Like Baylee Jae or whatever is her name, for example), but at least for me, I really like the animation. Both 3D and 2D, I guess especially 2D. I must admit most of their movies are very predictable and well, kinda stale tbh, but I still enjoy them as silly fun when I am having a lazy afternoon.
I guess some people get obsessed because of: 1- Nostalgia 2- Beautiful animation/visuals 3- Comfortable, cute stories with obvious happy endings 4- (Usually) Good, fun music

On another note, I loved Dreamworks circa Prince of Egypt and Road of El Dorado (one of my favorite animated movies, btw Tulio is my husbando). Too bad they kinda fucked it up, now. It's always a hit or miss, and the misses are growing more frequent.

Anonymous 1500


I am unironically excited for Olaf's Frozen Adventure and Frozen 2 :')

Frozen merchandise everywhere is kind of annoying, though.

Anonymous 1510

I loved frozen, but having a three years old niece made me so sick of it. I'm probably still going to watch it though

Anonymous 1514


Hah, I can imagine! Gladly my toddler nieces don't live in the same state as me, so I see them only at family reunions.

Anonymous 1516


i consider myself an animation fan, i make an effort to see every animated feature film that comes out, i keep track of all the major studios disney, DreamWorks, sony, as well as some of the lesser known studios, i keep track of every film as soon as its announced so you can imagine my disappointment when it ends up being cancelled like the movie Larrikins from dreamworks was going to be an musical set in australia, or Me and My Shadow which was going to have some elements of 2d animation which i was looking forward to.

i wish tv animation was fully produced in their home country instead of being shipped off to korea for their cheaper labor.

im currently into miraculous ladybug a french animated show about 2 superheroes who don't know each others identities and one is in love with the others civilian form while the other is in love with the others hero form. though thats not the main plot (right now at least) it really appeals to my fangirl shipper heart. season 2 is currently airing now and so far its much more interesting and better than season 1.

Anonymous 1517


>season 2 is currently airing now and so far its much more interesting and better than season 1.

Oh! I like the designs of Miraculous and its concept, but I feel like I am too old for "monster of the week" formula and no actual plot development, it bores me. Does season two changes that?

Anonymous 1519

well there are only 3 eps out so far and they are still 'monster of the week' but they say this season will be made to be watched in an order unlike season 1 where you can watch any episode in any order, watch the first few eps see what you think. at convention panels they have spoiled the who will get some of the remaining miraculous that you will see in the origins episodes so i assume they will be given this season.

Anonymous 1532



Anonymous 1552

Ay anon, My kid loves it too. You know they make MAAAD cash, since every year they start the season with 5 completely new girls, and of course they all have new outfits, new weapons, new spells etc etc. And of COURSE all the little girls want it all. Lots of $$$ has been lost in the past few years.

Anonymous 1612

Bit of a self blog but eh

I love an absurd amount of kids targeted media. Although it has gotten a bit awkward for me in recent years because of the surge of DDLG garbage. I'm not at all interested in that… lifestyle and I absolutely do not have any sexual feelings towards kids stuff. Ive become embarrassed of my hobbies because Im worried people will assume Im some fetishist

Anonymous 1616


I think that as long as you dress and act as a normal, functional adult, most people won't think you are a fetishist, but merely a collector. So you are probably good.

Anonymous 1617

Most people would just accuse you of being infantile probably
(I've never actually met anyone who's openly into dd/lg irl, is it really that popular?)

Anonymous 1618

I also like sweet Lolita, fairy kei, and other similar jfashion RIP

Anonymous 1619

people will prolly think you're an ageplayer then. sorry fam.

Anonymous 2639


I recently caught up on Steven Universe. Despite not being really that into the filler… I mean it's cute and expands on the world and characters, but sometimes gets tiring. But when it's good, it's really good.
Have a lot of feelings about the new arc and no one to talk to about it.

Anonymous 2640


There are a few new shows I like but it just seems like a lot of them lack a certain charm cartoons from the 80's, 90's, and early 00's did. Whenever I hear about another one getting rebooted I always prepare myself for disappointment. I really like the new Ducktales reboot though.

Anonymous 2646

The Ducktales remake is good! It's the only 90s show remake that doesn't make me cringe

I'm watching Miraculous Ladybug as well but the writing feels so inconsistent lately and the creator's holier-than-thou attitude on Twitter makes me so annoyed

Anonymous 2685


Been watching Tangled: The Series and it's absolute kino. Actual plot, dark storylines, lore, the best twist villain ever. Cute characters, a sense of story, fair share of action and emotional scenes, it's everything I could ever ask for in a movie spin-off series. I highly recommend it

Anonymous 2686


Also Alan Menken songs.
The cast is overall just really talented.
This cute little boi is voiced by Jeremy Jordan from Newsies

Anonymous 3366


Fuck I started watching the Adventure Time "epilogue" to the finale set to the outro song before watching the finale.

I stupidly realized, but now going to watch the end now.

Anonymous 3368


The end of an era. It wrapped up so nicely while still being open-ended.

Anonymous 4800


Does anyone still play neopets? I don't really play it seriously anymore, but I do my dailies every once in a while and feed my pets (even though they don't die).

Anonymous 4814


My little pony is actually a really good show. I stopped watching it after season 3 because I didn't like what the adult fandom had turned into at that point, but now that the hype has died down, I'm thinking of picking it up again.

Disney movies are fun to watch Elsa is bae, but I'm not really a fan.
Looking at some of the older ones, it's extremely noticeable how Disney always tried hard to cater to the social norms at the time. While I generally appreciate the progressive sentiments in their later movies, I'm convinced Disney would put pretty much any message in there if they believed it's what will get them the largest profits.

Anonymous 4816

Who knows, I bet they don't even have the balls to make Elsa a lesbian

Anonymous 5217


Would Digimon Adventure be enjoyable to watch for the first time as an adult? Always been a pokemon gal, but saw pic related in a feels thread and now want to watch it.

Anonymous 5230

>saw pic related in a feels thread
This doesn’t answer your question but I saw this pic in the feels thread and I saved it too anon. It’s so cute, I want to hug it.

Anonymous 5232

If you compare it to pokemon you'll be dissapointed. But its not a bad show

Anonymous 5237

It's not really comparable to pokemon beyond "kids with mons", you can certainly like (or hate) both universes at once. I remember it being pretty cyberpunk for a child audience, they don't mess about with the "digi" bit of the name. Some of the animation is very repetitive, be prepared to skip through parts of it that you've watched dozens of times.

Anonymous 6415

I still find it enjoyable as an adult.

Anonymous 6426

I haven't ever watched Digimon Adventure, but I did watch Digimon Tamers and absolutely loved it. You need to be willing to give in to the 'kiddy' side of the series, but the show takes it's viewers seriously and balances the cyberpunk/friendship elements well.

Anonymous 22214


I still cannot get over how disappointing Steven Universe ended up being.

Sure, it had its fair few problems here and there. The town-y episodes were functionally filler and Rebecca Sugar didn't do a very good job of planning out for hiatuses. However, these are all issues that mainly effect an ongoing series and are negligible once a series is complete.
What isn't negligible is the big twist they decided to go with, where it turns out that Rose Quartz, leader of The Crystal Gems and Rebellion, is ACTUALLY Pink Diamond. This is possibly the stupidest decision the show could've gone with, as there are many good reasons for why fans dismissed it as a possibility very early on.

These reason include but are not limited to the following:
How the hell is PD able to rotate her gem when disguised as Rose? Certainly, if this is a possibility you'd think the show would establish it much earlier on instead of waiting for the twist, making it seem like an ass-pull.
Speaking of shapeshifting, why don't the color scheme's of PD and Rose lineup? Sure they're both pink, however, they have different shades of pink in different spots of their body. From what we knew about shapeshifting, a gem could look like another being but couldn't mimic their colors. Again, it just comes off as another ass-pull.
You seriously expect us to believe a selfish, childish, and bratty little sister character like PD did a COMPLETE 180 in her personality after visiting Earth a handful of times? Becoming this gentle and caring mother figure we know Rose Quartz to be?
How come after A THOUSDAND YEARS of waging war, no one besides Pearl knew about Pink Diamond's secret identity? Did NO ONE get even the slightest bit suspicion on why the two never seemed to be at the same place, at the same time?
Knowing now that Pearl is Pink's servant, does this mean that she never had any free will to begin with? While she is very enthusiastic in being "rebel", all she was really doing from the start was following her master's wishes, which just happened to be treason.

And those are just a few I can come of the top of my head without going SUPER in-depth about 'em. Of course this only pertains to the twist and nothing after it, because it gets A LOT worse and nonsensical from there on out.
I may write about it more tomorrow if I have the time. Ever since that twist and ending, I have been aching to vent out how I feel about the show. It wasted my time with town-y filler shit and hiatuses only to present a lackluster conclusion that I'm still mift about many years later, oh well…

Anonymous 22226

I wouldn't really call Steven Universe "children's media" because it was clearly aimed at teens and young adults more than actual kids

Anonymous 22229

watched a silly looking cartoon called Centaurworld and it ended up being punchy with amazing and dynamic animation, spicy, hilarious. also the musical numbers are pretty dang cute. Honestly besides Bob's Burgers it's the only youngish show I've started and really liked in the past year.

imo the only issue I really had with it is the shit-tier 10 episode season format; everything feels compressed and I would have loved everything to just organically unfold. maybe that's the appeal of stuff like >>22214
where a lot of juicy seeds were planted early on and allowed to grow…granted in SU those seeds just grew into nightshade. shame so few shows are allowed to last so long, and most tend to drop the ball.

Anonymous 22230

Oh, also, is Amphibia any good? I disliked Owl House and was turned off of Disney cartoons, but the frogs and the setting are sooooo adorable and it also seems like it is kind of DnD inspired too.

I don't necessarily need very serious themes; depth and consistency matter more imo.

Anonymous 31703

I love kids cartoons.I watched Nick Jr when I was a teen because I fucking adored Little Bear and sometimes Franklin the Turtle. I liked Franklin's personality in the books more but seeing all the woodland creatures play and go to school together gave me warm fuzzies.

Anonymous 31705

Had my nieces stay over a few weekends ago and we watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood together. Very comfy, though not something I’d ever watch without them. Very obviously aimed at like kindergarteners.

Anonymous 31719


I have watched Bluey before and liked it, it made me sad sometimes though because of my rough childhood. My favorite is Muffin.

Anonymous 32113

even if you cant s…

I was obsessed with Bluey. Watched it on repeat for a couple of weeks. It's very relatable as an adult and as a kid and the acting is charming, even for the kids. The art is also amazing when they get the chance to flex their background designs. And as you mention is has some really emotional moments.

I just hope this style of writing and the episodic format gets popular again. Feels like writing nice little short stories is shunned by modern creators for no good reason at all

Anonymous 32115


Wordgirl is honestly worth watching even as an adult. The comedy, characters and running gags are top notch.

Anonymous 32116

100% agree, one of my favorite children's shows. Super funny writing.

Others I'd include would be Magic School Bus and Arthur, though from my experience current kids don't want to watch them. For shame!

Anonymous 32117

Another show I liked growing up was Cyberchase. Saw a few Wild Kratts episodes with my niece and it looked interesting.

Anonymous 32118

Wild Kratts is by far the most popular one with kids from my experience, they always want to watch it or the Netflix's Go Dogs Go. Wild Kratts is ok, though doesn't have enough going for me personally, Octonauts does the animal/conservative theme better and I think has more educational value.

Cyberchase is one I have found memories of too! Haven't seen it in years, will have to see if I can track down some episodes, hope it holds up

Anonymous 32246

Anyone remember this show?

Anonymous 32266

>My Life as a Teenage Robot & Wild Thronberry

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