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Anonymous 1580

What TV shows are you watching right now, anons? Let's give each other recommendations!

I just started watching Alias Grace (pic related) and it's so good that I just had to share it with someone. It's a really great representation of what Irish people went through around the time of the Famine, especially the scenes on the coffin ships and the family dynamics. It's pretty upsetting but it's refreshingly realistic for once. I've also been loving the positive female friendship and feminist themes.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale or any kind of period dramas like Downton Abbey (although it's a lot more dark than this). Or even anyone who would like to see a less optimistic and darker version of Brooklyn.

Anonymous 1584

sounds right up my alley, thanks anon

Anonymous 1585

Oh, wow! I'm so excited, it's awesome to see other people watching this, sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world watching something when I don't see it talked about much online!

I'm in Canada and Alias, Grace just finished airing here on Halloween. I liked it, I liked the atmosphere of it, but I'll need to watch it again because some bits went completely over my head I think because the ending made no sense to me? I'm dense though, I can never catch the intricacies of a film unless I do intense research first, or the director has ham for hands and just beats you with the blunt end of the work's sub-textual premise.

My "Guide For The Dense Viewer" watching Alias, Grace:
(Spoilered for her viewing pleasure, but not giving away major plot points)
1. Pay attention the subtle hints in the narration, they make the rest make more sense, especially the ending. It might be best binge-watched, too, for the sake of following the storyline as closely as possible.

2. I (and maybe you too?) might have become desensitized by watching horror films like Crimson Peak and The Woman in Black, but don't expect a ton of gore in Alias, Grace. The horror is very subtle. It almost felt like it's meant to scare your mom, maybe? I still loved it though, but it just isn't really gory or over the top horror, so remember that and you won't be disappointed by the ending.

3. From what I can tell, it's based on a real story, and I think that's meant to be half the scare. I don't know whether the confession scene played out exactly as depicted though. If you like historically accurate realistic depictions, you'll enjoy it, it feels gothic. You can almost taste it in a way, like being able to hear the black fabric of the dress swish in the scene.

Relatedly, but not so much, I remember my mother saying that her aunts and their friends, and her grandmother and her friends when she was young, were all really into spiritualist stuff, seances and ouija board parties, so I'm given the impression that this style of spiritualism seen in Alias, Grace stayed popular for a long time in Canada, much longer than in the US. I'm getting off-topic though, but I love history-accurate portrayals of nineteenth-century spiritualism, you don't see it much though, especially the Canadian flavour of it.

My recommendations for other things to watch if you liked Alias, Grace are:
>1. Crimson Peak
If historically accurate clothing excites you in ways unexplainable to others, Crimson Peak has wonderfully historically accurate clothing, although Alias, Grace is more early nineteenth century and Crimson is later. (With the extreme poofed sleeves!! :D)

>2. The Woman in Black

If you like Victorian mourning attire and haunted house stories, you'll like this. There's the original 1980s version, the surprisingly good remake film, and there's apparently a popular stage show if you live in the right areas. Bonus: watch for the various dolls!

>3. The film "Lincoln"

My mother is an Abraham Lincoln fangirl (wtf, I know) so I've been forced to sit through various things featuring him. I rather liked the atmosphere of this movie though, so if you like nineteenth century atmosphere so thick you can chew it, this might be worth a watch, but it feels like a movie made for viewing in a high school history class while the teacher grabs a quick smoke and a Timmies.

>4. Murdoch Mysteries

Curbing my sperg and getting back on topic to actual television shows, this is a Canadian tv show, so I'm not sure if it's available online outside the yarr, here be piracy! type areas. It's a tongue-in-cheek detective show set in Toronto in 1905. My main warning is that it's not deathly historically accurate (the microwave oven was not invented by a Newfoundlander police constable in 1905, etc).

Sorry about the borderline off-topic aspergirl ramble, I just get too darn excited about anything Victorian (and have literally no one to talk to about it). I hope some other anons find some stuff to watch though!

Anonymous 1587

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Omg anon, I think I love you. I'm Irish haha what are the odds? I'm definitely going to keep your tips in mind as I continue watching. I love Crimson Peak and The Woman in Black so I look forward to watching your other suggestions some day!

I also have Outlander and Vikings on my list of shows to watch, they're also period dramas although I haven't gotten around to seeing them yet. They're from earlier eras though.

Anonymous 1588

Anyone else love teen dramas? Especially supernatural ones? I've previously watched The Vampire Diaries, Buffy, Roswell, True Blood, Lost, Misfits, Glee…and probably more. I'm currently watching Shadowhunters, Riverdale and Stranger Things. I'm not sure why I'm so addicted to that specific genre, I'm not a teenager anymore lol.

Also Anna Paquin from True Blood is also in Alias Grace.

Anonymous 1589

Me me me
I love Buffy, watched Glee, Riverdale, PLL, Gossip Girl, give me all the teen dramas!

Anonymous 1590

I wish they'd make fun, silly, sex-filled fantasy dramas for adults lol.

Anonymous 1593

I'm watching Good Doctor (the kdrama.) Haven't seen the American version yet, but I can't really imagine this working well. Korean culture treats astigmatism so differently and in an way that would likely be offensive to the average American viewer.

Anonymous 1594

I started watching the American version. I had no idea it was based off of a kdrama until I noticed the blurb mentioning it in the second episode. So many things made sense to me after that. The sheer amount of dramatic shit going on is exactly how a kdrama would be. The American version is Ok but a little cringey sometimes. I want to check out the original to see how it matches up.

I have a ton of stuff in my queue and DVR but I've been mainly watching trashy reality TV lately lmao. Like Below Deck, 90 Day Fiance, and Before the 90 Days.

Anonymous 1597


Currently watching Peaky Blinders and loving it.
It was one of those series i kept saying "i will watch after x" but always decided to watch something else. But i am so glad i ended up watching it.
I'm almost done with the eps available on my country and i think it's a really interesting and well done show.

Anonymous 1599

LOL trashy reality TV is my weakness… especially 90 day fiance and Before the 90 days. Loveeee it

Anonymous 1600

I want to start s2 of Stranger Things, but bf hasn't seen the first season. /:
Kind of same with Bojack Horseman.

(Fuck I should just watch this stuff without him but I like experiencing new material together)

Anonymous 1604

word UP. Im always rewatching Flavor of Love and I Love NY. They never get old

Anonymous 1606

If those are your vices, this might give you a good laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w536Alnon24

Anonymous 1609

90 Day Fiance and Before the 90 Days are literally the best trash-tv shows in a long time. I used to love Bad Girls Club too, but they ended it. I wish they'd bring back Tiffany from I love NY…

I literally watch/watched all these shows…

Anonymous 1610

Miss NY has been in s shit ton of reality shows since then, the latest one was Big Brother. I havent seen it but people who had said she was hilarious

Anonymous 1611

That was super funny anon, thanks for the link!

Anonymous 1634

Recently started watching a few black mirror episodes. They're so trippy and creative to me, I love it

Anonymous 1635

Planning on watching one in a few minutes. Which would you recommend? Most look too heavy for me, ngl. I don't fancy the idea of watching someone forced to assault a pig.

Anonymous 1637

Lol, i feel the same way.
I found Nosedive a little less harsh than some of the others, and San Junipero is a good one.
Shut up and dance made me feel rly stressed the whole way throughout so if youre looking for something light I wouldn't recommend. I feel like the Entire History of You is a bit of an inbetween between light and dark.

Anonymous 1642

Just finished watching Alias Grace and it was beautiful, I just wanted it to go on forever. Kind of heartbroken that I've finished it now.

Anonymous 1656

>tfw everyone i know thinks that westworld is boring and has a dumb premise and won't watch it with me
i cri evrytiem

Anonymous 1659

Actually that's on my list of things to watch but there are so many things on it that idk when I'll get around to it lol.

Anonymous 1664

For some reason I love trashy TV makeover shows, wish there were more of them out there. I watched that Mama June Not To Hot and the Kardashian weight loss ones.

In terms of more serious productions, lel I just saw The Jinx, it was great.

Also there's rumours of True Detective S3 with Rust coming back. If it's gonna be anything like S1, I'm fucking hyped.

oh man i need to get on this and boardwalk empire

Anonymous 1665

I’m so incredibly hyped for American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, it looks amazing and Darren Criss is practically the spitting image of Andrew Cunanan.

I wanted to watch Law & Order: The Fernandez Brothers but it just looks incredibly cheap, ill written and made, even with the incredible Edie Falco, is it as bad as I think it looks?

Anonymous 1672


Don't judge me for being a weeb but I'm watching this J-drama called "From Five to Nine" and I'm actually enjoying it! I usually don't like asian dramas but this one had a nice lighthearted feel to it.

It's about a super americanized girl who wants to move to New York. However, a monk falls in love with her and wants her to marry him. The thing I like about this plot is how the characters progress. The monk learns to respect here and becomes less demanding and more of a cute dorky boyfriend. Their relationship is so odd but heartwarming.

If you're a weeb and wanna watch a comedic love story with good character progression and a cute socially awkward monk I recommend it!

Anonymous 1697

I love Westworld! Last season they managed to wrap things up and still leave you with a cliffhanger. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Anonymous 1714

I am definitely going to watch this, the first series was phenomenal. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk always manage to put together amazing casts. I'm particularly looking forward to the upcoming Katrina and Lewinsky seasons. They did the equally brilliant Feud this year too.

Anonymous 1733

Mr. Robot.
I'm a sucker for romanticized hacker media and I'm not even ashamed.
Sorry. It's actually pretty good. Give it a fair shot.

Anonymous 1737

The live action series of Ouran Host Club. Absolute shit. Stay with the anime/manga pls.

Anonymous 1748

are you talking about that drama with those ugly grotesque 3d animation? i only ever saw the first ep right when it came out wow never thought id be reminded of it ever again LOL

Anonymous 1749

Yikes, I think most live action versions of anime/manga is pretty fucking awful. There's a lot of belief to suspend with that sort of thing and the live action stuff usually comes off extremely cringey.

Anonymous 1752


yeah, it's pretty hard to find dramas of anime/manga that are actually good, but they exist! my favorite one's probably the live action version of nodame cantabile. This isn't a TV show, but the live action movie of Ping Pong is still one of my favorites. (also i know hanayori dango is popular)

that being said, the quality of current Japanese movies and tv shows is pretty sad. The last j drama i've watched was legal high (which i enjoyed) but after that i've completely stopped watching any dramas.

Anonymous 1755

i watch some korean variety shows with english subs and thought i might try some japanese ones, but i have no idea where to find subbed japanese variety/game shows or even which ones are good. any help or recommendations?

Anonymous 1773

Any tv show suggestions for me?

These are three shows I really like:
1. Purgatory
2. Awkward
3. Faking It

I like these shows because they have likable, goofy characters and ridiculous situations.

>>Thanks in advance girls <3

Anonymous 1814

Yes. The movie was better believe it or not. They went thru some stuff that happened in the manga that wasnt mentioned in the anime so I liked that.

Agree. Except the Rurouni Kenshin live action movies. Those were AMAZING.

Really crossing my fingers that the FMA live action would be great, I love how Al looks and Roy is tots irl husbando material (Hawkeye too)

Anonymous 1815


I’ve been watching Victoria and it’s not as good as The Crown but it has some points I’ve just finished the episode where she gets engaged to Albert and he’s just so lovely,.

Brad and Ryan are pretty much a dream team tbh Ive been a fan (of sorts I seem to like whatever they put out) of them since Nip/Tuck, they can create some pretty phenomenal television together.

I was hoping they’d tackle Jon Benet, Columbine or maybe even something like Jonestown, Katrina and Lewinksy seem interesting though.

Anonymous 1819

I love black mirror so much, anyone excited as fuck for the new season and what was your favourite episode from the show? Shut and dance, the bees episode along with the vr one fucked me upppppp!

Also any British tv shows recs?

The British make the BEST shows, my all time favorites such as inbetweeners, misfits, utopia, it crowd, peep show, humans, Sherlock are all British and good as fuck!

Anonymous 1820

There's a new season of Black Mirror? Didn't even know. That's awesome! My favorite episode was definitely the Christmas special, specifically the bit about IRL blocking.

If you're into Sherlock and British TV, you might want to watch the first seasons (1-13, before the actors are replaced) of an older show called Midsomer Murders. It's a detective show from the 90's. They're all ~2 hour episodes, and are very well written. It's not really edgy like Sherlock. It's somewhat passive aggressive in its humour and doesn't take itself too seriously. There is a running gag that the detectives sidekick is a bit of a homophobe, but they do give him shit for it from time to time. The pacing may seem a bit strange at first but I think it's well done, for instance there might not actually be a crime committed until 40 minutes into the episode, and then suddenly you have one murder after the other popping up. It's a wild ride and worth looking into.

Anonymous 1821

Also, one thing I heavily appreciate about it is that most often the culprits are well written and never without a decent motivation, to the point where you often end up sympathizing with them.

Anonymous 1824

Is Bojack Horseman worth watching?

Anonymous 1829

yea the new season is coming out December 29th, so excited!

I'll check it out thanks for the recommendation :) !


My god..Watch Bojack horseman, that show is complex and deep. Absolutely love it, really showcased how it felt to be depressed really well. I was surprised how well a show about cartoons demonstrated the spiraling of an undiagnosed individual and the other character are great too!

The backstory is basically a horse that used to be on a popular show back in the day, he's a has been who is trying to reclaim some fame and righting wrongs that he did in his life, the other characters have their own problems that take up a big portion of the show.

Lurveee it!

Anonymous 1843

For comedy, you might like Friday Night Dinner, which also has Simon Bird (Will from The Inbetweeners), The IT Crowd, That Mitchell and Webb Look (Mark and Jez from Peep Show), and Spaced. All great.

I'm not sure if I'd class it as a drama but if you like Sherlock you might like Doctor Who. And I would also recommend Luther, another great detective drama.

Anonymous 1844

Just started binge watching after I read your comment yesterday! I'm loving it so far, thank you!

Anonymous 1848

I'm not watching anything atm, but some shows I've enjoyed over the last year are:

>Penny Dreadful

The first two seasons are pretty good, the third (final) felt rushed and kind of sloppy. I loved the aesthetics.

>Midsomer Murders

I watched every goddamn season with John Nettles. This is a great show to put on when you want something interesting but relatively calm.

>Freaks and Geeks

Don't know how I went so long without seeing this one since I like a lot of the actors and the style of show.

>Ping Pong

I love Masaaki Yuasa's work, the art in this is so fresh.

Anonymous 1849

If you like the aesthetic of Freaks and Geeks, I recommend Stranger Things, if you haven't already seen it. I fell in love with both shows based on the atmosphere of the decade alone.

on another note,
>tfw u realize Outlander is not going to air forever

Anonymous 1852

I just recently started watching The Crown. It's quite good, I'm enjoying it. I'm not really into all that royalist stuff, but Olivia Colman is starring in the next series, so I thought I'd better catch up.

I'm also watching RPDR, nearly finished series 4. I hope Chad or Sharon win, I really dislike Phi Phi.

Anonymous 1853

I've been a massive Star vs the Forces of Evil fan since before it came out. I was on /co/ years ago when all we had were the pilot sketches and it was thought that Cartoon Network was buying the show, but it wound up going to Disney instead. The first five episodes, in terms of the writing and art fluidity, were fantastic.

However, its like Daron and her staff became lazier as time went on. Like Gravity Falls, the show had been put on many hiatuses because the episodes weren't even finished yet and at one point we learnt that the third season was being worked on before they had even formally finished the rest of the episodes for the first season. The same happened with the second season; Delays and delays. I'd check Daron's Instagram account and she was rarely at the office. She was always off in Europe or Mexico with her husband and the few times she was at the office, it was them having constant cosplay parties. I mean, I'm not saying that they couldn't have fun at work, but the staff and she seemed more focused on acting like overgrown children than actually finishing the show up when fans had been begging. Not only that, but Daron and her staff started to shoehorn a lot of stuff in; Making Marco wear ballet slippers and befriend Star's shitty ex, lolsorandum humor out the ass, the staff trying to make it seem as if Marco was gay for Star's ex or some crap, and hamfisted muh feminism stuff. Like, we get it dude, its a show for girls but you don't need to make it a bad fanfic-tier creation when it once had potential. A lot of us watch this to escape, not to be reminded of real world bs.

The show is still going and I've seen some of the recent episodes, but its pretty much waifu wars 2.0 now. The pacing and writing really does reek of a bad fanfic. Oh, not to mention our two "major villains arcs" were disappointments.

Anonymous 1885

anon i am exactly the same except with steven universe, i was there for it since the pilot and followed it closely through every episode until around this year, the series is seriously dragging on and literally no one is interested in townie episodes, i know rebecca originally envisioned it that the crystal gems were so fascinating to humans and they were fascinated with the mundane since they were so used to magic and all that, but none of the episodes are even gems interacting with humans anymore its just steven fucking around with every boring character in town. i dont think you can have 'deep lore' and slice of life at the same time.

also anon i started watching svtfoe a few months ago, i remember when the first ep came out and reading threads on /co/ but decided to wait til it was more interesting since i was more into su at the time. i found the first season really funny seriously i hardly even laugh at cartoons and svtfoe would like make me laugh all the time. i think making jackie and marco date was fucking pointless. i wish there was a gradual realization or more hinting marco liked star rather than some character outright fucking telling him, it feels so forced its like kim possible and ron all over again. i think marco being more feminine and wearing ballet shoes and whatnot is nice and i like it. although yes i could do without mentions of the 'patriarchy'.
i was hoping he would get to be friends with tom and liked their bromantic duet in season 2 it was super funny. i wish there was less jackieposting in the threads its annoying as shit, all her personality is is shes the 'cool hot girl' she has not hidden depths or anything slightly interesting about her, why would i even care about her and marcos relationship? it was just a shitty plot device for star to realize her feelings, they broke up asap in the next season. i actually like tom and think he can be a great guy if he tries, i think overcoming anger issues and whatnot for someone you love is pretty romantic and mature but we all know hes just the male jackie there to push marco into blurting out his feelings because we all know starco is endgame since marco is based on the creators husband after all.

when its comes to plot i am not too hyped about villains and eclipsa and whatever, ive learnt my lesson from su and i am not taking svtfoe too seriously in the plot department, however my fangirl heart dies inside from shitty forced romance, it is absolutely like watching fanfiction

Anonymous 1886


Holy shit, I'm so glad that someone else understands. Yes, the /co/ threads for svtfoe have always been an utter shitshow and so was the hugbox of a Discord server they used to shill for it. I was in it for a few months and then I left because it was mostly whiny dudes who were way too sensitive about politics and ships.

I just can't stand how the staff has more or less shown their colors as overgrown Tumblrinas; More focused with toying around with ships and having cosplay parties at the office in California than getting any work for the show done or actually trying. Veteran animators can't stand these Starbucks school fuckers because this is exactly what they bring to the table: Nothing.

I never got into SU so I can't feel you there. I saw that Blue Diamond character who reminds me of a Queen from a deck of playing cards and I rather enjoy her design, but the show itself never appealed to me. I do see a lot of complaints that Steven is too focused on despite being the child version of Peter Griffin, while another side of that fandom actively defends him likely due to how they see themselves in him.

Aka being a fuck-up.

Back onto svtfoe, you're right about Tom. He's male Jackie and they had to make him a demon because sex appeal for girls and an ordinary baddie wouldn't have done it.

I just wish we could have Starco already. Whoring Marco out to every single other character smacks of 30 something year old women self inserting.

Anonymous 1888


trying to exercise my italian i ended up seeing suburra, never watched the movie and also never been a real fan of mafia or noir movies/series but its real fun! the whole exploration of family, loyalty and fuck ups is entertaining

pic much related as spadino e mio figlio

Anonymous 2035

Anonymous 2037

I wish people would stop including pictures of the original series in articles. I get that they don't really have much else to include and it adds to the hype but it's been said many times that it's going to be dark and non-comedic like the comic (which is all about human sacrifices and black magic and none of the cute wiggle your nose and sparkles come out type).

I'd highly recommend people planning on watching it to read the comic first! Also since its going to be connected to Riverdale, it would probably be a good idea to watch that too!

Anonymous 2192


Anyone else watching The End of the F**ing World?

When i started watching it i thought it was yet another average at best "edgy teenager" series with bland one dimensional characters, but it surprised me a lot and left me hooked in it after the first few episodes.
I'm surprised how "hateable" the characters are yet they still manage to make me really interested in what will happen to them next.

The soundtrack is also absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous 2193


I hate to admit it, but my absolute favorite shows right now are;
Botched, because I love watching plastic surgery and the two doctors are such cuties.
My 600 lb life, i started watching it as weight loss motivation but lately the episodes have been really sad and touching, i am genuinely rooting for these people to do better. But the Steven Assanti episode made me wanna die because he was such a dick to his dad

Anonymous 2196

I also love the show botched. Even though I would never consider cosmetic plastic surgery I'm really fascinated by it. The doctors have such amazing skill and are really nice.

I'm currently watching Maigret, I love those old themed detective series.

Anonymous 2203

I didn't grow up with TV or a lot of movies, so as an adult, I've been trying to "educate" myself with pop culture. Is Gossip Girl worth watching? It seems to have had a lot of cultural influence. Also, any recommendations for "must-see" TV shows that any of you anons believe affected culture significantly are appreciated.

Anonymous 2204

I liked GG quite a lot!

Anonymous 2485

i wish this thread was more active and you probably wont see this but TV shows that have impacted me/have cultural significance: (warning they are quite varied lol)

the sopranos
true detective (s1 only)
breaking bad (eh)
black mirror (eh)
stranger things
arrested development (rec for sure)
twin peaks
curb your enthusiasm (!)
the office

umm there are a lot more but those are more 'universally good' ones. i also like girly shit as well but thats not really acclaimed

Anonymous 2496


The X files finale got me ALL . FUCKED. UP. This season was the best of the last couple ones (definitely much much better than the one before). The episodes were scary and yet funny, edgy without being LE edgy. 10/10 .

Anonymous 2499

Breaking Bad was the best show on earth, chump

Anonymous 2508

Until they started dragging it out.

Anonymous 2641

I feel kind of bad for this, but Serena Joy from the Handmaid's Take makes me so wet. I want a dominating wife like that.

Anonymous 2642

Dragging where? They ended it on the fifth season. Meanwhile we have 10 Supernatural seasons no one asked for.

Anonymous 2725

I'm watching the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events and it's pretty decent. Haven't read the books but I like the kis better than the ones that were in the movie

Anonymous 3050

I love this show. I had no idea the guy who plays Tommy is in his forties.

Anonymous 3224

>The Handmaid's Tale
Is it just me or do they try to stretch every episode as long as they can despite the obvious lack of content?

Anonymous 3247

I think the movie with jim carrey was way better than this. it was moreso more intuned with the books than this series is. Season 2 was def better than season 1 but the movies were still better. I recommend reading the books! Not sure why they made mister poe black lol

Anonymous 5084

I like procedurals with quirky characters or fun action shows. Though it's gotta have cute guys.
Currently watching Elementary, Blood & Treasure, and Agents of SHIELD.

Anonymous 5087


does anyone else like call the midwife. its probably my favourite show!

Anonymous 5214

Last series I watched was Love death + robots, a science fiction anthology series my boyfriend and I found on Netflix. I enjoyed it so much, best series I've watched this year! I loved everything about it, the different animation styles, the fact that every episode has different characters, plot and setting so I never get bored, plus some episodes are really short like 10 minutes, which is good for me because I probably have ADHD. I think we watched all 18 episodes in one day but I would watch hundreds of them tbh. Also since it's an anthology series some episodes are better and more enjoyable than others just like Black Mirror.

Anonymous 5265

I've been getting in to japanese procedurals lately. Unnatural was pretty much excellent all the way through.

Anonymous 5355

I just finished The Boys, Killing Eve and Dead to me. All were very good and I'd recommend them, currently watching Chernobyl. Don't know what to think yet, but it seems promising.

Anonymous 5806


Just binged Fleabag. Holy shit. I'm too sleep deprived to string proper sentences together, but when the self-titled character proclaims "This a love story" at the beginning of season two…yes. Not just in the romantic sense—though, my god, that storyline broke my heart too. First good TV show in a long while. Hit harder than expected. Anyone else seen it?

Anonymous 5809

Nobody mentioned these yet and they're very good in my opinion so if you're on the lookout to binge a new show I recommend The Mentalist: 7 seasons, ended in 2015, fairly old now but my favourite show that I watched 4 times in a row now, it features the best and most well done imo couple on TV; and Succession, which is new and finished its second season last summer and it's a bonkers insane series. But the latter might be triggery if you experienced abuse from family members.

Anonymous 5812

I absolutely love The Mentalist. I remember watching as it was airing and getting so excited with every season finale. I'm still glad that CBS gave it that last short season to wrap everything up.

Anonymous 6321

Not just you. I'm sure it's obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature but people have to pretend to like it because political correctness.

Yeah ik I'm replying to a post that's over a year old

Anonymous 32526


I just finished the first season of The Wire and I thought it was quite impressive for a show that came 20 years ago. The cast is a sausagefest except for a lesbian lead and a state prosecutor but that's expected for a show about the law machine.
I thought it was funny that I unironically found myself supporting some of the bad guys like D'Angelo and Stringer, even Omar because of his presence, because of how annoyed the people in the leadership behaved and only cared about keeping their positions and climbing up the ladder.
I also thought McNulty is an excellent depiction of a scrote, especially when it came to how he treated his kids, his wife at the court proceedings, and how exploitative he was and didn't care about others as long as they did something that moved towards the results he expects.

I love Fleabag and all the fourth wall shenanigans.
It's too good.

Anonymous 32527

Oh my god, I love this show too.
It ends perfectly.

Anonymous 32528

I really didn't want to watch it, because I thought it was one of those puddle-deep moid-pandering shows. I'm glad a friend harassed me about it for binge nights. McNulty is probably my favourite character, because he's an unapologetic attack on the behaviours that make men into moids, but I won't spoil anything about his character development. One of the few shows I've been driven to watch regularly and compelled to finish.

Anonymous 32531

The Tick 2016
Goosebumps 2023
His Dark Materials

Anonymous 32533


Severance is the last show I watched, awesome atmosphere and concept. The difference between the "real world" and the severed workers was visually conveyed well and in general the show excelled at its use of color and set design.
Shame it looks like it's set up for a second season since I feel it works perfectly as a self contained miniseries. I'm afraid they'll overexplain things, though hopefully it'll be good.
Finished this recently, Mr. Robot was cool but uneven. I thought it peaked in the third season and wasn't a fan of the ending, but the handling of the MC was really well done.

Anonymous 32535

I liked how it started simple but they had to take the show to places and do all the New World Order Scientology shit that I hate.
I'd have liked it if it was simply about the characters and them coming to terms with their issues and why they chose to severe themselves, and not the whole mystery behind the office spaces.

Anonymous 32537

Yeah the weird stuff with the founder wasn't needed, again why I think it'd work better as a self-contained miniseries. I'm sure whatever continuation they have will try to elaborate on that.

The Reveal with Helly was super cool though and I wouldn't mind more stuff with her relation to the company

Anonymous 32538


Been Watching Mrs Davis (by Lindelof, the guy who made Lost and the Leftovers). As usual, the characters are looking for meaning in a meaningless world. It's goofy and deep. The nun main character and the love interest have excellent comedic chemistry.
Fleabag is good. This Way Up is another good UK miniseries with messed up sisters (although it does not reach the highs of Fleabag).
Ghost in the Shell SAC (not the Netflix version) is full of hacking/cyberpunk and very quiet in a comfy way. Less grim than Mr Robot.

Anonymous 32539

I was surprised not to find 'horror' listed in genres for Severance - for me it was so scary, unlike most horror-horror flicks

Anonymous 32550

Better Call Saul is the only thing I've been watching recently, tv shows have never been my thing but my partner and i decided to check it out and its pretty good
i think the last tv show i watched was hannibal so idk if my opinion means anything haha

Anonymous 32582

I'm trying to stick with season 2 but I'm honestly bored seeing bald union scrotes talking about containers and an investigation about murders on the ship that's going absolutely nowhere and haven't watched anything for a few days, lol.

Anonymous 32586


The change take some time to get used to, but season 2 is very rewarding.

Anonymous 32641


I finally finished season 2 and I think I'd have dropped the show if it weren't for you, nona.

Wow, it was such a slog. I didn't like any of the characters, it took then maybe 8 hours to pick some sense of pace, and I really hate antagonistic characters who are always one step ahead because it kills any sense of suspense. Shoremens, "Greeks", the investigation, they were all boring.
All lose ends like the murders and the discussions between each organizations did tie together in the finale but wow… I was bored to death. They could've at least made the characters less shallow. It was quite sad to see the shoremen scrotes fuck up big time though, especially the manbaby Ziggy. I guess they represent working class men struggling to stay relevant but they clearly knew they were doing wrong things, except for "right reasons".
I hope the coming seasons of the show get better.

Anonymous 32642


Sorry it was such a bore.
It's one of my favourites. Sobotka and his type are on the brink of extinction, the world is changing too fast for him, but he keeps trying to fulfill his role, and makes many mistakes (Ziggy is one of them). It is a tragic figure.
>I hope the coming seasons of the show get better.
Third is weird as in it takes a step away from reality. Some people like it, some prefer ultrarealism.
Fourth is the best. Lots of character development.
Five is… quite removed from reality; they crammed several seasons in one because they knew the 5th would be the last. Yet it manages to conclude everything.

Anonymous 32643

Oh, no need to apologize. I actually appreciated the push to stick with it.

Yeah, Sobotka struggling to stay afloat and trying to take care of his people was sad to watch but it's just… I don't know. I never could get myself to sympathize with him because he knew he does wrong things but still chose to.

Well, onwards to season 3. I guess it's also a shame that season 5 ends as a mess, lol.

Anonymous 32649


I adore The Wire. It's very clever and it refuses to allow the audience to misinterpret its messaging as just more sigma grind bullshit like Vince Gilligan's shows and The Sopranos do.

Anonymous 32655


I started to watch season 3 and I wanted to keep my opinions till I finish the show, but oh my god the scrotes in the leadership positions like Burrell and Rawls make me so mad!

Lol, I like the "I'm so tired of this shit" look that Bunk gives every time something messes up.

>just more sigma grind bullshit like Vince Gilligan's shows and The Sopranos

There's also Mad Men. Another narcissistic psychopath and moids swooning over them. Good thing about The Wire though is that it shows different groups that may or may not interact with each other unlike in the other shows I guess.

Anonymous 32656


>"I'm so tired of this shit" look
He is good at that

Anonymous 32659

Anonymous 32660


Where my Margos at?

Anonymous 32666

I stopped watching during season 3 I think. How does it evolve?

Anonymous 32670

S4 is in 2004. USA, USSR, NK, and Tesla have worked out their differences and operate a Mars base together. The Mars community is so large they are bringing in workers in bulk to run their mining operations. The seasons seems to be heading towards a workers' uprising. Kinoman is old as fuck.

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