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current music thread Anonymous 16

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.

Anonymous 17

Anonymous 18

rn mostly disco, house, acid house
im in love with this track rn

Anonymous 19

I am really partial to cheesey 80s Pop/Rock. I don't tend to like music where the artist is taking themselves too seriously.

Anonymous 25

where my psych rock anons at

once every few months ill jam to cheesy pop from any decade. if im in the mood, i will dance to madonna, britney spears, spice girls, gwen stefani, shakira, etc lmao

Anonymous 28

>tfw your favourite band sucks

Anonymous 37


Anonymous 126

For a while I only listened to nu disco and electronic music, I'm a lot less picky/pretentious nowadays. I like male vocals and interesting melodies.

Anonymous 127

Anonymous 128

Anonymous 149

thank you for this!! i've been looking so long for this track

Anonymous 159

This isn't my style but I've been obsessed with this song.

Anonymous 166

Been obsessed with this song lately, maybe because i'm a sucker for animated a e s t h e t i c videos.

Anonymous 177

This song gets stuck in my head like once a month.

Anonymous 188

Holy shit, same here. Not sure if it's the video that convinced me to like it, or… either way, it's a fucking awesome song.

Song unrelated but nice.

Anonymous 195


Anonymous 199

She loves me not, loves me not~

Anonymous 260

Anonymous 261

treat urself with some chill underground 80s

Anonymous 262

you might like this!

Anonymous 264

oh my god thank you anon. i love this so much!

Anonymous 270

you're welcome, anon!

Anonymous 283

Anonymous 384

Can't go wrong with Daryl Palumbo

It seems like every band goes for the 80s A E S T H E T I C now, but in this case I don't mind. I mostly listen to weebshit tho.

Anonymous 389

I've never listened to Andrew Bird before but I stumbled across this track the other day and I can't stop listening to it.
It's so gentle and delicate, it reminds me of a warm, late-Summer eve.

Anonymous 393

How about some iconic German symphonic 80s?

Anonymous 395

some current pop

Anonymous 400

my favourite of his

Anonymous 404

In my life
Why do I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or die?

Anonymous 447

I'm a huge sucker for touching songs mixed with heart felt Animu/AMVs. The artist name itself, Sonder, has such a touching definition and the movie displayed had me in tears.

These two go so well together it just makes me cry both tears of happiness and sorrow.

Anonymous 490

aural vampire, bitch

Anonymous 495


Ive been addicted to Sin with Sebastian recently

My favorites songs from him
>Golden Boy
>Shut Up and Sleep with me
>When Things Go Wrong
>Birthday Baby
>Dont Go Away
>He Belongs with me

Basically the whole album lol

Anonymous 501

>>490 Aural Vampire 4eva

I'm really into a band called "Mannequinn Pussy" ATM. The name cringes me but musically it's just so good. Same kind vibes as the stuff I like to write.

Anonymous 505


Anonymous 508


jfc this is my new fave, bless u anon

Anonymous 526


Wow thank you! Im glad someone enjoys. I always think I have weird/lame taste in music so Im glad someone else likes this stuff haha

Also I am low-key obsessed with his outfits from this video. I've always wanted to do drawings of them

Anonymous 569

Anonymous 726

Anonymous 786

I've had this album on repeat since it came out, it's so beautiful and well made.

Anonymous 787

remo drive's art school is my go-to loop song at the moment. their album greatest hits in general is great!
i mainly listen to pop punk, hardcore, electropop and 90's music. i have too many favorites but if i had to choose one it would always be my chem.

Anonymous 789

i want my SO to make out with me to this :(

Anonymous 790

I will.

Anonymous 791

thanks anon ;__;

Anonymous 942

I've been listening to this new Daoko song. It's so different from her earlier work but I like it.
Also very looking forward to this movie, it looks beautiful so far.

Anonymous 1374

Anonymous 1380

You're all welcome. No need to thank me.

Anonymous 1394

This whole album is fantastic.

Anonymous 1412

This won't let me breatheeee.

Anonymous 1438

Anonymous 1439

I feel nostalgic today.

Anonymous 1440

I love this, anon

Anonymous 1441

so two of my favorite modern female artists, Jessica Lea Mayfield and St Vincent both released amazing new albums within a few weeks of each other and i'm overwhelmed with all this new noise

some of my all-time favorite songs ever! i wanted to be wuthering heights red dress KB for halloween but i'm going with a more recognizable costume cause no one's gonna get it :^(

>>787 same, mcr will always have a special place in my heart and despite how cringey my mid-late 2000's scene phase taste was, their albums are all still genuinely great?? especially three cheers

Anonymous 1450

Anyone like German music?

Anonymous 1451


Anonymous 1453

Ha. Apparently not all Germans know him though!

Anonymous 1476

"We won't be unhappy~"

One of my all time favorite songs and I love this cover almost as much as I love the original.
Beams recorded a nice, upbeat version of running up that hill, but I can't find the studio version on YT. But it's on Spotify if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 1479

bullets was my favorite! i loved how raw it was and the art behind it all is just insane. what my chem did was truly revolutionary. i actually liked my scene phase for the looks and music but the rest was pretty funny. KEK

the story behind early sunsets over monroeville is soo good
dropping my favorite mcr songs~

Anonymous 1481

Does anybody here like emo music?


Posting link in comment because the embeds here aren't loading for me today.

Anonymous 1508

MCR first albums were really good, especially the first one. A true gem. But imo all the other stuff released after that was cringe and seemed like they were trying way too hard.

Anonymous 1545

Currently listening to R.E.M's automatic for the people album. Anyone else here into R.E.M? I love them

nice taste anon, i love classic 80's house myself. It holds a pretty solid place in my music taste as I'm from Manchester. I wish more people were into disco too.


Good ole' Kate. It's nice to see more people getting into her now. My mum got me into her when I was 16. The Dreaming is her best album imo.

Anonymous 1547

Anonymous 1651

I finally found the source of this absolute fucking banger, and I really urge you all to listen now. Shit is fucking FIRE. Got me lining my jackets with LEDS and robo-moonwalking to the supermarché.

Anonymous 1667

Anonymous 1771

Anonymous 1775

Does any of you know other artists with music like Bonjour Suzuki? Very dreamy, fairy like? Ty!

Anonymous 1813

Anonymous 1973

Watched the movie a few days ago and i've been listening to this song almost 24/7 since then.

Anonymous 1975

Recently, I have been getting into Japanese Shibuyua-Kei music. It's basically music which is a combination of bossa nova, jazz and a variety of things. If you've ever heard the Katamari Damacy OST and loved it (which was inspired by the music genre) then this is for you!
It's cute, happy and upbeat and gets you in a good mood!

Anonymous 2033

IDGAF, this entire soundtrack is perfect if you want to DEUS VULT THE ENTIRE MARS

>mfw doom guy isnt bf

Anonymous 2036

ive been obsessed with this song and hope sandoval in general. her vocals are so dreamy <3

Anonymous 2038

This thread needs more feminist punk

Anonymous 2039

Anonymous 2040

Anonymous 2041

I mostly listen to pop music but this will always be my favourite song <3.

Anonymous 2046


Anonymous 2047

Shinsei Kamattechan.
A Japanese band who does a lot noise pop, sometimes their music is about mental illness, struggling in society and sometimes you have songs of joy, like this one.
The embedded link is the version with english translation and this link is of higher quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6vJXOfukao

If you want Japanese music that is a little bit "different" but catchy, then this is great. There is even a website devoted to translating all of their songs.

Anonymous 2070

Damn, anons. Middle school days galore. And MSI lol

Anonymous 2071

Anonymous 2072

some old middle school vibes if u were a mega weeb back in the day

Anonymous 2074

>no radiohead

Anonymous 2075

Anonymous 2079

Anonymous 2083

Anonymous 2084

Anonymous 2095

>aggressively thrusts around bedroom

Anonymous 2100

If you like gypsy-ish music that makes you want to dance that has deliciously dark undertones, I'd recommend this band!

Anonymous 2110

Anonymous 2118

This album puts me in a distant headspace.

Anonymous 2158

I cant stop thinking of this song. It was on an episode of a show I was watching and has stuck with me since.

Anonymous 2178

Does anybody like Japanese Breakfast?

Anonymous 2179

Bless you, anon-chan

Anonymous 2213

You know you want this, baby!

Anonymous 2215

Girl WTFFFF. This was literally in my suggested list last night and I loved the hell out of it,and started binging his other videos as well; I wonder if youtubes promoting the dude?

Anonymous 2217

Anonymous 2262

pls no bully

Anonymous 2265

Im with you babe

Anonymous 2266

>>2265 <3 <3 be my bffl

Anonymous 2275

Anonymous 2297

u got a discord or throwaway email? we should talk if you want ‚ô°

Anonymous 2306

Screen Shot.png

I love punk bands with more focus on lyrics than just guitar/drums.
yeah kmfdm suckssssss

Anonymous 2331

this is the real holy grail of stoner

Anonymous 2332

On the topic of doom metal, here's some Brume. Her vocals are beautiful.

Anonymous 2345

I used to ironically joke about liking this album because I found Ice's lyrics so cringe and the epitome of that one guy who thinks he's deep (Life is a Fantasy, I Love You) but is…as shallow as ice. Basically, misogynistic frat music in the 90s. But now, I unironically dig the beat on his songs so much and can't stop replaying this album. Fuck me.

Anonymous 2351

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