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current music thread Anonymous 16

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.

Anonymous 17

Anonymous 18

rn mostly disco, house, acid house
im in love with this track rn

Anonymous 19

I am really partial to cheesey 80s Pop/Rock. I don't tend to like music where the artist is taking themselves too seriously.

Anonymous 25

where my psych rock anons at

once every few months ill jam to cheesy pop from any decade. if im in the mood, i will dance to madonna, britney spears, spice girls, gwen stefani, shakira, etc lmao

Anonymous 28

>tfw your favourite band sucks

Anonymous 37


Anonymous 126

For a while I only listened to nu disco and electronic music, I'm a lot less picky/pretentious nowadays. I like male vocals and interesting melodies.

Anonymous 127

Anonymous 128

Anonymous 149

thank you for this!! i've been looking so long for this track

Anonymous 159

This isn't my style but I've been obsessed with this song.

Anonymous 166

Been obsessed with this song lately, maybe because i'm a sucker for animated a e s t h e t i c videos.

Anonymous 177

This song gets stuck in my head like once a month.

Anonymous 188

Holy shit, same here. Not sure if it's the video that convinced me to like it, or… either way, it's a fucking awesome song.

Song unrelated but nice.

Anonymous 199

She loves me not, loves me not~

Anonymous 260

Anonymous 261

treat urself with some chill underground 80s

Anonymous 262

you might like this!

Anonymous 264

oh my god thank you anon. i love this so much!

Anonymous 270

you're welcome, anon!

Anonymous 283

Anonymous 384

Can't go wrong with Daryl Palumbo

It seems like every band goes for the 80s A E S T H E T I C now, but in this case I don't mind. I mostly listen to weebshit tho.

Anonymous 389

I've never listened to Andrew Bird before but I stumbled across this track the other day and I can't stop listening to it.
It's so gentle and delicate, it reminds me of a warm, late-Summer eve.

Anonymous 393

How about some iconic German symphonic 80s?

Anonymous 395

some current pop

Anonymous 400

my favourite of his

Anonymous 404

In my life
Why do I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or die?

Anonymous 447

I'm a huge sucker for touching songs mixed with heart felt Animu/AMVs. The artist name itself, Sonder, has such a touching definition and the movie displayed had me in tears.

These two go so well together it just makes me cry both tears of happiness and sorrow.

Anonymous 490

aural vampire, bitch

Anonymous 495


Ive been addicted to Sin with Sebastian recently

My favorites songs from him
>Golden Boy
>Shut Up and Sleep with me
>When Things Go Wrong
>Birthday Baby
>Dont Go Away
>He Belongs with me

Basically the whole album lol

Anonymous 501

>>490 Aural Vampire 4eva

I'm really into a band called "Mannequinn Pussy" ATM. The name cringes me but musically it's just so good. Same kind vibes as the stuff I like to write.

Anonymous 505


Anonymous 508


jfc this is my new fave, bless u anon

Anonymous 526


Wow thank you! Im glad someone enjoys. I always think I have weird/lame taste in music so Im glad someone else likes this stuff haha

Also I am low-key obsessed with his outfits from this video. I've always wanted to do drawings of them

Anonymous 569

Anonymous 786

I've had this album on repeat since it came out, it's so beautiful and well made.

Anonymous 789

i want my SO to make out with me to this :(

Anonymous 790

I will.

Anonymous 791

thanks anon ;__;

Anonymous 942

I've been listening to this new Daoko song. It's so different from her earlier work but I like it.
Also very looking forward to this movie, it looks beautiful so far.

Anonymous 1374

Anonymous 1380

You're all welcome. No need to thank me.

Anonymous 1394

This whole album is fantastic.

Anonymous 1412

This won't let me breatheeee.

Anonymous 1438

Anonymous 1439

I feel nostalgic today.

Anonymous 1440

I love this, anon

Anonymous 1441

so two of my favorite modern female artists, Jessica Lea Mayfield and St Vincent both released amazing new albums within a few weeks of each other and i'm overwhelmed with all this new noise

some of my all-time favorite songs ever! i wanted to be wuthering heights red dress KB for halloween but i'm going with a more recognizable costume cause no one's gonna get it :^(

>>787 same, mcr will always have a special place in my heart and despite how cringey my mid-late 2000's scene phase taste was, their albums are all still genuinely great?? especially three cheers

Anonymous 1450

Anyone like German music?

Anonymous 1451


Anonymous 1453

Ha. Apparently not all Germans know him though!

Anonymous 1476

"We won't be unhappy~"

One of my all time favorite songs and I love this cover almost as much as I love the original.
Beams recorded a nice, upbeat version of running up that hill, but I can't find the studio version on YT. But it's on Spotify if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 1479

bullets was my favorite! i loved how raw it was and the art behind it all is just insane. what my chem did was truly revolutionary. i actually liked my scene phase for the looks and music but the rest was pretty funny. KEK

the story behind early sunsets over monroeville is soo good
dropping my favorite mcr songs~

Anonymous 1481

Does anybody here like emo music?


Posting link in comment because the embeds here aren't loading for me today.

Anonymous 1508

MCR first albums were really good, especially the first one. A true gem. But imo all the other stuff released after that was cringe and seemed like they were trying way too hard.

Anonymous 1547

Anonymous 1651

I finally found the source of this absolute fucking banger, and I really urge you all to listen now. Shit is fucking FIRE. Got me lining my jackets with LEDS and robo-moonwalking to the supermarché.

Anonymous 1771

Anonymous 1775

Does any of you know other artists with music like Bonjour Suzuki? Very dreamy, fairy like? Ty!

Anonymous 1813

Anonymous 1973

Watched the movie a few days ago and i've been listening to this song almost 24/7 since then.

Anonymous 1975

Recently, I have been getting into Japanese Shibuyua-Kei music. It's basically music which is a combination of bossa nova, jazz and a variety of things. If you've ever heard the Katamari Damacy OST and loved it (which was inspired by the music genre) then this is for you!
It's cute, happy and upbeat and gets you in a good mood!

Anonymous 2036

ive been obsessed with this song and hope sandoval in general. her vocals are so dreamy <3

Anonymous 2038

This thread needs more feminist punk

Anonymous 2039

Anonymous 2040

Anonymous 2041

I mostly listen to pop music but this will always be my favourite song <3.

Anonymous 2046


Anonymous 2047

Shinsei Kamattechan.
A Japanese band who does a lot noise pop, sometimes their music is about mental illness, struggling in society and sometimes you have songs of joy, like this one.
The embedded link is the version with english translation and this link is of higher quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6vJXOfukao

If you want Japanese music that is a little bit "different" but catchy, then this is great. There is even a website devoted to translating all of their songs.

Anonymous 2071

Anonymous 2072

some old middle school vibes if u were a mega weeb back in the day

Anonymous 2074

>no radiohead

Anonymous 2075

Anonymous 2083

Anonymous 2084

Anonymous 2095

>aggressively thrusts around bedroom

Anonymous 2100

If you like gypsy-ish music that makes you want to dance that has deliciously dark undertones, I'd recommend this band!

Anonymous 2110

Anonymous 2158

I cant stop thinking of this song. It was on an episode of a show I was watching and has stuck with me since.

Anonymous 2178

Does anybody like Japanese Breakfast?

Anonymous 2179

Bless you, anon-chan

Anonymous 2213

You know you want this, baby!

Anonymous 2215

Girl WTFFFF. This was literally in my suggested list last night and I loved the hell out of it,and started binging his other videos as well; I wonder if youtubes promoting the dude?

Anonymous 2217

Anonymous 2262

pls no bully

Anonymous 2265

Im with you babe

Anonymous 2266

>>2265 <3 <3 be my bffl

Anonymous 2275

Anonymous 2297

u got a discord or throwaway email? we should talk if you want ♡

Anonymous 2306

Screen Shot.png

I love punk bands with more focus on lyrics than just guitar/drums.
yeah kmfdm suckssssss

Anonymous 2331

this is the real holy grail of stoner

Anonymous 2332

On the topic of doom metal, here's some Brume. Her vocals are beautiful.

Anonymous 2351

Anonymous 2395

Anonymous 2405

The whole CMBYN soundtrack is really great, even the classical stuff. Highly suggest listening if you haven't already.

Anonymous 2408


The girl in the MV reminds me a lot of anons here.

Anonymous 2428

>>2351 I just discovered these guys. They are so amazing.

Anonymous 2429

Anonymous 2432

>tfw you listen to field recordings and when people ask what you listen to irl, they never share the same music taste as you bc youre an underground snob

Anonymous 2433

I'm in love with all of Findlay's music that I've heard so far. I can't even pick a favorite song, but this is my favorite music video of hers.

Anonymous 2450

my boyfriend sent me this kehlani song and i've been obsessed with it.
i honestly want to dislike after all that dumb shit she pulled but this song is soo good. it sounds very frank ocean, tbh.

Anonymous 2490

>>2428 I wanna see them live so bad </3

Anonymous 2494


please share your faves anon. i love snobbish and obscure shit.

Anonymous 2506


here have a playlist, anon. ngl, my taste is wildly all over the place and a little out there. the field recordings and experimental harsh noise zone me tf out which i really enjoy but i put some melodic stuff that i like in there as well.

Anonymous 2514

i've been listening to your playlist and i was surprised by how much i actually liked the 'harsher' stuff. so thank you for expanding my horizons!

Anonymous 2530

I love all of their songs, but this is my favorite.

Anonymous 2534

Anonymous 2540

Anonymous 2541

Patrician taste anon.
Both Pynk and Make me feel are so good and catchy. I love the aesthetic and unapologetic girl love in Pynk and the vagina pants.

Anonymous 2765

Anonymous 2766

I've come to terms a bit more with this album, where it's not bad, but it's just that someone else did it first and better.
"Sex Money Feelings Die" is a 2018 mood though.

Anonymous 3018

Anonymous 3067

Anonymous 3070

Anonymous 3123


Anonymous 3145

Anonymous 3146

Anonymous 3161

Literally 28 views lol

Anonymous 3277

Anonymous 3280

Anonymous 3281

Does this count as a song?

Anonymous 3282

dafuq lol

Anonymous 3283

bitch I'm a cow

Anonymous 3316

Some spooky, edgy spoken word. I

Anonymous 3332

Giles Corey - No One Is Ever Going to Want Me

Anonymous 3333

i've been listening to a lot of Post-Modern Jukebox/Puddles Pity Party/Richard Cheese recently.
I love hearing covers of popular songs in a different style. Richard Cheese is a lot more bouncy/funny in most songs but on technical skill then PMJ and Puddles have him beat.

Anonymous 3334

Anonymous 3374

he looks like a school shooter in this

Anonymous 3376

are you the drained anon from the random thread? i wanted to ask you what you thought of this video. I hope they make a couple more MVs for other Red Light songs.

Anonymous 3377

Yeah I am
it's my favourite video from red light so far but girl it is quite edgy. I would like to see a video for 1D/Obedient/Im Goofy. Something fast paced and not the typical style of their videos would a nice change

(Im just gonna assume you listen to Yung Lean)
Id love to see more videos for Stranger. I liked the short film he done for the album and would love a video for Yellowman, its my go to song right now

Anonymous 3380

Anonymous 3381

Obedient and Westfield need a video, yeah! The edge… there's just something about the mix of his usual awkward dances and him swinging that knife around heh.

I do listen to Lean but not as much. I wish Ecco would put out more stuff.

Anonymous 3390

Anonymous 3442


I wanna be a bottle blonde
I don't know why but I feel conned
I wanna be an idle teen
I wish I hadn't been so clean
I wanna stay inside all day
I want the world to go away
I want blood, guts and chocolate cake
I wanna be a real fake

Yeah I wish I'd been a, wish I'd been a teen, teen idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen & burning up a bible
Feeling super super super suicidal

Anonymous 3580

So relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous 3582

I truly like Vocaloid.

Anonymous 3586

Anonymous 3592

Anonymous 3622

This band is unreal and I'm surprised that they haven't gotten more attention. Listen to those harmonies, I can't stop playing this on repeat.

Anonymous 3623

Anonymous 3624

Anonymous 3626

I wish I had discovered this earlier, it's a good summer jam.

Anonymous 3682

New releases that I'm gonna check out this weekend:
>Honey - Robyn
>BALLADS 1 - Joji
>Forever Neverland - MØ
>Mirror Master - Young the Giant

Anonymous 3683

This is such a perfect 80s-esque pop song and makes me feel so many things ugh

Anonymous 3729

Her recent album has been looping through my Spotify for the past month. Really digging the sound.

Anonymous 3764

this spooky ass shit

Anonymous 3765

omg, wrong link. I mean, that shit's OK too, but here's the SPOOKY SHIT.

Anonymous 3768

Anonymous 3769

This music makes me wanna cry evertime i hear. So beautiful.

Anonymous 3774

this has been stuck in my head for days

Anonymous 3789


Anonymous 3790

cool video

Anonymous 3794

The Japanese underground electronic hardcore scene is just beautiful!

Anonymous 3811

Anonymous 3812

I was waiting for such a post to make its way here, rock on fellow Anon..

Anonymous 3814

Are you into the albums released at comiket and M3?

Anonymous 3825

I have circles I love that I check back on YT for reuploads/translations but I don't manually go through each release at Reitaisei/ect.
Glad to bump into fellow female touhou fans because the fandom could use more of them!

Anonymous 3827

I only became interested in touhou after I fell in love with rare/quirky/interesting retro computer hardware and then met someone who owns a PC-9821 series! I really enjoyed the music, but I just don't have any time to play games.

Anonymous 3828

There's more than one way to be a good fan!
Any love for a series no matter it's form is often positive because you're not treating the cast like your porndump or shoehorning it into posts it has no place in. I'll make a megathread for containment purposes so we can continue our chat elsewhere.

Anonymous 3850

suuuuch a creative group imo

Anonymous 3851


Anonymous 3985

cool to see these guys on here. i was obsessed with the album a month ago. crossing fingers in hopes of seeing them live someday.

thanks for this <3 the editing's great. song would be perfect for a late night drive.

Anonymous 3989

this makes me feel pumped

Anonymous 4011

Anonymous 4018

the thumbnail looked intriguing but the video's now unavailable :(

Anonymous 4019

nvm I'm dumb. Here's another song.

Anonymous 4026

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
I haven't been listening to music at all lately outside of progressive house to do my homework to. Trying to get back into it, I really enjoy using it as a escape.

What are your favorite artists/bands?
Kanye West (Sorry lmao), Frank Zappa, Ladytron, Lorde, 6lack, Boards of canada, Jake Bugg, Shingo nakamura

What type of music are you into?
Anything, my fav genres are Progressive House, RnB, Rap music, Indie rock, Alternative RnB, Dad rock, Garage rock, IDM…Occasionally punk or thrash/speed metal when I'm feeling down

Anonymous 4032

Tokyo Gegegay has some nice stuff. I feel like the guy steals most of the spotlight, though. Then again he's the one that assembled the group so, that's probably to be expected.

Anonymous 4036

I love "The Madness of Many" from Animals as Leaders (video related is best song) but I just can't help but find their other albums super boring. Especially "Animals as Leaders". I don't know why

Anonymous 4046

“We Appreciate Power” by Grimes.

Anonymous 4059

I still think art angels is her best work, this song is quite good though.

Anonymous 4066



I couldn't even finish the song the first time I listened to it – it sounded so repetitive. But now it's really grown on me…

Anonymous 4067

I really love it! I've been listening for days now…. grimes please drop the album

Anonymous 4074

Vibin' Chaz is a good Chaz.

Anonymous 4112

such a nice release

Anonymous 4130

I find it hard to breathe
As life just eats away
At the faces that surround me
They look tired today
The lady at my table
Doesn't want me here
I just want to talk to her
But would she laugh at my accent
And make fun of me
Oh, it doesn't seem like this
Blue sky's here for me

There are no girls in here
As far as I can see
Only pin-up posters
Looking down at me
Watching papercups of coffee
Growing cold before my eyes
All the things I see
That make me realize
I'm in this big world without you
Nothing to my name
Oh, I never knew that
Blue sky meant such pain

I'm dying to be different
In the coffee shop
I've lived on borrowed strength
Now my supplies are cut
Though I'm older than my looks
And older than my years
I'm too young to take on
My deepest fears

Anonymous 4131

been in a big sonic youth mood recently

Anonymous 4137

When you’re down, feeling low
Just remember your name
They ain't us
They ain't us, baby
'Cos you know what they don’t
Just remember your name

Anonymous 4161

No-one around
But the lights are still on
So let's walk
The bright highways together

Anonymous 4164

Classic emo is surprisingly awesome

Anonymous 4175

is the dg/sbe anon still here? we've been so blessed lately. did you like this one?

Anonymous 4190

frosty the snowman
woah, I came to this thread to post frosty the snowman and saw this, what a time
I love that song, I was very :0 when he started moaning

Anonymous 4192

Depeche Mode is one of my favorite bands. They make some really good dark synthpop

Anonymous 4207


Anonymous 4209

based drained anon. it was such a surprise.

I don't wanna tell me your name 'cause it fucks with my brain
Even when I sleep, dreams I be seeing you
I don't wanna tell you nothing 'cause you know everything

Anonymous 4214

the thaiboy song has got me more hyped for #legendarymember, he sounded really good on it

Anonymous 4256

Rediscovered this song after hearing it on Top of the Pops. It's so fun and I love that "take" breakdown. I just love me some 80s pop.

Anonymous 4292

a song for a sunny day.

Anonymous 4319

I cried
now I feel so good

Anonymous 4324

what do u guys think of this?

Anonymous 4325

cuddly bladee lean…

all i do is smoke weed
i like it

Anonymous 4349

Anonymous 4369

I thought from the name of the genre that stoner doom would not be for me, but it's breddy gud

Anonymous 4379

whomst else /metal/ here please I feel lonely
I'm going to go see this band live if I don't chicken out

Anonymous 4437

Anonymous 4450

This whole album is a relate fest for the young unemployed youth of '80s Britain and now tbh

Thank you for altering me to the fact this exists, anon.

Anonymous 4451

*Alerting even fs

Anonymous 4456

I love the album Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys whenever I'm feeling melancholic. I always cry listening to it, especially at this song. But there's so many other gems from it that make tears wet my face.

Anonymous 4466

Anonymous 4467

Peak Doomer boomer music. Gives me a big mood.

Anonymous 4490


yes yes. i love hang on to your ego so much.

Anonymous 4502

wtf I love djent now

It's so obvious which posts are mine, I hate that

Anonymous 4504

Oops, forgot you could directly link videos

Anonymous 4505

nice, the doll is so cool too

Anonymous 4519

I want to perpetuate these guys as Giga-Chad

Anonymous 4538

a hip-hop bop.

what're your 10/10 albums? i'm getting back into music and am fascinated with people's tastes, considering i have a lot of albums i like and have a connection with but none that i think of as masterpieces.

Anonymous 4539

Nice song, the video is so fun too. I couldn't name a single album as a masterpiece either. I like to search for new bands and sometimes one band just appeals to me instantly and I love them so much, and then I love all albums from them, how could I name just one?
I found this band today, and I really like the sound, basically I like almost all music that has this guitar tone. Also I find it funny how this EP is labeled as DLC for the album. That album actually has 2 DLCs lol

Anonymous 4542

This is the most random combination of sounds I've ever heard

Anonymous 4579

I wish I were cool enough to hang with goths :<

Anonymous 4585

Just go to a goth club, anon, they're great fun

Anonymous 4663

comfy k-indie

Anonymous 4773

Anonymous 4945

kate forever

Anonymous 4997

Anonymous 5000

doopee time!

Anonymous 5109

Strong cancer energy

Anonymous 5155

I can't stop listening to Alcest

Anonymous 5156

10/10 taste

Anonymous 5242

Memes aside this song in a banger

Anonymous 5259

Excellent taste. I’ve listened to this song so many times. The music video is great too

Anonymous 5260

Anonymous 5274


psychedelic folk pop is the way to go

Anonymous 5277

Anonymous 5279

Anonymous 5312

Anonymous 5314


Anonymous 5337

The new Men I Trust album, Oncle Jazz, is so fun.

Anonymous 5401

woah I love this. thanks so much anon <3

Anonymous 5412


DJ Shadow - Rosie

New album is coming soon!

Anonymous 5443

Anonymous 5447

Atmospheric Black Metal is generally meh for me, but this is a hidden gem I keep returning to for months now.

Anonymous 5448

I got bored of the new microgenre dungeon synth in less than a week, but this Rob Hubbard MS-DOS 1990s dungeon synth is as good as any of his genial Commodore 64 work.

Anonymous 5458

Anonymous 5461

I like listening to this song while I’m getting ready.

>What type of music are you into?

I’m not really picky when it comes to music. I’ll listen to anything.

Anonymous 5463

>I’ll listen to anything.
Even bleep noise or hardcore rap?

Anonymous 5464

Yes to both. Love me some bleep beep boo bops.

Anonymous 5465

you never knew

Anonymous 5466

The perfect soundtrack to Crystal Cafe.

Anonymous 5467

Nice, thank you! ^.^

Anonymous 5469

Anonymous 5470

Lizzo is so cute

Anonymous 5506

Anonymous 5535

Anonymous 5564

Anonymous 5577

Anonymous 5604

just discovered, v v good weird french folk

Anonymous 5634

I bring so many problems to my relationship. I sincerely desire for us to be able to work it out.

Anonymous 5640

Anonymous 5660

Anonymous 5691


Anonymous 5706

Anonymous 5707

Anonymous 5710

I always listen to Twice's song waaaay too much.

Anonymous 5714

Anonymous 5720


yes yes yes. i loved this doc and i loved ~the twist~ even more.

Anonymous 5732


Anonymous 5768

Anonymous 5769

Really surprised to find this here.

Anonymous 5799

lmao I have been on such a Lana kick these past few days. embarrassing but true.

Anonymous 5842

it has been 2 years but holy shit I love Deftones and I love this song. Everyone here needs to listen to this! thx por posting

Anonymous 5853

Where's the drainer anon at? what do you think of ecco2k's falsetto voice?

Anonymous 5861

Anonymous 5871

I've been travelling down the obscure garage-punk rabbithole lately.

Anonymous 5884

So undemanding. X3

Anonymous 5892

Anonymous 5893

Anonymous 5894

I like this song a lot better without vocals.

Anonymous 5922

Deliciously 80s, dangerously cringey.

Anonymous 5923

Igorrr's really gone places

Anonymous 5927

Anonymous 5929

Astronoid is fantastic.

Anonymous 5937

Anonymous 5938

Anonymous 5940

Anonymous 5941

Anonymous 5942

Anonymous 5973

I'm playing this in the bath right now, it's really nice

Anonymous 6007

Some Anon posted this in a /feels/ bread and it's cheesy cute.

Anonymous 6009

Anonymous 6046

If anyone else likes Grimes, especially her early work, check out her 10-minute 2009 EP "Lethe." Not many people, even fans, are aware of it.

Anonymous 6063

Anonymous 6074


Anonymous 6183

Anonymous 6185


Anonymous 6193

Anonymous 6194

I just want to post this iconic music video, warning: it's extremely mathcore. Pewpewpewpewpewpew

Anonymous 6263

Anonymous 6274

Anonymous 6298

Anonymous 6302

Clams Casino - I'm God

Anonymous 6319

Call Me Karizma Quarantine with Me

Anonymous 6394

Anonymous 6701

Anonymous 6723

Anonymous 6902

the ophelias - grand canyon

Anonymous 17812

Anonymous 17813

Anonymous 17929

Anonymous 17935

Teardrop del Rey - Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra

Anonymous 17936

Anonymous 17970

Anonymous 18045

Anonymous 18096

Anonymous 18107


Anonymous 18111


Anonymous 18452

Anonymous 18456

Anonymous 18469

Anonymous 18691

>Now I’m just a pretty face who can help you
I was shopping, heard these lyrics and instantly looked the song up. Her voice is great and the lyrics are painfully true.

Anonymous 18694

charlotte cardin! i love her. she has an album coming out this week. also love this song of hers.

Anonymous 18695


Anonymous 18729

Dann küss ich dich im Treppenhaus
Endlich wieder Gänsehaut
Ich halt es nicht bis oben aus
Halt es nicht bis oben aus

Then I kiss you in the stairwell
Finally, goosebumps again
I can't hold on till upstairs
hold on till upstairs

Anonymous 18731

All I know
Is everything is not as it's sold
But the more I grow the less I know
And I have lived so many lives
Though I'm not old
And the more I see, the less I grow
The fewer the seeds the more I sow
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try, try
I wish I hadn't seen all of the realness
And all the real people are really not real at all
The more I learn the more I learn
The more I cry the more I cry
As I say goodbye to the way of life
I thought I had designed for me
Then I see you standing there
Wanting more from me
And all I can do is try
Then I see you standing there
I'm all I'll ever be
But all I can do is try
Oh, try, try
All of the moments that already passed
We'll try to go back and make them last
All of the things we want each other to be
We never will be, we never will be
And that's wonderful, and that's life
And that's you, baby
This is me, baby
And we are, we are, we are, we are
We are, we are
In our love
We are free in our love

Anonymous 18732

Anonymous 18733

The opposite
The opposite of love is fear
I'm still trying to get, hm
Used to how the former feels
'Cause it feels so new
You think you know me
Wait 'til I open up to you
If I want pure love
Must stop acting so tough
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little, sentimental)
If I want your love
Ooh, got to open up
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little, sentimental)
A deeper way
A deeper way to understand
To understand the line between
Who you are and who I am, baby
'Cause to let you in (I want your love, I want your love now)
Is true compromise (I want your love)
Not just the friction of our skin (I want your love now)
If I want pure love
Must stop acting so tough
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little, sentimental)
If I want your love
Ooh, got to open up
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little, experimental)
Well I guess, I guess (I guess, I guess)
I could, I guess (I could, I guess)
Guess I oughta to clean up these bloody fists if it's alright
And yes, I guess (I guess, I guess)
It's for the best (it's for the best)
Guess you really got to call your own bluff if you want pure love
(If I want pure love)
Mmh, ohh-ooh, ohh
If I want pure love
Must stop acting so tough
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little, sentimental)
If I want your love
Ooh, got to open up
(I give a little, you give a little)
(We get a little sentimental) If I want your love
And if I want your love (if I want your love)
(I want your love, I want your love, ay)
(I want your love, I want your love now)
(I want your love, I want your love) (I give a little, you give a little)
(I want your love) (we give a little, sentimental)

Anonymous 18734

Anonymous 18735

Anonymous 18736

Anonymous 18743

Anonymous 18797

Anonymous 18803

Anonymous 18957

Anonymous 18958

Anonymous 18959

Anonymous 18960

Anonymous 18961

Anonymous 18977

Anonymous 18978

Anonymous 19117


I've gone on a bit of a Susumu Hirasawa nostalgia trip after Miura's passing

Anonymous 19212

Anonymous 19428

Anonymous 19477

not a huge morrissey fan but it's just a really good song

Anonymous 19520

listening to Yung Lean and Bladee, but mostly Yung Lean

Anonymous 19524

Anonymous 19529

>Skye Sweetnam
Holy crap anon. That's a name I haven't heard in many years.

Anonymous 19530

I like their new album! :)

Anonymous 21298

damn, I am obsessed with her lately.

Anonymous 21299

Damn. Unsettling beauty.

Anonymous 21304

Anonymous 21305

Anonymous 21306

Anonymous 21355


i’ve been a huge fan of lemon demon ever since 2006 (ultimate showdown stuff), he’s made some of my favourite albums ever

i also listen to random japanese songs once in a while. not in the anime-sorta way, i just like their style of music in general

Anonymous 21389

I've been really into Powerwolf lately. I found these remixes on youtube that have both the original and the orchestral version of songs playing at the same time, and they're really good.

Anonymous 21400

The entire Pom Pom album has absorbed me.

Anonymous 21405

Anonymous 21406

It has been a long time since I found something as unique as this

Idk how to describe it but I finally found something remarkable again

Anonymous 21592


neighbors blasting some rhythmic dance pleb trash on a saturday night well all i can say is I HATE RHYTHMFAGS! I HATE RHYTHMFAGS! I HATE RHYTHMFAGS! I HATE RHYTHMFAGS! I HATE RHYTHMFAGS! rhythmic music is overrated and should destroy itself

Anonymous 21593

stfu nerd
dancing is great

Anonymous 21622

truly unique song anon, thanks for posting

Anonymous 21623

Anonymous 21701

Anonymous 21721

Madonna's music was so good in the 90s until like 2007 or so… what happened?

Anonymous 21724

Anonymous 21726

mainly this but also their whole album and the album before

Anonymous 21729

I think she used to date music producers and so got ahead that way. Then she married Guy Ritchie and they did not work well together and after that she's just been dating random models.

Anonymous 21731

i've been really enjoying folk music lately

Anonymous 21746

Check this out. Now.

Anonymous 21759

reject dancing
embrace decomposition

>you don't make noise

>better for the environment
>no socializing required!
>literally nothing is required just lay down and rot

Anonymous 21874


Anonymous 21949

Anonymous 21990

Anonymous 22006

hecking banger

Anonymous 22102


ffs why is this so SHORT i needed more of the texture this is more like a fence than a wall https://foreverescapingboredom.bandcamp.com/album/annul-void-nothing

Anonymous 22105

Anonymous 22135

Anonymous 22192

Anonymous 22217


I like how she doesn't portray prostitution as something positive/empowering (this comes from Ester being a "sex worker" herself in the past and this is why trannies dislike her) but it's too rhythmic for my liking. Depressing

Anonymous 22266


A bit obsessed with the new Lana album

Anonymous 22289



Really cute japanese shoegaze album

Anonymous 22387

it's just, so catchy

Anonymous 22482

i want to hug this doll so bad

Anonymous 22484

i love this do you know if its on spotify?

Anonymous 22544

nobody listens to jazz… why?

Anonymous 22548

I only listen to smooth jazz

Anonymous 22553

Anonymous 22700

Anonymous 22778

Anonymous 22779

Brie has a lovely voice, it somewhat vaguely reminds me of Karen O. or maybe to a lesser degree Shiny Toy Guns. Irregardless, Glove is pretty fun.

Anonymous 22780

Jangly 80's indie guitar a comfy

Anonymous 22781

Any Flying Nun Records late 70's to 90's stuff is also pretty nice, especially if you like some jangle. The Clean (and their later spinoff The Great Unwashed), The Bats and The Chills really stand out.

Anonymous 22783

Heavenly is really primo too. Really love when they teamed up with Calvin Johnson from Beat Happening/K Records.

Anonymous 22867


I'm back with a few more for y'all

Anonymous 22868

Anonymous 22869

A nice lil cover of a Roky Erickson song

Anonymous 22870

Anonymous 22871


Anonymous 22872

One of the best albums of the last decade

Anonymous 22873

Anonymous 22874

Anonymous 22875

Anonymous 22876

last one

Anonymous 22910

Anonymous 22911

Anonymous 22912

Anonymous 22913

Anonymous 22914

good taste

Anonymous 22919

my on-going love for lana is very embarrassing.

Anonymous 22937

Why? She's a good songwriter and writes all her own material, she's a much better singer than she used to be, her music is distinctive, and she's mostly over her unhealthy sugar daddy phase. I know her personality isn't great these days but I feel like her music is fine? Even Taylor copied one of her songs.

I think people got a bad view of her from that one bad performance she did at the start of her career and then never saw her much again in the mainstream so their views never changed. To them liking Lana is embarrassing, plus her being a female musician that caters to certain demographic of women doesn't help, but objectively there's nothing really wrong with her music.

Anonymous 23495

Anonymous 23505

La nuit et ses lueurs glaciales ont transformé la ruche malade
En un beau palais de cristal
Puis au petit matin le soleil dévoile les plaies obscènes
De ces mégapoles tentaculaires

Anonymous 23558

I'm obsessed with this album

Anonymous 23564

Favorite song

Anonymous 23591

Based, I've never met another woman into prog, it's such a sausage fest genre. be my bff

Anonymous 23592

Prog is all I live for

Anonymous 23623

good taste. that maybe my favorite king crimson song. i'm a different anon btw, i guess there is at least 3 of us who like this music lol. all my friends think it's weird but i love it.

Anonymous 23690

Don't stop posting prog

Anonymous 23692

Anonymous 23694


Anonymous 23696

Anonymous 23704


Anonymous 23705

Anonymous 23727

Anonymous 23728

femcel song

Anonymous 23731

God I wish Lain never ended up on TikTok.

Anonymous 23751

Anonymous 23780

probably unpopular opinion but oomph! should have been bigger than rammstein

Anonymous 23806

Barney Greenway is so hot. A smart, sweet, vegan who loves Throbbing Gristle. Why can't I date a man like him?

Anonymous 23810

not current but definitely my favourite song of all time, dunno why exactly.

Anonymous 23833

A classic to bump the thread

Anonymous 23845

Where'd you all go

Anonymous 23881

Anonymous 23904

Anonymous 23908

any other mitski fans here ? she is pretty pop and mainstream I guess but something unique and quite genuine about her that always gets me

Anonymous 23998

i’ve been getting really into ween recently. i don’t really care what genre a song is as long as it’s good. punk, pop, hip hop, folk, whatever. ween does all of it, even country and comedy. also ocean man. i’m obsessed. this is considered one of their more accessible songs, it’s really catchy.

Anonymous 24003

based ween fan

Anonymous 24007

hell yeah! i was listening to what deaner was talking about and tried and true for a year until i finally dived into the rest of their discography. so good.

Anonymous 24040


Their Quebec album is by far my favourite, I've always felt like ween is very much you either hate it or love it, so I never really share it

Anonymous 24518

Been listening to here comes the sun and I'm looking for anything that's positive and slow. I need some positive vibes and this song it's the perfect spot

Anonymous 24521

the last part makes me want to listen to it again

Anonymous 24966

On the other side, I'll be waiting for you there

Anonymous 25028

3 months later but i’m here, i love her a lot

Anonymous 25031

Thank you nonason wink

Anonymous 28757

I just want his body~

Anonymous 29673

found it today from spotify recs

Anonymous 30482

Anonymous 30524

Felt like listening Luis Miguel
He sings gud

Anonymous 30621


this song reminds me of my first relationship with a girl, we listened to this for hours in my car and were so deep in love and conversation often become unaware of our surroundings and realise we’ve driven way out of our city and look at eachother without word and silently agree to a spontaneous roadtrip. I miss her so much and still love her despite all the years passed and we’ve moved on in life. I still see her often and though we have boyfriends now, we still give eachother that same look but this time it’s a sad one. we really were meant for each other but not at this point in life, we’re two different people with too different paths we want to take in life. this really hurt to write. I often wonder whether I actually am bisexual or it was just her. I think I’ll forever be in question and wish I could love my boyfriend in the same way.

Anonymous 30622


on a lighter note, this song for all the rock and metal girlies <3

Anonymous 30667

Is PJ actually a good band or am I just blinded by my fat crush on Eddie Vedder

Anonymous 30669

Anonymous 30670

Anonymous 30690

This one crosses my head lately.
Someone who I have been thinking of is slowly being less interesting to think of.
All in all, I knew it was gonna be impossible, but it's a bit of a letdown that we couldn't even see the end of it together.
My only fear is thinking that I'll love someone as much as I did with this person, or if I won't. First love is hard.

Anonymous 30750

The best summer of my teenage years was spent listening to Pearl Jam. Love them. They are a great band.

Anonymous 30762

What do you think of this one? It's mostly rock but mixes in different genres eclectically.

Anonymous 30877

Perhaps my favourite at the moment.
This is cool, reminds me of stuff I listened to in high school.

Anonymous 31050

I love this album so much. I loved it as a teen and I love it now. Honestly I think I appreciate it more now. It's so comforting.

Anonymous 31082

Same, Siamese Dream has always been my personal favorite Smashing Pumpkins album. I first heard it way back when I was in middle school and I still come back to it even now as an adult. Good for when the melancholy sets in

Anonymous 31083

This one's pretty long at 16 minutes, but I love it anyway. Gives off angsty shoegaze vibes. It randomly popped up in my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify last year and I've been listening to it ever since.

Anonymous 31113

I'm a boomer. My grandma loved this song, my mother did too, and so do I.

Anonymous 31157

Anonymous 31184

Anonymous 31371

Anonymous 31379

Anonymous 31385

Anonymous 31398

wtf this is so good

Anonymous 31405

Cant stop listening to this banger

Anonymous 31535

Man, this song brings me back.
I remember listening this on the way home from our holidays in Brazil. It was rainy, my cousin was driving relatively fast, curves had an incline. A lot of forests and trees too. Some tunnels going through mountains.
It's not a lot, but it brings me back, now my mom has died (god rest her soul), my cousin lives somewhere else far away from his mother's home, more than five years have passed.
It's insane when I think about it.

Anonymous 31536

can't believe there's another weird ukrainian kellersynth pilled nona in this board. Hexenmeister is the shit. Do you like Fairy Madness nona?

Anonymous 31537

Oh shit they're actually from the Netherlands it seems oops. Ukraine has some banger tänzelcore too though

Anonymous 31539

i love grouper so much but lately it's been difficult listening to their songs due to attaching shitty memories to them.

Anonymous 31542

the hook is stuck in my head now because of tiktok

Anonymous 31893

Anonymous 31906

Listening to this for the first time right now. Not related, but I might buy an eletric guitar.

Anonymous 31919

Anonymous 31932

Anonymous 32871


Where are my KINOsisters?

Anonymous 33622

Molly Nilsson is so cool

Anonymous 33655


Anonymous 33670

Another banger from Justice as expected

Anonymous 33674

80's 80's 80's!

Anonymous 33719


Anonymous 33720

Indie south-korean folktronica (yeah)

Anonymous 33721


Tom Waits is god.

Anonymous 33723

God is too much for our father in thy heavens.
But yeah, he does sing cool

Anonymous 33725



Wrong. This is real footage of Tom answering prayers

Anonymous 33726


yeah not the first time I've listened to the Hotline Miami soundtrack unironically…

Anonymous 33728

Man, brown humour is just too much for me

Anonymous 33729


It's shitty

Anonymous 33730

Anonymous 33758

Anonymous 33923

Parannoul is great as well.

Anonymous 34055

Need more music, and an album please!!

Anonymous 34057

Anonymous 34067

Anonymous 34069

Anonymous 34087

Oh Nona…I hope it gets better for you. I've been there.
Based Nick cave enjoyer. Literally my earliest memory is of my Mum driving me around while playing Nick cave cds in the car stereo.

Nick Cave fans will like the link I posted, 70's tongue-in-cheek but emotional country murder ballad.

Anonymous 34088

apart from being a kpopfag i really enjoy listening to pretty dreampop music

Anonymous 34092

Anonymous 34110

This should be on the cc soundtrack

Anonymous 34121

Im listening to this album during my shift, its so friggin good

Anonymous 34129

Anonymous 34133

been listening to this since you posted, thanks!

Anonymous 34147

I love The Prodigy, DMX, Slipknot, Korn, Drowning Pool, Dope and Blood for Blood

Anonymous 34163

The whole EP is so good.

Anonymous 34348

Anonymous 34385

Anonymous 34393

Anonymous 34397

Anonymous 34408

Anonymous 34417

listening to this a lot while losing my sanity adn ym control, it at least feels comforting :)

Anonymous 34443

Anonymous 34444

Anonymous 34446

have u listened to his new album?

Anonymous 34447

cant stop listening to magnetic by illit and the
cant name my favorite arists and bands bc there is too many of them for every genre i listen to….. but i mostly listen to kpop, exyu 90s dance music, dad rock, shoegaze, vkei (like buck tick and malice mizer), darkwave, gothic rock, balkan pop/rap/folk, jpop, idk what else to list

Anonymous 34455

love ur taste nona, similar to mine :)

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