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Depressing music. Anonymous 17133

Post songs or albums that are a deep melancholic type of feel. I will post a few albums I really like.

>Kali malone - the sacraficial code

Organs and ambient slow drones that just sound like what it feels to lay in bed wishing someone would kill you as life progressives to nowhere.

>grouper - grid of points

That unique gloom sound and style of grouper leaving you feeling empty.

Anonymous 17138

I love grouper so much. Personally I think Alien Observer is her best work, and while it isn't perceived to be as depressing as some of her others, I always get a sense of isolation in listening to it that leaves me hollow afterwards.

Anonymous 17143

I feel the same.
I used to love Dragging a dead deer the most and whilst it is fantastic I feel AIA is best for constant playing for a dissasociated experience.

You will like this then.
Emma ruth rundle does dark folk but she has an album that is very very similar to a grouper sound.

Do you know any other grouper like music?
this album is something an anon made from old japanese movie samples.
I recommend giving it a listen.

Anonymous 17144

Anything by Soko, particularly the album "I thought I was an Alien."

Anonymous 17155

I listened and not my type of sad music.

This is a decent sad album but not a fan of all the songs.

Anonymous 18132

Recommend me some fatally depressing songs. Music that puts you in a dangerously low mood, like Matt Elliott, Lilium's "Sleeping Inside," April Rain's "Waiting for Sunrise," and some Riverside songs (but Riverside is still too light/more on the rocking side)

Anonymous 18133

corrected link

Anonymous 18134

Anonymous 18158

Anonymous 18677

Anonymous 18679

Anonymous 18697

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