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Star Wars Anonymous 17235

Can we get a nice comfy Star Wars thread? I checked the catalog and it didn't seem like there was one.
Mandalorian spoiler:
Is anyone else super excited about Ashoka coming back? I hope Temuera Morrison shows up wearing a big Santa Claus beard as Rex.

Anonymous 17239


Ashoka is the only character that makes that thing watchable really. I don't really like any of the movies.

But I watched the 3d animation where Ashoka is sort of a lead character.

Anonymous 17244

I can't say I blame you. I love star wars but 60% of the movies are objectively bad.

Anonymous 17246

It’s more than 60%. I, II, III are awful. IV is ok but just a cliche “rescue the princess plot. I was dumbstruck when I saw it for first time at how tired the plot was, I really expected something better for how overhyped the franchise is. V didn’t do much for me but others seem to like it, especially Solo sexually assaulting Leia. I don’t get it. VI is half bad half good. I haven’t seen the new ones but everyone seemed to like VII for the nostalgia but didn’t like VIII much and IX was a mess.

The only reason Star Wars is such a big deal is because George Lucas is an amazing business man and the first movie had some great special effects (and his wife was able to save it in editing). Star Wars is the most overrated thing ever. It’s all marketing.

I find the fandom around Star Wars infinitely more entertaining than the films themselves. The Phantom Edit, Darth Jar Jar, the guys made a whole site to convince themselves they liked Episode I (and everyone who praised it coming out the theatre), the nerds that learn all the alien names from the Cantina, the women who dress up as Princess Leia as a sex slave… Mind blowing.

Anonymous 17249

>The only reason Star Wars is such a big deal is because George Lucas is an amazing business man and the first movie had some great special effects
I feel like that's not really appreciating what the movie landscape was like in the 70s.
Regardless, they're fun and I have an attachment to them.

Anonymous 17250

>I feel like that's not really appreciating what the movie landscape was like in the 70s.
I don't think this is unique to the 70s. People fell for the same special effects gimmick with Avatar. If James Cameron had released a sequel 2-3 years later, he would have had a rival franchise. Comparing the plot of IV with other movies from the time, it just doesn't hold up well, same as Avatar. Both plots are tired and shallow.

People have stripped all of the original trilogy for memes and seem to watch it for this, going as far as inconsequential details like the color of a drink in one scene (blue milk). Similarly, people dressed up as Navi, learned the language, and wanted to live as Navi. I think a lot of people must watch the trilogy as kids and then are clouded by nostalgia and cultural references, while Avatar hasn't been around long enough for this.

Anyway, there's nothing with liking the movies regardless. I meant my reply to be for that anon and not to derail the thread.

Anonymous 17259

This. I am so not here for the sexual assault in Empire Strikes Back, can't believe that movie is so acclaimed by everyone

Anonymous 17263


Anonymous 17264

Discounting Episode IV because the barebones plot is generic (on purpose due to George Lucas being a fan of Man of a 1000 faces) is like discounting the Mona Lisa because the subject matter is just a woman. You are correct that people "fell for" the special effects, but special effects are also a part of movie storytelling. It used a lot of revolutionary techniques, and while the plot itself was generic, the setting itself was not. I am not saying that Star Wars was the second coming of Christ, but you seem to lack appreciation for how film making made progresses on a technical basis and why everyone was so enamored with it. Episode V is alright, and Episode VI is a mixed bag. I-III are garbage and VII-IX are also garbage.

For a similar case, look up how people reacted to The Exorcist when it first came out and then compare it to a modern horror movie. It's fucking pathetic, but in context, a the time, it was powerful movie.

Anonymous 17266

Films like Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Jason and the Argonauts, The Fly, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Inception, and The Matrix were lauded for their special effects and their plots still hold up today.

As the Mona Lisa, it's only famous because it was stolen from the Louvre and got a lot of press, aka marketing.

Anonymous 17270

All of those films except maybe Citizen Kane and The Matrix have plots on bar with the first Star Wars movie.

Anonymous 17271

The first Star Wars movie has the same plot as Super Mario (princess kidnapped by bad guy, hero has to go rescue, uses magical abilities). None of those movies I listed share that plot. The Fly is probably the least like that.

Anonymous 17274

The rest of those movies can be whittle down to nothing too.

>The Fly is just Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

>Wizard of Oz is a generic josei isekai
>Inception is a heist movie once you take away the dream bullshit
>Jason and the Argonauts literally isn't a original story but an adaption of a mythological one. Even then, that story is a barebones usurp the usurper story, which can be found in all of humanitites mythologies.
>Jurassic Park is just Frankenstein with multiple Frankensteins
>Remove the time travel bullshit for Terminator 2 and you have Dracula.

You know what now that I think about.
>The Matrix is just "the chosen one must save the world" bullshit plot.

Now that leaves Citizen Kane as the only movie that actually has a decent plot on it's own.

Anonymous 17275

Isn't Citizen Kane just a rise and fall from glory with a shitty mystery attached?

Anonymous 17286

>simple plot = bad plot
That's some dumb teenager thinking if I've ever seen it.

Anonymous 17287

I never said it was simple. I said it was tired, shallow, and cliche.

Anonymous 17292

And Jurassic Park isn't?

Anonymous 17300

I think the movies aren't the best parte of Star Wars. It hás one of the most amazing universes ever, with tons of great games, books and comics.

I honestly think the lore is as great as Lotr.
Knights of the old republic is in my opinion one of the best Wrpg ever

Anonymous 17306

I 100% agree. I really like how the prequels/old republic have lots of fantasy elements like the sith empire and the mandalorians existing alongside evil corporations and stuff.

Anonymous 17511

So cool…

Anonymous 17512

I love how the girl props herself up on the throne after Boba sits down and starts drinking the juice. Massive king and queen feel.

Anonymous 17514

Ashoka is an absolute cinnamon roll. Loved watching her in the Clone Wars cartoon, am excited to see a live action version of her.

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