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Junji Ito Thread Anonymous 17358

Share your favorite Junji Ito works and why!
For me I like Glyceride and The Bully. The Bully is my favorite Ito work ever because it's very realistic, doesn't include any fantasy elements and I'm into that. I also like The Town Without Streets.

Anonymous 17359

Tomio Red Turtlene…

The Groaning Drain could've been a superb story but the ending was lackluster.
I also like Library of Illusions, Long Dream and Red Turtleneck.
Ma no Kakera is amazing too.

Anonymous 17360


Anonymous 17990

long dream.jpg

The idea of somehow being trapped within your own mind freaks me the fuck out.

Anonymous 17991


I prefer the ones that don't have fantasy elements to them. Fixed face and Human chair are my favourites for that reason.

Anonymous 19423


Human chair is something I always recommend to friends

Anonymous 19547


This thread made me lose hours on reading his short stories.

Anonymous 19555

Does anyone have a link to Shibito no koiwazurai (Lovesick Dead)? I can't find it :(

Anonymous 19557

According to some website, it has been translated by fans under a different title, Undying Love. Here's the 1st chapter. I think you can find more under the uploader's name:

Anonymous 24043

I started reading his work in order and the Tomie stories really drag on. Three volumes of basically the same story over and over. I’m so glad I read a couple of his more well known ones first.

If anyone is thinking of doing the same, I suggest you start with volume 3 and skip 1, 2, and 2.1.

Anonymous 24049

So I now reached the Souichi stories. While Tomie was just dull from being the same thing over and over, Souichi is really irritating. Some of his stories, such as the coffin one and 4 layer room one, could have been made into nice stand alone stories but instead Souichi is shoved in and ruins them.

I'd recommend skipping them as well, if you don't like the first couple. Then maybe try them again once you've read everything else.

It's a pity, Junji Ito's stand alone stories are so great but he seems to struggle with reoccurring characters.

Anonymous 25073

Does anyone have scans of Ningen Shikkaku past chapter 8? English or Japanese are ok.

Anonymous 25074

I think the full thing is on Nyaa in English. But it's the digital release in cbz format.

Anonymous 25081

spoiler threadpic please!

Anonymous 25082

thank you!

Anonymous 25277

god this is the worst junji ito story, in a good way. genuinely repulsive and unnerving to the point where my mind couldn't stop thinking about GREASE afterwards

Anonymous 25304

I nearly finished all of his stories now and I think the thing that I like best about is work, besides the drawing style, is that he incorporates a lot of traditional Japanese culture. Not so much that any of it feels like a period piece, but things like old houses, spirits, etc. They feel like leftover relics in a modern world. I also love that many of his stories involve small insular villages, deep in the mountains or forest.

He writes female characters well too and the female lead stories aren't focused only on girly things. He also has a good split between male and female lead characters and even background female characters aren't written as stupid.

Does anyone know any other mangaka like this? They can be horror or something else.

Anonymous 27729


im not the biggest black paradox fan but this panel goes so hard

Anonymous 27732


When it comes to his short stories, I really loved scarecrows. I love short stories about masses of people getting swept up in something crazy and losing their minds because of spooky fads, they're always disturbing and Ito does them pretty often

Anonymous 27749


I love when they build the labyrinth in Uzumaki

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