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oof ouch my individuality complex! Anonymous 17522

post your niche music interests.

mine centers around sewersvt and breakcore/animecore. unfortunately the zoomers on tiktok are getting ahold of her, but its better than some other bands' fates.

do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
what do you like most about the music you listen to?
do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
how did you discover them?

Anonymous 17535


thanks OP, i needed this

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

it's complicated. sometimes it does because ChAlLenGInG and TrANsGresSiVe but sometimes i realize what the fuck is going on and cringe. i also cringe very often because i don't know everything about power electronics/death industrial (i am aware that knowing every single thing about anything is impossible but i still want to)

>what do you like most about the music you listen to?

1. it can be genuinely creepy and disturbing. it's probably the tcc plague speaking in me, but the records and tracks that are dedicated to real life murderers are the most upsetting. bonus points if news recordings/interviews are used.
2. the soundscapes and the atmosphere. more applicable to death industrial than to power electronics but PE can be quite atmospheric too.
3. pinkpill potential once you realize that the primal violence/rapist calls in some tracks/artists is every single moid's desire.

>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

1. yes, although my friends don't like it that much/don't care
2. yes i do, i also try to find and connect with people interested in PE on every platform i go but it's kinda futile (i can't stop though). sometimes i cringe at myself for trying to insert power electronics stuff into every conversation i have. when i meet new people i don't give any fucks about their name, the first question i ask them is what do they listen to.

>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

it depends.
when i want to listen to something new i just search for an album and listen to it "actively" (that means not doing anything in the moment besides listening to music).
when i'm walking down the street or grocery shopping i turn on my playlist of the songs i like the most. i don't go outside without my headphones (i tried to but it sucked and it made me much more anxious overall).
when i want to chill/calm down i either turn on songs that are in the emotion i feel right now (to experience it more intensely but privately, that way it'll pass sooner) or shit that straight up murders my ears so i feel physical pain

>how did you discover them?

it was a downward spiral from industrial rock that i used to listen to in middle school. i kept wallowing in industrial music and its subgenres and there i am now, listening to straight up earrape.

Anonymous 17536


Are twee and C86 (jangle pop) considered obscure? Those are the main genres I'm interested in and I feel like they used to be bigger but barely anyone cares anymore. There used to be a lot of niche blogspots and other fansites devoted to these genres but they've all died since the early 2010s.

Some more niche genres I like are Zolo, Dunedin Sound, and early 1990s Sunshine Pop revival.

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

In a way I feel like my taste does make me feel superior because I enjoy the feeling of finding a treasure that few people know about. Especially when I finally locate music files that have been difficult to track down.

>what do you like most about the music you listen to? when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

I like those genres because they sound happy and give me daydreams of a happier life. I listen to those genres when I just want to relax.

>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

My friends don't care about music and listen to whatever's on the radio. The only online community I share music with is Tumblr

>how did you discover them?

I used to download music from those file-sharing blogspots and I accidentally came across a blog for sharing music from those genres. After that I used last.fm and rateyourmusic to explore further.

I feel you about the pinkpill thing. So much music is horrifyingly sexist and I don't think people recognize it as much as in other types of art.

Anonymous 17545

One type of music I like that people think is strange is odd electronic stuff that is quite dissociative.
I do not interact in communities that much and prefer just chatting with anons about what music I like beccause communities are usually filled with standard /mu/fags that really do not know much about music in my experience so no point lurking them unless I want to see what the newest stuff is but last FM is good for finding obscure stuff anyway.

Listening to this at the moment while reading manga.

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

Not really I can objectively complain about a lot of music that is popular but love more well known indie girly sad stuff like folk although I feel anything with more than 20k listeners a month on spotify is "popular" in my mind BUT I do not dislike stuff that has a lot of listeners at all that is retarded.
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
Well usually I just listen to sad stuff but grouper is sad and disso like I enjoy how my music can make me relaxed and also shut my mind off from compulsive thoughts a bit.
I like how slow my music is and just everything about it really sorry for the retard answer.
I like how creative some of the stuff I listen to is but realize I listen to musio n my own as I am a shut in so know when with others you would not play al ot of my music as it is harder to enjoy without some good headphones.
>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
I have no friends online or offline but share with random people I actually LOVE to share music and in the generas I love I have become the guru now I guess because I very rarely hear anything I do not already know and help others find tons of amazing music.
I try to share msic with family in the past but they like shit music played out of their phone so do not bother anymore.I mentioned above I use communities but never expect anything of worth from them one on one conversations are best for finding music and sharing.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
Nearly all my music is sad music and I am always sad or apathetic but sometimes I get a feel for some certain types of music and I cannot quantify why I play what I play.
If I am in a certain mood with energy I just switch to post hardcore and screamo..
>how did you discover them?
I started out with waht I knew and some anons shared more then I began a journey searching youtube and exhausted that and then I moved onto spotify and exhausted that I think that the algorithms for youtube and spotify are not good for the hidden gems.
The best way to find music is from talking to anons and then also just searching lastFM of your genera and literally starting from the back of the list and playing literally everything but this is tiresome and can take a long time but worth it when you find some music that just no one seems to have discovered yet and then you can share it.

All I do is play music and lay in bed hoping to cry god I hate myself

Anonymous 17556

I get made fun of for bringing up niche songs.

Anonymous 17559

i've never heard of people listening to janglepop unironically past 1987, you are truly a specimen. I kind of want to get into some now. any recs?

>The best way to find music is from talking to anons and then also just searching lastFM of your genera and literally starting from the back of the list and playing literally everything
this is how i found some of my alltime fav songs. it really is tiring, but worth it if you commit. i didnt know one could search by genre though, so i should try that.

Anonymous 17564

why and where? if the community you're sharing the songs with is about the same genre/etc they kinda shouldn't unless they have no clue what the fuck they're talking about

>last FM is good for finding obscure stuff anyway
based choice, fuck spotify mostly for not having a lot of my fav artists

>So much music is horrifyingly sexist
funny enough the music genres who try to hide it are the worst in terms of ACTUAL sexual harassment/assaults/rape, kinda like the moids who are claiming to be "nice". i guess it's because (almost) everything is ran by moids anyway and in popular genres moreso, producers, huge labels and such

Anonymous 17567

Anonymous 17569

Link related is another band I like right now. Also, big band jazz like the music of Duke Ellington, Maria Schneider, Anat Cohen.

Anonymous 17571

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
Not as much as I used to now that vaporwave has been blown out of proprtion. I can take pride in the fact that I was there when the genre was gaining traction on tumblr.

>what do you like most about the music you listen to?

I find the music to be very evocative, some elements would bring back fond memories, the feeling of being disoriented coupled with the general sense of dejà entendu at times also has its charm.

>do you share your music with friends? >participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

I usually share less obscure music with my friends, it's definitely not for everyone.
I sometimes visit the related reddit but combing through the posts is a bit of a hassle.

>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

Whenever I'm going for a lengthy coding session or working on a digital illustration.

>how did you discover them?

I remember coming across death's dynamic shroud 3 years ago, I was looking at the cover design they picked for I'll Try Living Like This and to me it felt like stopping at the threshold of a bad dream and looking over your shoulder one last time.
I didn't think much of it during the first attempts at grasping what was going on but when I eventually realised that a lot of musical elements were taken from AOA and even Nina Sky, it logically became my favourite release from the genre.

Anonymous 17611

I LOVE Talulah Gosh/Heavenly. Check out Dolly Mixture, good 70s all girl group.


Anonymous 17612

God anon you threw me back into like 2009 when my then-boyfriend introduced me to that. Just looked up Nero's Day at Disneyland and realized the person who made it is a troon, who would have thought.

Anonymous 17615

That seems to be a common trend among people who make breakcore, a lot of them are trans

Anonymous 17622

i wonder why? i know sewerslvt is, and shes one of the bigger artists… is there some connection you think? or do they just gather around the community because other troons are there?

Anonymous 17691


well it's not quite as obscure as it was years ago when I first got into it, does anyone else here like japanese city-pop? my favorite artists are tatsuro yamashita and taeko ohnuki.
>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
not really? i don't even tell that many people about it unless it's something they already know about since i don't wanna be seen as a cringe weeb by normies desu.
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
i've always liked real funky and unique sounding music, and i think city pop is good for the times i usually listen to music, which are drawing, driving, daydreaming, or exercising. if you look into different artists it's actually a pretty diverse genre in terms of tempo and style, as there's a good combination of more slow chill songs and real funky bangers.
>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
i'm kinda cringe but i'm actually in a discord server for it haha. i usually only give song recs if i'm asked first and i know the person asking me is already a bit of a weeb.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
like i said above, i like to listen while just living my daily life. cleaning, cooking, drawing, driving, or fuckin maladaptive daydreaming
>how did you discover them?
on youtube back when i was still in high school, probably around 5 years ago

Anonymous 17719

I like finding obscure artists on Spotify. I’ve been listening to all this girl’s albums lol.

Yeah, I like Sewerslvt and Lauren Bousfeild/NDAD. Too bad they’re men lol. I have a completely unprofessional theory on why a lot of breakcore artists are TiMs. A lot of TiMs have aspergers. Maybe something to do with autism is connected to liking repetitive-sounding music? The pattern is just too weird to ignore.

Shut the fuck up lmao

Anonymous 17720

Another obscure artist I found on Spotify. Breakcore, and it wasn’t made by a troon (I’m pretty sure lol)!

Anonymous 17722

>something to do with autism is connected to liking repetitive-sounding music
then industrial would have a lot of TiMs too oh wait it kinda does

Anonymous 17833

Anonymous 17877

Anonymous 17884

I listen to a lot of emo, shoegaze, speedcore / breakcore, future funk, hardstyle, math rock, post rock, chiptune and psytrance (I don't actually do drugs)

doesn't really give me a sense of superiority

depends on the songs / artists, but I like it when songs convey strong emotions or have complex rhythm
some songs are also rly nice to daydream to

I share it with most friends because they're equally eccentric
I don't follow any communities aside from meme pages

some artists are reserved for slumped moods and others are for nice moods where I mostly listen to fast stuff and tap along to the beats

I discover artists through rhythm games or youtube recommended (not having much luck with that lately)

Anonymous 21798

I get this is "necroposting" but what rhythm games?
If it's osu! you're gonna get a very small subset of music.

Anonymous 21840

i'm really into darksynth. really like this guy's stuff but he's really unknown for some reason. spotify is weirdly good for finding hidden gems.

Anonymous 21841

>post your niche music interests
>try to think of something that isn't metal
Here's ritual ambient

Anonymous 21845

The most niche thing I guess is that I did the deep dive into 90s alt rock. There are some bands I listen to that have less than 50 ratings on RYM. I am not that big on experimental music or anything like that but I liked finding obscure things

Anonymous 21847

I am in love with this album and can't stop listening to it.

Anonymous 21848

Disclaimer: I honestly dont know what "niche" even means anymore. I was never subjected to peoples view/opinions on music (except for my dad, who mainly introduced me to salsa, and techno music thx dad). I used to think tame impala, deftones, and radiohead were "niche" because I never saw/looked for any opinions/reviews on them. But at the same time I thought kanoguti, vocaloid, breakcore (most - cores really), and power metal were normie/well known just because me and this other random girl enjoyed it.

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

when I was a younger and felt alone with me and my music, i really wanted to gatekeep it from everyone. I think its because of how I used to talk about it rather obnoxiusly about the new songs I found only be told that it was weird, stupid or even just being shrugged off and being treated like a child. Those experiences really pained me, and I gaurded it heavily. But then I started realizing I wasnt alone in some of my tastes and it made me feel better and not weird. Now, I dont have that sense of superiorty anymore, but I think I am still very sensitive to showing my music with someone (especially since I rather play music that someone would enjoy rather than myself which isnt a big deal because I like most songs and tunes)

>what do you like most about the music you listen to?

its music that i love to hear! I used to be biased to liking popular music, but now if it sounds good to me, I like it! if it doesn't, I don't. plain and simple. I also enjoy the emotional and mental high I always get when listen to music, it just makes me feel all these different feelings and movements that i otherwise wouldn't feel without. I think the main issue I face is that I love so many different sounds and genres, that I feel like I have too much to listen to or that I will never listen to all of the music I love. music also made highschool easier to get through, which was probably the worst experiences of my life

>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

I I was only a mere spectator of internet communities, i never really thought of particpating in discussions back then (although I really wish i did). But now, i relish and take advantage of any music discussions :) I am very careful with who i talk to though, i try to avoid people (moids usually) who have a /mu/ mindset. speaking of mu, i used to make a couple of threads where I would recc songs to anyone who asks. I like to think that those same posters who would berate the board with how women dont listen to music and how they have crappy taste were begging for me to find them a certain sound and were so elated once when i did. either way, it felt really nice doing that and it made me glad that someone enjoyed my reccs :)

>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

I have a specific mental list of songs/artists that I listen for different moods, different times of the day, the weather, what I am doing etc. For example, if its after 3 pm and I am walking outside, I might listen to the pillows, spitz and pigstar. If its early and the sun is out but its hazy and cold I would listen to princess Chelsea, the cardigans, and band a part. If its winter and its all grey with no one outside, I whip out the nier ost, Roedelius, and Ginga-p's galaxy odyssey series. But some moments have more specific songs like if i am studying for finals i listen to 産声、デオキシリボン by CapsLack-p (i will link it to this post). i am not sure why i am like this, but i am not complaining :)

how did you discover them?
cd collecting, my dad, video game OSTS (specifically any that only stick to one country other than my own, I have found so many good ones through this holy moly) youtube, soundcloud, discogs, last.fm, and just typing in random search words on browsers and just exploring all of the different songs that would come up. I remember i used to go on youtube in 2012 and just type in lalalala metal and see what popped up (i got alot of really good symphonic metal back then lol), random keywords of things that I liked hearing, things like that. oh and exploring niconico and random jp forums and seeing what sort of music i can come across. I found alot of obscure vocaloid music and nerdcore through doing that

>mine centers around sewersvt and breakcore/animecore. unfortunately the zoomers on tiktok are getting ahold of her, but its better than some other bands' fates.

I actually felt a little bit peeved when breakcore started getting popular lol. I remember trying to look for breakcore and seeing comments about how shitty it was. And then I remember showing my more normie friends and they thought it was terrible. and now look, its everywhere! I am not so peeved anymore tho, I see it more as a positive because more people are listening to more music i like therefore i would be able to find more artists/songs. I think by looking at how the positives can benefit you can help deter that irritation away, but thats just me.

Not OP, but if you havnt heard of go sailor, i really recommend it. its a great intro to twee pop (they also just make really cute songs that make me want to romanticize my life) I also reccomend the dentists (check out Some people are on the pitch they think its all over now) and the cannanes I hope this helps! :)

i postulate the same thing as >>17719 most of the troons who make breakcore have some sort of diagnosed/undiagnosed mental condition also i just have adhd, but the repetitive sounds scratch a really good part of my brain lol

also if you guys want me to recc you guys some songs, i really dont mind giving it a shot! :)

Anonymous 21852

>also if you guys want me to recc you guys some songs, i really dont mind giving it a shot! :)
could you rec some power or symphonic metal albums?

Anonymous 21862

For power metal:
>Stratovarius - Eternal
>Forgotton Tales - All The Sinners

For symphonic metal:
>Within Temptation - Mother Earth
>After Forever - Prison of Desire

I hope you like them!

Anonymous 21865

Too many genres too count I can't keep track of them all. How do I even put them in one place… Mazzy star, lush, slow dive, a lot dark wave, electro, vampire energy music and vaporwave.. It doesnt make me feel anything but isolated. Where I live its nothing but rap christian music and country. Makes me love my music even more though.

Anonymous 21877

Hey, I can relate. And normalfags also love blasting their shitty music everywhere as loud as possible with no regard to other people.

Anonymous 21879

my neighbors usually stop blasting their dance party whatever music if i blast harsh noise for 10 minutes, not saying you should do this though

Anonymous 21881

I have fantasized about doing this (not to my neighbors tho), but will never carry it out.

Anonymous 21892

Yeah it doesn't help I live in the south. I used to have way more japanese music from back in the day when I was young. I got some organized to a playlist but my hard drive crashed… I lost so much of my music. I've resigned to just keeping it on youtube because I'm sick of losing music. I literally don't know a single person who shared my taste IRL… but I meet SO many on the internet. Where do they all come from? Its the biggest mystery to me.

Anonymous 21893

We should set a time and mobilize across the country, in parks and basements… Saturday Jam hour brought to you by the other

Anonymous 21899

i love noise so much. not just harsh noise but like noise rock, noise pop, etc. makes my long car rides less boring. omg i got so into the band Black Dresses but then learned they're not even women, i was like so excited to hear an all female noise band like that. Do any of you know any noise-pop bands with female singers? im trying to diversify. so far the ones ive found all sings super soft. i need catchy head banging edgy music.

as for the questions: i dont really get a sense of superiority more than anyone else, but i do wanna guard and hide my niche music from people. its Mine.

I like my music because its dark, weird, disturbing, and very well composed. the melodies are so sweet once you get your ears tuned in right.

ive shared one band wiht my younger brother. most people dont understand/arent willing to listen to 'weird' things.

i listen whenever. my favorite artist has a variety of songs so i just skip whatever im not in the mood for, something else will always sound nice.

i discovered them from a random tumblr audio post with just a handful of notes. im so lucky i looked into it instead of letting it sit in my drafts. i wouldnt be the same person without it. id still be listening to , like, emo.

Anonymous 21900


>vampire energy music

that's intriguing. can i get an artist for that?

Anonymous 21903

Anonymous 21904

Anonymous 24960


i love julie sm
if tiktok normie fucks do julie like they did machine girl im fucking killing myself

Anonymous 24963


I listen to pony music exclusively. Idk why, must be something wrong with my head, or I just never grew up.
Would've sent my entire playlist, but I want to keep anonymity.

Anonymous 25052

I hope OP joined the 41%. Anyway,

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

Yes. When I’m around other punks, I feel superior for being into industrial/noise. When I’m around noisefags I feel superior for liking pv/grind, crust, and emo/skramz. I like a lot of shoegaze too, but idk.

>what do you like most about the music you listen to? when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

I listen to whatever depending on my mood. I spent all day listening to emo violence and I was in a pretty good mood.

>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

Yeah. I’m big into both the local noise and hardcore scenes. My husband and I met because I used to spin industrial at the goth club I used to unfortunately DJ at. There’s too many fucking troons in both though. I make it a point to not talk to them.

>how did you discover them?

Truthfully my parents liked shit like SP and Ministry and I went down the industrial rabbit hole on the 2000s internet. Goth got me into a lot since I had a goth phase as a teen. I just liked more niche stuff than puppy. For punk, I was into basic hardcore like black flag (and skramz for some reason) and just gradually discovered the more niche/underground stuff through tape trading, YouTube, etc.

Anonymous 25718

Idk if this is niche but I really like this song…

Also you type like someone I used to know. It’s prolly a coincidence tho.

Anonymous 25726

i think the most niche musical interest i have is folk music made by Japanese bands. to clarify, i don't mean Japanese folk music, but rather the folk music of any other country, i.e. Balkan Brass Band like in the link i've posted.
>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
a little bit
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
it's a bit hard today, but probably how they manage to change it enough to make it sound interesting and not so much that it becomes completely bastardized.
>do you share your music with friends?
>participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
there's not much of one as far as i can tell, so no.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
just about any mood, but this particular one is good for when i need to get energetic
>how did you discover them?
folk music chart on RateYourMusic.com

Anonymous 25735

I'm really into blues and post-punk, so I have a big appreciation for musicians that combine the two. Early Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Late The Birthday Party is a good example. The Fall, PJ Harvey, and Swans also do it sometimes.

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

I guess I do feel superior to people who only like top 40 stuff.
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
Sonically, I like the textures and the way that both genres play with convention. Lyrically, I empathise a lot both with blues' sentimentality and post-punk's pessimism.
>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
Yeah, mostly online parasocial stuff cuz I'm somewhat reclusive.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
When I'm feeling down, which is most of the time lol.
>how did you discover them?
My Mother was a fan of a lot of the music I love now.

Anonymous 25860


shirt that says "I HAVE STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT MUSIC" with a "KICK ME" sign on the back

>does your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

not particularly, i enjoy a lot of modern/popular stuff too.

>what do you like most about the music you listen to?

theres a lot of things i like about music, but im a sucker for motifs–be it lyric or melody–things that tie albums or even discographies together.

>do you share your music with friends?

yes, im very annoying about it.

>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

all of the time, theres a genre, track, album for everything.

>how did you discover them?

lots of ways; various rabbit holes, related acts, snooping around my parents CD collection as a kid, etc

i wonder if youd like The Pop Group? their Thief of Fire reminds me of The Birthday Party, same sort of fun melodic wailing.
ive heard so much about Swans, but they just dont click with me for some reason. maybe i should give them a proper relisten.

this is so charming!!! is there something in particular in japanese musicianship that differs it from when other cultures play folk music? or perhaps its just that; the general japanese influence?

Anonymous 26420

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
not really. at most it makes me feel sorry for others that they don't feel the need to seek out music other than what's mainstream or whatever is popular in their genre of choice. i wish eveyone could appreciate all kinds of music and i'm always trying to appreciate more.
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
i like everything about music. the fact that so much music exists in a wide range of genres from different countries that i can't possibly listen to every single one. lately i don't really relisten to albums or artists and focus on listening to new albums i haven't heard before. for my favourites, i think it's being able to capture a certain mood that evokes a reaction from me. basically make me feel something.
>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
no. i don't really like online music communities and their userbases. other sites don't work because i prefer anonymous discussion and sites where a certain topic can be poised.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
i listen to music all the time so i don't have to be in a certain mood. though when i need to regulate my emotions i tend to listen to a song at random from my playlist of songs i like to listen to on repeat.
>how did you discover them?
i try to find music in as many ways as possible. when i first got into music i think i just searched them up, looked around youtube and looked for recommendations. at a later point i started looking at /mu/ charts and charts from other sites. even now i try to find albums via recommendations. i love listening to people's favourite albums, because there's something special about something personal to a person. these days i mainly find music though rym, by looking at user's music taste i find interesting and their highly rated albums, recommendation threads, lists and occasionally the auto recommendations and the charts. i also started listening to my spotify weekly every week and listen to the full album if a song sounds interesting. i also check my lasfm recommendations from time to time. once i complete my current plan, i want to look around old obscure music blogspots and listen to anything that looks interesting.

Anonymous 26435

Anonymous 26440

one thing ive realllllly loved recently is polysics, very noisy japanese rock. i love shitty music so much which is also why ive been obsessed with the aquabats, and their way tinier related band the goodwin club. not as niche as polysics are in the us probably though.

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?

even though most of it isn't as niche as others in this thread.. YES

Anonymous 26447


Nice, I share your taste
I like to call some music I listen to "shitty" too, because it's certainly no jazz and stuff
But at least I don't listen to noise or other trannycore lol
Also check out 'the telephones' if you didn't already - less synth than polysics, but somewhat similar

Anonymous 26449

Ah what the hell, speaking of bemasked bands - I would also reccomend you TISM, probably you would like it
They are for sure not wholesome like Aquabats, but also silly and witty. They are not pop punk, but work in various genres - from postpunk to techno
I love them so much

Anonymous 26451

>But at least I don't listen to noise or other trannycore lol
if you think noise is trannycore you're retarded

Anonymous 26456

It’s 2022
I am sorry but it is trannycore, noise always was popular with special snowflakes, and it makes sense - you easily can have zero or minus skill and a really gigantic felling of self importance and being a narc overall - it’s an artistic and emotional RADICAL statement, so it’s very gender, it’s performances about trauma and struggle, so cathartic and RAW
Also trannies often being right wing radicals (and weebs) helps a lot… I mean, you know
So there are either trannies or special ny/london/tokyo scrotes who are oh so being in avant garde (whom I also mostly don’t respect, so fuck them too)

Anonymous 26479

Normally techno but I found this while browsing microtonality

Anonymous 26484

didn't expect an actual reply, thank you
but how is gender in any way radical? most trannies go with the mainstream which licks their assholes and crotch wounds, there's no actual struggle (unless you're in a very homophobic country) unless you're talking about the self-imposed ""struggle" which trannies do have

Anonymous 26690

do you listen to lemon demon too?

Anonymous 26814

serbian cat.png

I hate the fact that I've been listen to serbian -along with few bosniak- patriotic songs for a decade now.
I also listen to Shia (Hezbollah) nasheeds from time to time.

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