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Anonymous 17531

Who is your favorite writer?
>inb4 this thread gets moved to /media/

Anonymous 17532


I haven't read enough books to really decide on a favourite author, but so far I've highly enjoyed the works of Daniel Defoe. They're entertaining and have a good writing style.

Anonymous 17533

picking a book to …

Miguel de Cervantes perhaps or Alexandre Dumas père maybe, could be Charlotte Brontë, also Sigrid Undset, i have many and none. I often feel like i'm reading a masterpiece, but forget about it once i pick up the next one.

Anonymous 17534

>inb4 this thread gets moved to /media/
You predicted it well

Also my favorite writer is Jakub Żulczyk but I don't know if any of his books was translated into English

Anonymous 17539


Elfriede Jelinek. I like how she writes relatable women and her style in general.

Anonymous 17546

I really like Terry Pratchetts discworld series. He seemed like a really chill guy and the books were all so good.

Anonymous 17551

Daniel Handler wrote some pretty interesting children's literature, some of you might know him by his pen name: Lemony Snicket.

Anonymous 17582

I was for somethimg related to Harold Bloom today and this pic appeared. I rememebered I had seen it somewhere and here I find it!

Anonymous 17583

Anything more? Which book should I read first? I’ve read some stuff bout him and he seems like a cool guy. You’re not the only Pole here sis :3

Anonymous 21055


So many to choose from…

Anonymous 34754

maxresdefault (45)…


Anonymous 34761

I like Junji Ito's Tomie series

Anonymous 34881

I hate Neil Gaiman especially with the recent allegations, but I grew up reading his children's novels and eventually read the more mature stuff in high school and they stuck with me the most.

Anonymous 34897


Richard Adams

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