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alice from hell.jp…

Anonymous 18016

What manga are you reading RIGHT NOW?
Are you enjoying it?

Anonymous 18024


I've been reading Birdmen and it's pretty fucking great. A bit nervous about the ending as I heard it's a bit of a let down.

Anonymous 18027

Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan
From Now on We Begin Ethics
Dungeon Meshi
Soloist of the Prison
Send My Regards to Kenshiro
Frau Trude - Grimm-Adjacent Tales
Isekai Ojisan

Anonymous 18032


I started reading Sousou no Frieren. It is really beautiful, a fantasy with a melancholy vibe, themes of mortality, but it also has a lot of cute moments. It is a different kind of fantasy story to read these days. The main character is really cool and I love her.

Anonymous 18042


I'm enjoying right now Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno. It has a bit of a rough start but I really like that there's a good mix of plot and more silly chapters. I like all the characters and how they interact with each other. Out of everything I read I get the most raw enjoyment out of it.
I also am enjoying these:
>Yomawari Sensei
>Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi
>Uchuu Kyoudai
>Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
>Fushi no Sougishi
>Blue Period

Anonymous 18391

Ushio to Tora v07 …

I'm reading Ushio to Tora right now. It's a pretty standard demon fighting shounen, but it's okay.

Anonymous 18783

20cb 1.png

20th Century Boys has been a fun read so far. I will admit that I'm more curious about Friend than I am about the end of the world haha.

Anonymous 18792

20th century boys was one of the best manga I've ever read.

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