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alice from hell.jp…

Anonymous 18016

What manga are you reading RIGHT NOW?
Are you enjoying it?

Anonymous 18024


I've been reading Birdmen and it's pretty fucking great. A bit nervous about the ending as I heard it's a bit of a let down.

Anonymous 18027

Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan
From Now on We Begin Ethics
Dungeon Meshi
Soloist of the Prison
Send My Regards to Kenshiro
Frau Trude - Grimm-Adjacent Tales
Isekai Ojisan

Anonymous 18032


I started reading Sousou no Frieren. It is really beautiful, a fantasy with a melancholy vibe, themes of mortality, but it also has a lot of cute moments. It is a different kind of fantasy story to read these days. The main character is really cool and I love her.

Anonymous 18042


I'm enjoying right now Majo no Geboku to Maou no Tsuno. It has a bit of a rough start but I really like that there's a good mix of plot and more silly chapters. I like all the characters and how they interact with each other. Out of everything I read I get the most raw enjoyment out of it.
I also am enjoying these:
>Yomawari Sensei
>Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi
>Uchuu Kyoudai
>Mairimashita! Iruma-kun
>Fushi no Sougishi
>Blue Period

Anonymous 18391

Ushio to Tora v07 …

I'm reading Ushio to Tora right now. It's a pretty standard demon fighting shounen, but it's okay.

Anonymous 18783

20cb 1.png

20th Century Boys has been a fun read so far. I will admit that I'm more curious about Friend than I am about the end of the world haha.

Anonymous 18792

20th century boys was one of the best manga I've ever read.

Anonymous 18833


Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Anonymous 19215


I have been reading Mysterious Girlfriend X, and I honestly feel weirdly comfy with this manga. I also really love the relationship between urabe and tsubaki. They communicate and I love how urabe sets boundaries with tsubaki. The only complaint I have tho is that tsubaki is a bit bland as a character and I personally wish there was more dream sequences or art in the manga that had the same complexity of the dream sequences. They were so mesmerizing to look at, but other than that the manga is cute n' comfy for me

Anonymous 19398

Mangadex is FINALLY back up after three months. Rejoice!

Anonymous 19399

It barely works and their twitter got banned, but better than nothing.

Anonymous 19400

Ah you're right. Half of the features aren't there anymore but I'll take what I can get. Any idea why they got banned?

Anonymous 19549


Just started Aku no hana.

Anonymous 19550

I love the first part of aku no hana, i was so fucking disappointed in the second half ngl. But the first part was so good the entire manga was redeemed for me.

philip glass 19552


recently read the world is mine, blame!, and i am a hero. every single one is peak

side note: mon is extraordinary hot

Anonymous 19573


sasaki to miyano. picrel is the current vol i'm on. i really relate to it in some parts as a fujo myself and it's very fluffy and cute

Anonymous 19594


Golden Kamuy. It's been so many years since I've been actively hyped over a comic. The plot moves fast, all characters have great motives and development and at the same time it's still heartfelt and funny, it's just outstanding.
I'm also desperately waiting to get my hands on the last Totsukuni no Shoujo chapters.

I just started with it too, I tried to read it in my adolescence but forgot most of it. To be entirely honest the writing isn't as strong as I remember but I really hope it isn't going where I think it is. I mean, I went insane over Billy Bat and I'm gonna be so disappointed if Naoki Urasawa isn't the semigod I thought

Anonymous 19690


Just finished reading God's Child. It was a fun albeit morbid read. The art was what originally called my attention. Not a conventional art style one would find in manga.

Anonymous 19692


I read that too. It's an interesting read although for some weird reason once I introduce this manga to some people they start to adapt this weird elitist mindset.

Anonymous 19693

There is something wrong with you if you enjoyed this.

Anonymous 19708

The art style looks distinctive enough that I want to pick it up. What's wrong with it?

Anonymous 19718

awful. you have to be an awful person to want to create "art" like this.


Anonymous 19721

What's wrong with it?

Anonymous 19725

very disturbing story that served no purpose, no real build up, his actions were disjointed and pointless, i did not buy the character, the way they insisted upon (as usual with japanese garbage) drawing disfigured/abused/tortured raped subtly sexualized dead girls, both little girls, and women, in detail many times, the rest of the story, just, all of it, but especially the annoying propensity for "artists" and authors to want to draw disfigured dead, raped little girls and women. it's not meant to not be sexualized, i don't believe any of the content in books like this aren't meant to serve a certain audience that are aroused by these topics and images. there was no horror or fear in this book, just feels like fetish material masquerading as edginess

Anonymous 19726

If you liked Aku no Hana, I suggest you check out Onani Master Kurosawa. It's pretty different and doesn't focus on the self-destructive aspect of adolenscence like Aku no Hana. I tend to think of them together because they're both about a coming of age story of an unlikely loser, who has done a lot of bad things out of lust.

And, uh, don't get filtered by the start. Yes, it starts off like a masturbation-themed Death Note parody, but please, it's not all silly!

Anonymous 20996

Ultra Heaven v01 -…

Read Ultra Heaven yesterday.

You really can tell that the mangaka has done a bunch of drugs.

Anonymous 21186

Blue Box is cute…I love sports manga

Anonymous 21277

dungeon meshi 3.pn…

So glad I finally decided to check out Dungeon Meshi. I've been having a lot of fun reading it.

Anonymous 27793

Boy's Abyss, I need to know how this shitshow will end.

Anonymous 27800

Skip and Loafer - …

I have so many that I'm currently reading. I just want to say go and read Skip and Loafer.

Anonymous 27801

I read this as a teen and it left me with a love/nostalgia for world expos but I never finished it for some reason.

Anonymous 27802

I never read Naruto when it was popular (too normie for me at the time I guess) so I'm reading it now.

Anonymous 27804


I'm a suuuuper big fan of Kaoru Hana to Rin wo Saku Rintaro is my favorite and Kaoruko's smile is beaming

Anonymous 27805

reading vampire knight right now

Anonymous 27806


This one is so freaking good

Anonymous 27840


Csm part2.
I am not enjoying it, I only read it cuz it has chainsawman in the name.

But also im reading another one called the summer hikaru died or smth like that, its very good and im enjoying it a lot. Probably because I love unconventional romances

Anonymous 27845


not really a manga but a manhwa, it's aisha. really interesting so far

Anonymous 28350


I'm reading picrel, art reminds me an awful lot of Helter Skelter.
I started reading it but got kinda annoyed because mangadex keeps fucking up long strip, but I intend to get back to it.

Anonymous 28780


>I'll Divorce You Gracefully!
I'm a sucker for villainess manga, I wonder if the author will manage to make me like the male lead, cause so far the only value he has is being comedic relief when bettered by the overpowered female lead.

Anonymous 28781

Samefagging to say her father is hot, hotter than he should be.

Anonymous 28786

mariko ashes.png

This one hurt. I heard it's getting a live action. My Broken Mariko

Anonymous 29591

I'm waiting for the next chapter of Chainsaw Man. Asa reminds me of young me a bit too much, I love her.

Anonymous 29594

well that was nice.

Anonymous 29719

I read this manga when I was in the situation as mariko and i bawled my eyes out when the panel of her holding a child mariko was shown.people say this manga encourages suicide but it made me think what would a person like shii would think if I was mariko it's pained me so I kept on living ..

Anonymous 30083


Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous. It's been pretty kind in the last couple of chapters too, but the arc in pic related was amazing, just glad I managed to skip the hiatus before I got into it.

Anonymous 30084

I know that it wasn't the point of the arc but man it was cathartic as fuck watching everything unfold

Anonymous 30086

I loved the anime and tried to read the manga but life got in the way. Thanks for the reminder hoseki no kuni exsists"

Anonymous 30111


I liked Houseki no Kuni a lot, but I don't really understand why it's continuing or why people want it to. I felt like the story was clearly finished with a strong ending.

Anonymous 30117

Which chapter do you feel was a good place to stop? 100 or earlier?
I have no idea what Ichikawa is even planning on with these last 2 chapters besides finally drawing the cool rocks manga of her dreams

Anonymous 30123

Musuko ga Kawaikut…

Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya. If you don't like fan service there's a fair bit of it, but the story itself is really sweet.

Anonymous 30127

Lot of competition in manga. If you have a big hit you milk it as long as you can. Now this is monthly manga with really simple style and rather silly story, not that much of a work to make it and if you make a good money, or even not so good money with it you try to stretch the good times dojgn almost nothing as much as you can.

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