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ffxiv thread? Anonymous 18064

i recently found out that a fuckton of the people i hang out with on this game are women too. why are there so many on this game in particular? it has really surprised me and it's been super nice because i have no other female friends (that i know of) and i've known some of these people for years without ever realizing they weren't moids. if you roleplay, tell me about/show me your characters? i have a theory about what characters moids play by the way alphinaud is best boy

Anonymous 18154

I wish to know more people through the game but i`m scared of the agenda

Anonymous 19805


i have so many memories, good and bad, tied to this dumb game it hurts to think about. i do miss it sometimes but i don't think i can go back anymore. heavensward and shadowbringers were incredible pieces of storytelling though and i'm really glad i got to experience them when they were current. i even shilled the game on here a couple times lmao. i hope you are thoroughly enjoying your time in the game and may you ever walk in the light of the crystal, anon. /dote

Anonymous 22137


bumping this in light of the (almost) fujo/yumejo thread on /vg/ a day or so ago.

i'll also add a few thread questions:
>main job?
>least favorite job?
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts

Anonymous 22166

>main job?
Astrologian, mainly because I picked it up during Heavensward because of the aesthetics and have stuck with it since. Healing is somewhat boring in this game, but I do love the fast queue times.

>least favorite job?

Probably red mage. Even moreso boring than healing, but it's nice to play if you're progging a certain fight and everyone is dying left and right.

>favorite npc?

Estinien, my beloved.

>opinion on sprouts

They're okay. I was a sprout once too so I understand.

Also, to anyone who might want to play this game, please understand this is a MMO, and surprisingly FFXIV has the creepiest moid population. I've had multiple creepy mentors who've tried to hit on me while using this weird, rp-like way of talking. Unsure if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Anonymous 22184

Mentors are just absolute fucking creeps in general. I play a male character so I don't get any weird comments while in dungeons or anything, but even then therr's something off about them. Everyone I've talked to agrees on this.

Anonymous 22656

Is there anyone here who's still playing? I'm on aether

>main job? Scholar

>least favorite job? i don't like tanking
>favorite npc? i like everyone
>opinion on sprouts mostly of them are okay i guess but some sprouts nowadays are bratty, dont like to learn

Anonymous 22657

I'm on Crystal but I'm running out of things to do before Endwalker.
>main job?
>least favorite job?
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
I've never had a bad experience with sprouts.

Anonymous 22658

I wish we could play together being from different data centers.
As a tank what do you think about big pulls?

Anonymous 22659

I love them but sometimes I have trouble figuring out how much the healer can handle. I tend to play it safe unless they tell me to pull more.

Anonymous 23502


I started playing FF14 around last summer and finished Endwalker when it was still in Early Access, but I'm a /feels/poster so I didn't know there was a thread for this game on here lol.

Now that all is said and done, I really loved the overarching story, art direction, amazing music, and love put into the game from ARR all the way to Endwalker, with the last zone of Endwalker outright making me cry, which is ??? pretty rare for a game to accomplish lmao. There is something I enjoyed about the aesthetical variety going from expansion to expansion. The glamour system is probably what has kept me engaged the most on the side, and while some people tried getting me into the relic and mount grind, I was, ehhh, not too big a fan. I kinda stuck toward my niche a lot of the time (tanking, casual raiding, triple triad, a little pvp, etc..), which I found to be the most fun and was quite good at, at least.

Unfortunately, and I know I'm in the minority here, but I… lowkey hate the community? Like, outright can't stand 90% of that petty drama-obsessed cesspool of a community. I hate reddit gremlins and uptight old people, and the game seems to be filled with the worst of both worlds, at least on the Chaos data center, with little in-between. Oh, and also tons of horny weebs bordering on creeps, especially mentors and the occasional streamer. Like, getting personal invites to your FC leader's sex dungeon on the weekend seems to be the norm and a lot of people are just… so socially-awkward in general, with seemingly everyone having horror stories to share, which I don't know if that's an MMO thing or what… but it sucks because I went into this game wanting to engage with the community since I heard positive things about its inclusivity, and it did work out occasionally and I got to meet tons of people, with a surprising amount of a female playerbase present, but the stars didn't align and so I never quite clicked with any particular group.

But I did play on a tiny world server and would say I've left a big impression on tons of people there, which has been neat and it left me with some fun experiences. Think I'll only sub for the story from now on though, because I'm still attached to my Au'Ra in the end.

What did everyone else think of Endwalker and, just out of personal curiosity, what are everyone's thoughts on and experiences with the community as a whole?

Anonymous 23503


Does this game get fun eventually? I played the start of it, and it was just a really boring cycle gameplay thing. Does it actually git gud at any point? Does it ever really change or do numbers just increase?

Anonymous 23504


>Does this game get fun eventually?
It is pretty rough at the start, yeah.

The formula for how the story progresses stays largely similar in most cases. ''Walk there, do this. Interact with x person/thing. Watch cutscene.'' Only that you feel more attached to the world and its characters over time, so you generally look over that flaw or grow to enjoy the quips.

Gameplay gets a lot flashier and more fun the higher the level you are and the harder the content you tackle is, although dungeons themselves always stay basic beyond the initial wow-factor you get from doing them for the first time, and ARR dungeons are especially bad.

I'd say the game opens up at around Stormblood and beyond with fun side-game content, and Shadowbringer and Endwalker are the best expansions in terms of story by far, although people will stab me and say Heavensward is perfection lol. It's mostly ARR that is considered a bit of a slog, so if you can get past that, it gets better in terms of story and gameplay.

Anonymous 23991


i've been playing lots of drk and i love the aesthetic

big gattsu sword, fight me griffith

Anonymous 23993

idk why but this pick of orochimaru looks familiar somehow.

Anonymous 24150

>main job?
>least favorite job?
Maybe Gunbreaker
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
They are alright, it's mentors that are bad typically. It's nice coming across a mentor that actually helps players though.

Anonymous 24261

>main job?
>least favorite job?
i have only tried blm and rdm, both were pretty fun
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
no opinion, just lost the sprout myself

Anonymous 24262

I'm this anon and I'm here to say now that I've tried Gunbreaker more, Astrologian is now my least favorite job.

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