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YouTube groomers Anonymous 18228

There's a tragic underbelly to YouTube where young girls who want to be popular are really vulnerable to groomers.

Slime videos
Clean my room videos
Yoga challenges

Is there anything we can do to help them? Their parents don't seem to notice and YouTube doesn't seem to care. It's really fucked up :(

Anonymous 18229

Absent parents are not the answer to this.

Anonymous 18230

I saw that too with gymnastics and ballet videos. It's really gross that they're being watched by pedos but they're not really doing anything wrong, they're just having fun. YouTube allows anyone 13 and up to have an account. It really seems like the only way to protect them from this exposure is having responsible parents who watch over what their kids are posting.

Anonymous 18231

Then what is?
There are a lot of under 13s making these sorts of videos :(

Anonymous 18232

It takes a village to parent a child. Parents can't be everywhere.

These children have other social media accounts. Message them, talk to them and warn them.

Anonymous 18233

I tried to warn some of them. YouTube seems to have a built-in feature that disables comments on their videos. It is meant to deter predators when, if anything, it makes view counts the sole driving force for future videos. They can relay to the kids what will get them more views and what won't without saying anything.
On some channels, there's like one video with open comments and that's where you'll see all the creeps coming out of the woodwork asking for wrestling videos, asking them to open up their DMs, saying really flattering things and offering to "help" them.

Anonymous 18234


I warned a bunch of them, and I've seen things I will never be able to unsee

Anonymous 18235

What did you see? You mean things they answered or?

Anonymous 18236

I'm pretty sure many of them know what they're doing, either that or their parents do. Without this creepy attention they'd have no presence on the platform. Kids are a lot more selfaware than you think these days. Enjoying the attention, having social media weight, and making money are reasons enough. I doubt they're at much risk if they keep their distance. Certainly not from grooming. The only risk is crazy pedos trying to track them down or something.

Anonymous 18237

How tf are men grooming girls through slime videos??

I can understand how they'd be creepy about gymnastics (several pedo-coded channels have already been shut down because of content like that) or room videos but how does slime make someone into a pedo target?

Sorry if this question is ridiculous, I'm just confused.

Anonymous 18238

These posts sound incredibly naive. They ask them to do do challenges that put them in suggestive positions, pay for private skype sessions in the case of child asmr channels, PM the children, post sexually suggestive comments they don't understand and respond to, etc. To suggest they know what they are doing is honestly shocking. Do you think they know these middle aged men are masturbating to their videos?
YouTube's algorithm makes it so that if you watch one of those shady videos, you will be sucked into a loophole of videos actual pedos watch. The comment sections are full of gross sexual comments, timestamps and links to other videos, sometimes links to chat groups where these pieces of shit associate and share god knows what. Many of these channels are not even made by the children or the parents, they are stolen videos uploaded by sock accounts and throwaways. Youtube was warned of this and found a way to disable comments automatically in some of these videos, but the channels are still there.

Anonymous 18239

Right on the mark.
The reason I said "parents don't seem to notice" is that most parents in 2019 were kids in a time that predates this sort of two-way interactive digital technology.

I can see how people with a limited understanding of internet culture who grew up with no computers might think that giving a little one a smart device is the same as putting them in front of the TV and letting it babysit them when it's anything but.

Anonymous 18240

Why did you link my reply when you didn't answer my question on how slime relates to this?? I already know what you're talking about, I'm not "naive" at all. Creepy pedoshit is what got SevenSuperGirls annihilated. Elsagate was all about calling out other weird grooming tactics like needle/injection propoganda.

The Cristali drama is also an interesting look at how Amino app could potentially be used for pedophiles generating CP. Pedos will always gather where they think the children will be.

Do normie boomers/millenials not get that TV has a shitton of standards it has to go through to get published? Nearly everything on TV has to have an age and content rating. TV also varies in content by region and generally daytime TV is different than your late night adult-oriented content.

The internet bypasses all ratings or content checks. Letting your kid watch TV or Netflix is safer than letting them browse Youtube. Even Youtube Kids still has problems.

I'm just shocked that Youtube doesn't straight up nuke any "child-oriented" content coming from China, Russia, or India because they're the top 3 contributors to weird groomer content. China is easily the worst offender.

Anonymous 18241


*I should also mention TV content is separated by channels, make it easier to use parental controls. Netflix Kids is also fine. The same can't be said for internet usage.

To clarify, what I'm asking is how do pedos groom with slime when playing with slime is purely with the hands? Slime isn't phallic or vulvic. It just seems like you'd really have to out yourself with your perverted intentions to make something perverted out of it.

Anonymous 18242

Oh, that's not it anon. It's slime pools and bathtubs with little girls in bikinis covered in gooey material. Bless your innocence.

Anonymous 18243


…Welp, I certainly feel silly now. I didn't even think about bathtub/pool content, likely because I don't like thinking about why pedos view it. But yes, that content tends to make me subconsciously uncomfortable.

It's especially blatant when people take pics of kids in the bathtub and show them to people outside of the family. It just feels wrong.

Anonymous 18244

search: whitney bjerken ice bath challenge

Anonymous 18245


How can so many videos come from China? Youtube (and other websites owned by google) is blocked there by the great firewall.

Anonymous 18246

A vast amount of Chinese are used to using VPNs. Did you think they were content to stay on their own walled-off web ?

Anonymous 18247

>Kids are a lot more selfaware than you think these days.

Wtf? No. Kids are kids. Of course kids think they know everything, lol, my groomer would tell me that i was so mature for my age and i would believe it.

Kids have no fucking idea wtf they're doing even if they think they do. They think it's just fun and games and can't really grasp the danger they're putting themselves into.

Anonymous 18248

I do believe children can have awareness about their actions, albeit not as sharp as an adult's awareness by any means, but I don't think they're any more self-aware than they ever have in the past. People just sort of expect children to be dumb because they're young and then are surprised when a child knows how to navigate YouTube and such.

Anonymous 18249

I agree but the comment i quoted claims that somehow these kids know what they're doing when exposing themselves to pedos, and that they are aware of the creepy attention.

>I'm pretty sure many of them know what they're doing, either that or their parents do. Without this creepy attention they'd have no presence on the platform. Kids are a lot more selfaware than you think these days. Enjoying the attention, having social media weight, and making money are reasons enough.

That is simply not true. Yes they want attention and fame. Yes they want to be complimented. But they think it's just fun and games. Without parental supervision kids have no way to effectively keep their distance from pedos. They just perceive them as fans.

When i was a kid i wasn't aware of how creepy it was to have a 25 year old compliment 12 year old me, because in my mind he didn't match the the stereotyped description of a creepy old fart. I thought i was being complimented because i was mature and cool like the grown ups or something.

Anonymous 18250

This, not to mention the fact that they are aware of the popularity of these videos because they see how many views and comments similar videos get, except they have no idea they are being watched by adults. they think it's a little girl thing that other little girls enjoy.

Anonymous 18251

Show that you care.They like to cleen their rooms you say.You can give them a ride on your broom if you know what i mean kek

Anonymous 18252

Can't we just kill all pedophiles? I don't want them to be accepted in society. They pray on small children because of their own incompetency and go after weaker targets. Now they tray to latch onto the lgbt+ community for pity points. They don't believe they are damaging small children's bodies and minds and that just makes them the worst.

Anonymous 18253

In the scientific study "Suicide and the Publicly Exposed Pedophile" it says the suicide rate (after apprehension) of male child sex offenders who engaged exclusively in sex (as distinct from those who performed multiple types of crimes and those who were violent to children), is reported to be 183 times higher than that of members of the general population .

They already die or get killed en masse.

Anonymous 18254

But not all of them

Anonymous 18255

183 times higher than that of members of the general population works out to 2562 suicides per 100,000 pedophiles.

Recidivism is 10% to 50% among pedophiles previously convicted of sexual abuse, although this could include anything from an arrest for any offense to reconviction on a crime against a child.

Recidivism studies are remarkably consistent that the number of people re-arrested for a new sex crime is somewhere between 5 and 15 percent.

Ellman contrasts that statement with the numbers from an authoritative 2014 meta-analysis of 21 recidivism studies by a team of leading scholars. It found that 32 percent of sex offenders assessed as a high risk to re-offend did so within 15 years. For offenders judged low risk, the number was 5 percent. And for high-risk offenders who made it 16 years with no re-offenses, their re-offense rate thereafter was zero.

Advocates of harsh sex-crime laws raise a key objection — that these crimes are among the most underreported, and criminal convictions in these cases are hard to get. Because of that, they say, official re-offense rates may be dramatic underestimates. If 100 percent of a sample of released sex offenders commit another sex crime but the rate of reporting is only 12 percent and only half of those reported are convicted, the recidivism rate would be listed as only 6 percent.

Therefore, a death penalty for child sex offenders would probably have a greater than 50% chance of preventing re-offenses.

Anonymous 18256

They can't commit more crime if theyre dead lol

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