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Hypnosis Mic Anonymous 18778

I'm tired of discussing with trannies on Twitter and Discord, can we have a thread? What's your favorite division? Favorite character? Favorite ship?
Who do you expect to win this DRB? Do you play ARB?
Let's talk about it.

Anonymous 18779


What's your favorite division?
Dotsuitare Hompo
Favorite character?
Rio Busujima
Do you play ARB?
I quit gatcha games a long time ago

BTW these are are the interim results. Also, I really loved the 3D used in Glory or Dust, seeing their speakers move feels much nicer compared to 2D

Anonymous 18780


And some people said DH would destroy BB on the votes, lol.
Good lesson, actually. We should never assume something is popular just because we see a lot of people talking about it.

Anonymous 18782


Thank you for this thread OP, I'm obsessed with Hypmic but the fandom is filled with troons and kids. I love Fling Posse so much, I'm glad I was able to order the last CD and vote for them in time! I'm kind of shocked at the sheer number of votes they got ngl.

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