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Anonymous 19368

Which fictional characters do you think you could beat in a fight?

I'm 5'5 and about 135lbs so, realistically, I can take out most Disney channel characters and some pokemon. I could definitely take down Hannah Montana and most of the eevee evolutions

Anonymous 19369


I want to only fight him. For fun. I'm 5'7 and he's 5'10 so it isn't too far off.

Anonymous 19370

Street fight where you just aim to rearrange eachothers faces or with a style? (boxing, for exmaple)

Anonymous 19371

Street fight. Always.

Anonymous 19374

none because im 5'3, nearly underweight and not evil enough to beat up animals or children. if its allowed i would bully everyone and form an army of people to fight for me though.

Anonymous 19377

I could definitely beat my husbando in hand-to-hand combat. He's skinny and weak, gets tired easily.

Anonymous 19380

>none because im 5'3, nearly underweight and not evil enough to beat up animals or children.
literally same, anon

Anonymous 19388

What about small weaker hostile entities like mudcrabs?

Could you beat your husbando in a street fight or could you do it in a sport tho? I genuinely think I could take out my husbando in boxing

Also who is he?

Anonymous 19392


Me too lmfaoo, maybe we can gang up on someone to take them out. I kinda wanna beat this mans ass, he is a demon and all but I think I could beat him in spirit

Anonymous 19401

If four of us are kind of average height and weight we could form a gang and take down most anime characters

Anonymous 19410

Eevee evolutions have elemental powers though? No human on Earth could beat one.

Anonymous 19415

Oh, they're pretty strong alright. I think they're even viable in competitive play.
Eevee would probably be the only one in the family that a human could beat.

Anonymous 19416

OP here. If you give me a broom and some proper heavy doc martens boots, I could likely take out eevee, leafeon, and possibly umbreon. I dont think I can take jolteon or fire bitch.

I've also given it some thought and I could reasonably smoosh lapunny and poochyena

Anonymous 19418

We could beat most small normal-type pokémon tbh.

Anonymous 19437


Pretty sure Hooni from Suicide Boy but I don't want to hurt him.

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