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Switching to Mac Anonymous 1978

My laptop is falling apart, so my boyfriend is giving me his old Macbook Air, so I have to get used to a new OS, help! I've been using Windows for more than 17 years now and my only experience with Apple was using an iPhone 4s for a year. Have you made the switch or are you bilingual? Do you stick with one OS? Do you have any tips and tricks for someone new to this? I mainly do stuff like video and image editing and internet.


>inb4 Linux

Anonymous 1979

>inb4 linux

damn you got me.

Anonymous 1980

Use your typical internet browser, and just practice the usual internet hygiene. I prefer macOS for editing over windows. Download ghostery while you're at it, and some others I need to get the names of (on mobile).

lul @ inb4 linux

Anonymous 1981

You can't simply press a button to screenshot. You gotta press three! I forget which I think it might have been ctrl, alt?? And 4. I dunno I find it more difficult to use than a pc. Maybe not difficult but tedious.

Anonymous 1982

Thanks! I use Lightshot for my screenshots anyways.

I downloaded Ghostery, thank you <3

It's so weird to get used to, everything that used to be on the right is now on the left and vice versa and every time I type an @ I close the window because the key combination I'm used to (on a non-american keyboard) is the same motion as ctrl+Q on the macbook. RIP me lol

Anonymous 1983

My laptop was always trash but now it's too slow to show videos and some keys on the keyboards are so fucked I can barely type without having to copy paste some specific letters to avoid typos. I'm only used to windows but I see that my friends with macbooks don't worry about their laptops being slower and slower or weird bugs that come from their OS. Macbooks are expensive though and I don't want to buy a second hand one because I want a good warranty. I'm hesitating, I want one but I know I should wait and save money for other things.

Anonymous 1986

In the OP's case, she doesn't have a choice but if you have a choice, don't get a Mac. You can build your own laptop online and it will be much cheaper and MUCH better quality. Avoid Apple at all costs.

Anonymous 2001

I'm OP and I actually agree. It took a lot of convincing until I accepted it because I'm so opposed to Apple computers, but it's free and I'm broke. For a free laptop it's pretty sweet.

Anonymous 2103


Linux is a kernel, it can't work by itself so it needs GNU coreutils to function thus it should be called GNU/Linux. Since you said no linux operating systems, then I would suggest you to try GUIX SD since it's not Linux, rather a fully functioning GNU/Hurd operating system or do what Linus Torvalds did, creator of Linux, install Fedora distro to a Macbook.

*BSD (Berkely Software Distrobution), is also an option.

Anonymous 2108

I'm assuming most people know when they say Linux they think of the GNU tools plus the Linux kernel, etc. If you want to be specific, yeah, Linux is a "kernel"

Anonymous 2113

I like mac's OS…I do web design/development and graphic design.

I much prefer mac to pc and mac os to windows.

I strongly dislike pc's and only know one person who prefers pc's (because he never had a mac…).

Anonymous 2120

>video and image editing

Then mac is definitely the best for you. Everybody that I know that does video/image editing has a mac (mostly mac pro, but air is probably ok too)

Anonymous 2122

Americans only support macs because they're being assaulted with advertising from apple. The rest of the world knows they're overpriced trash.

Anonymous 2123

Absolutely true except for the occasional international apple fanboy. They really are overpriced and not better than other high quality products from another brands.

Anonymous 2124

They are pretty hot in Japan too tho.

Anonymous 2125

>They really are overpriced and not better than other high quality products from another brands.

This. You can build your own computer online that has ridiculously high specs and it will still cost less than a mac and be much higher quality. You can choose what specs matter to you and not what a team decided to market to you. It won't spontaneously break down when a new product comes out and you won't spend thousands on buying ~apple specific~ adapters for things you don't even need adapters for with a pc or getting it repaired at ~the apple store~ when the slightest thing goes wrong because you'll be able to easily fix it at home.

I actually can't believe people buy apple products. But yeah OP doesn't really have a choice so I feel bad.

Anonymous 2151

Don't feel bad, I'd avoid it if I could.

Anonymous 2156

During my time living in Japan, I usually only saw people using Windows computers. For Apple products, I think people only really buy iPhones or iPads but was under the impression that the computers weren’t as popular. I could be wrong, but this was just my observation.

As for me though, I mainly used Macs for most of my life and made the switch to Windows around two years ago. Overall I think I prefer Windows a lot more just because they’re more suited to my needs with gaming and able to handle performance heavy programs like video editors. I used to use Final Cut on my old Mac and it could barely run it despite being a slightly better MacBook Pro. Photoshop and drawing programs like Clip Studio Paint also are a bit laggy with my Cintiq tablet and I prefer drawing on a Windows much more. I also think you can get much better specs for the same price with a Windows computer and it also allows for a lot more customizability with switching out parts and such.
I think Macs are pretty easy to use though and can be very convenient for things like file searching, which they do much more quickly. I’ve also noticed that they seem to have a longer “lifespan” than Windows computers and only really slow down a bit after 3-4 years if you just use it normally. I think it also has a bit more resistance to viruses and comes with decent programs like iMovie and GarageBand for free at startup. I There are the lag issues with more intensive programs, but for a free computer I think it will be bearable.
I know this post is kind of old and my response is really long but I just wanted to provide some insight as I’ve spent a lot of time with both OS’s.

Anonymous 2157

Upperclass people abroad almost always use Apple…

Why do you think basically every wealthy city has an Apple Store? It's not to service Americans.

Anonymous 2161

Just use boot camp if you can't get used to it. I bought a mac in 2014, and honestly I still haven't adapted my workflow to the OS.

…have you tried installing linux on a mac before?

Anonymous 2163

>muh specs

Anonymous 2263

>entry level laptop for video editing
Anon you gotta be joking.

People used to buy Macs for graphic design for the displays because they produce a more accurate color. But I heard windows is catching up now.

Anonymous 2307


Just use this simple guide I made:

I've been using macOS for like less than a year and once you learn the basic stuff it's really easy to get used to the rest.

Anonymous 2315

That was really helpful, thanks!

So far I'm getting pretty used to it. I use BetterTouchTool so I never have to deal with the loud force click - tiptap left/right open in for new tab/refresh, two-finger tap for right click, and for dragging I use the three-finger drag from the accessibility settings. Other than the loud clicking noise, this touchpad is the first one I'm enjoying. I still occasionally use my trackball mouse, but it's getting less and less.

I'm really liking the terminal, I only used Putty before and hated it.

Anonymous 2322

Any ideas on changing text navigation shortcuts? I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences but it went on to fuck up text navigation.

Anonymous 2324

>I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences
Don't do this, trust me. Just get used to using command.
Well hmm, like I said: I changed screenshot the entire screen to cmd+f7 and screenshot a area to option (alt) + f7 (and btw pressing space while you're at it changes it from an area to a specific window)
hmm what else? well I guess I have some other stuff but it's p much just for garageband and most stuff I didn't actually change so…

Anonymous 2341

>Just get used to using command.
Can't. I'm dual booting. I need both OSes.

Anonymous 3252


If you use a mac this tip will save your f life
I wasn't able to find files that were CLEARLY THERE unless I duplicated them or searched for files that were actually new. Now I can actually find all my stuff.

macOS is kinda dumb sometimes but it's pretty nice when you learn how to fix it's stupidness
also this >>2307 I loved this guide

Anonymous 17313

unnamed (3).jpg

>not american
>still was required to get mac for gd school
Not sure why. I once heard from a teacher that apple and adobe used to have strong business ties so all the adobe products would work better on macs.

Anyways, I still use my mac laptop at home (no adobe anymore tho) while at work we have PCs so I have been bilingual for the last year+. Once you get the basic key commands down nothing changes a whole lot - less upkeep maybe since apple automizes a lot of things, which comes with the downside of having less controll/personalization options.

I'm actually building my own PC from hand-me-down parts and I'm wondering if I should go for windows or make the bigger jump and try out linux? I want to mainly use it for art (clip studio) and a little gaming.

Anonymous 17314

Art and gaming are, sadly, probably the worst possible reasons to try out Linux. Art moreso than games, because autistic nerds are willing to fiddle with steam to get games, and at least a majority of emulators run on Linux (some even better.) With art programs you hit this nasty little grey area where the type of person to care about software (autistic nerds) and the type of person who cares about using the best art programs to make art (socially maladjusted attention seekers at best) have virtually no overlap. If you have no aspirations to programming and aren't into anything illegal, just use Windows. Be aware you're probably being spied on at all times though.

Anonymous 17319

My bf and I both switched to Mac about 2 years ago. He loves it as it’s easier to use Linux things. For me, I find my Mac really annoying. It regularly has issues if I have more than about 2 programmes open. This is on a brand new top of the range Macbook. My mouse keeps getting laggy whenever itunes is open (which is the one programme you’d think would work fine…). There’s also lots of little differences, like the screen maximiser maximising too much meaning I have to do it manually every time, which make me miss Windows. I’m not into coding and I hate that random programmes online will be a simple download for Windows but then I have to open a command window and type in a bunch of stuff in Mac.

I’ve done photo editing on both and I couldn’t see any differences, besides my Mac being more annoying to use.

I’m not anti-Apple and have had iphones for about 10 years. I briefly tried Android but switched back.

Anonymous 17320

I'm a hobbyist artist and use linux ( GIMP and Keita) for art with some cheap obscure graphics tablet, the driver for it is primitive and doesn't have half the features it does on Windows but hey it works.

Anonymous 17321

*Krita not Keita

Anonymous 17340

Eh, it's not that hard, it does the same things except the specific shortcuts are different, the "logic" is still the same.
After using it for a while with some liberal googling you'll get used to it, it really is just a matter of personal taste.
I do despise the macbook air and think it is a physical manifestation of everything wrong with apple (pathetic specs at insane prices) but you can only complain so much about a free computer.

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