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bayonetta thread Anonymous 19784

what is the best hack n slash game out there, and why is it bayonetta?

i adore the original bayonetta but can't stop cringing at the overly sexual scenes and moves. it's such a shame and makes the game so difficult to play. i love the aesthetics outside of the sexual stuff, it just has such a great vibe, great gameplay, great and interesting moves. so disappointing there was so much emphasis on her being objectified.

Anonymous 19785

i would also like to mention that the fact that developers and producers were so concerned with sexxxxxing her up that they neglected to fix her circusfreak pinheadedness, and that they still haven't addressed her pinheadedness in the sequels, is very upsetting. her impossibly tiny head is so distracting.

Anonymous 19786

>i adore the original bayonetta but can't stop cringing at the overly sexual scenes and moves.

I disagree, makes her seem like a character that is fully in charge and comfortable with her sexuality. Sexy and confident is a great combination, and I heavily prefer it at as something novel contrasted with the average Japanese female lead who is just
>Oh gosh Toshaki-Sensei, am I really that cute, I didn't know!
Which is far less empowering and entertaining to watch.

Anonymous 19787

For me the best is Lollipop Chainsaw. I liked Bayonetta but Lollipop Chainsaw is funny and spices up the gameplay with lots of dumb minigames.

Anonymous 19788


One of the few female characters that made me realized I'm bi. Though I love her 2 design more.

Another hack n slash game I could add is Devil May Cry.

Anonymous 19804

i mean, okay, but i just want to play the game without being reminded so much of sexuality in any sense. i just want to be an angel fighting witch without so much moaning and seduction, for christ sake. like, even one of the angels (joy?) does a whole moany porny thing and her pussy area glows while she moans repeatedly. it's just so uncomfortable. this isn't uncomfortable for anyone else? i just want to fight angels. it's great that women are confident, whatever, but this is just another form of like, way, hypersexualizing women in popular media.

honestly i get so turned off by minigames that if bayonetta had more, i'd be out. it already has too many for me. i never understood the appeal of minigames. it feels like such a pointless distraction and imo they usually suck ass.

i do like DMC, but bayonetta will forever be my favorite. almost everything about bayonetta was pretty expertly crafted except her fantastically tiny head and overly porny behavior.


i don't care if it was a man, a woman, or a twelve-tentacled jaguar, the fact remains that someone or some team of people decided to continue and focus on how to best sex her up, rather than address her microcephaly.

Anonymous 19810

The ridiculous and cheesy hypersexualisation is part of what makes Bayonetta so likeable to me. Bayonetta is sexy as fuck and they made her fully in control of how she's perceived. I even love her exaggerated anime giraffe anatomy, she's perfect and I want her to step on my face.

Bayonetta's design in 2 is more appealing to me too but damn the sequel is so much worse in every other aspect

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