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Genshin Impact Anonymous 19845

How do you feel about Mihoyo, Genshin Impact and their playerbase?

Anonymous 19846

I know nothing of Genshin Impact but the playerbase makes me want to stay away from it forever.

Anonymous 19847

Big CCP money and an utterly rabid and insane fanbase… games are aight though

Anonymous 19849

I'm never playing because the shitty ads I got when it came out. The userbase is like a festering toxic mold, so I'm not touching the game or a user with a ten foot pole.

Anonymous 19851

It's for coomers

Anonymous 19855

It charmed me enough to keep playing. There's a lot of talented artists/writers in the fandom, but it also really makes me wish I had a "block everybody under 30" button. I'm glad Mihoyo seems to respect fujobucks.

Anonymous 19857

>Complaining about playerbase
Why are you even chatting in multiplayer or reading twitter spergs?

I just play because it's free and has decent exploration for killing time. And maybe for potential future husbandos, though none of the characters now are really my type.

Anonymous 19859

I'll admit the monetization model relies on you finding the characters cute but I think it's way less sexualized than the average anime-style game. And weirdly enough, the only characters that flirt with the protagonist are guys

I recommended the game to a friend and I'm glad she likes it but her life now revolves entirely around Genshin fujo ships and moronic jokes written by 13-year olds on Twitter so it's sadly getting impossible to avoid.

I also love the exploration in Genshin, the lack of endgame has been a mood killer for me but Inazuma isn't that far off.

Anonymous 22714


how many 5 stars do you have? which elements? their constellations?
Kazuha, Jean (C1)
Mona (C1), Tartaglia (C1)
Eula, Qiqi
Raiden Shogun, Keqing

Anonymous 22719

Genshin what?

I just know that the company is gonna release an otomege

Anonymous 22786

QiQi, Mona, C1 Zhongli, Kazuha, and I just rolled Diluc trying to go for Albedo.
I'm not a whale so saving for Itto.

You been living under a rock? That game's been out for a while too, Tears of Themis.

Anonymous 23104


>how many 5 stars do you have? which elements? their constellations?


Venti, Jean (finally!)
Tartaglia (C1), Mona (C1, sadly…)
Hu Tao (got her by chance while I was pulling for Thoma, can't complain since she does lots of dmg and her design is nice).
None, unless Aloy counts.
None either.

Who are you all saving for? I want Xiao, because I need another DPS to clear Abyss 12 floor, but I'm more excited about Ayato.

oh you have him guaranteed anon, I hope you manage to get him!

Anonymous 23105

What makes Genshin Impace fun? I've barely heard that it has BotW gameplay with gacha elements. Is it just being a weeb-adjacent MMO that makes it fun?

Anonymous 23106

I mean, ask yourself the question "what makes BotW fun" and you pretty much have your answer haha…
I think Genshin is fun because you can play as a lot of different characters, each with their own playstyle and meta. I don't think there's any other free to play game that gives so many gameplay options, aside from League of Legends and its copycats.
Also, the graphics are awesome and the scenery is beautiful.
Though if you're looking for a deep, meaningful plot, I don't think you'll get it here… There's some exceptions, but a lot of players agree the plot has been underwhelming so far.

Anonymous 23108

>what makes BotW fun
I haven't played that either, it's just what I know about the game. Guess I should ask, what makes BotW fun then?

Anonymous 23114


ah ok haha, well BotW is really fun if you like beautiful scenery and graphics, exploring open worlds, doing sidequests at your own pace instead of following a linear gameplay (?), yada yada yada.
I've never completed it, because the game is huge, but I remember feeling comfy while playing it because you could do whatever you wanted with no strings attached. Wanna kill that big powerful monster blocking your path? Go for it, but better upgrade your equipment first. Want to just laze around a cozy village and talk to people while completing their requests? Go ahead.

Ofc, Genshin Impact is way more simple (is free after all) and focuses more on you having the right characters in the team rather than you outsmarting the enemy to kill it (idk if I'm making sense). Regardless, even if you are F2P it's easy to get in-game currency thanks to events and exploration rewards (chests), so you'll eventually get enough currency to get the characters you want. You only need certain characters to complete Abyss, which is just a playground for whale players tbh. You can play the game and complete all of the quests even if you don't have top tier characters.

Anonymous 23116

Not her but that sounds so damn boring to me. I guess that explains why I never really cared about BotW or Genshin Impact.

>You been living under a rock?
Yeah, I've been trying to avoid this game completely on purpose as much as I can, since 1. it doesn't look like my kind of game, 2. I probably can't even run it, 3. it looks generic as fuck and 4. it's overwhelmingly popular.
Thanks for that bit of info though.

Anonymous 23118

>ah ok haha, well BotW is really fun if you like beautiful scenery and graphics, exploring open worlds, doing sidequests at your own pace instead of following a linear gameplay (?), yada yada yada.
Was that all BotW was? Zelda but open world?

>I've never completed it, because the game is huge, but I remember feeling comfy while playing it because you could do whatever you wanted with no strings attached. Wanna kill that big powerful monster blocking your path? Go for it, but better upgrade your equipment first. Want to just laze around a cozy village and talk to people while completing their requests? Go ahead.

Sounds like very strange escapism wrapped up in a generic chink-anime aesthetic.

Not saying it's bad, I can just see zero of the appeal.

>Regardless, even if you are F2P it's easy to get in-game currency thanks to events and exploration rewards (chests), so you'll eventually get enough currency to get the characters you want. You only need certain characters to complete Abyss, which is just a playground for whale players tbh. You can play the game and complete all of the quests even if you don't have top tier characters.

The fact you have to qualify it like this has me concerned too. I really loathe pay-2-win as a model, or as I suppose in this class pay-2-do-slightly-better.

Anonymous 23123


Anonymous 23126

Yes? As opposed to Jap-anime. Or Gook-anime.

Anonymous 23130

>Sounds like very strange escapism wrapped up in a generic chink-anime aesthetic
Yeah, it sounds like a simulation kind of game with no clear ultimate goal. Although I guess it's also similar to MMORPGs, but without the MM part (and teaming up with other players and interacting with other teams is the main appeal of that genre).
I like life simulation games a lot, I would probably play the new AC if I could afford it, and I like more action-oriented games as long as they got a story and/or main objective. But Genshin Impact seems like a weird mix between those two that I don't really find interesting. The gacha shit doesn't help.

Anonymous 23131

Wait, Genshin isn't even MMO? What the fuck? It's literally just open world gacha?

Anonymous 23133

I tried looking that up, actually, because I wasn't sure myself, and found that people call it "single-player MMORPG" or similar things. Apparently it is possible to play co-op, but it's not an MMO?

Anonymous 23134

Nani Cece.png

>single-player MMORPG
I mean, I understand, I guess.

Anonymous 23139

You guys don't know a lot about video games huh. Genres aren't that complicated.

Anonymous 23141

Genres aren't complicated, why someone would like a particular one is.

Singleplayer MMO sounds like an oxymoron though.

Anonymous 23142

>Genres aren't that complicated.
They're actually more complicated than they would appear, especially nowadays since everyone's trying to create new formulas and mixing elements from different genres.

Anonymous 23384

Besides Aloy I only have Xiao and Itto, both C0. I'm not really a dedicated player and I took a 9 month break from playing at all. I really want to build up a husbando collection eventually, though. (Plus some of the girls with cute designs like Qiqi and Mona)

Anonymous 23401

dead meme.png

IDK who Mihoyo is.

JK I know it's the company but all I know is that they want your money and time for anime waifu.

The game itself looks like a discount BotW/PSO2 fusion. Graphics seem nice tho.

Playerbase makes me wish I was standing upside down with my head in a bucket of piranhas, to be honest. Lots of terrible memes and gushing/raging when they get/don't get their fave girl.

I'd rather spend my time and money on potato chips.

Anonymous 23630


I really didn't want to play it at first, but started in April and became really invested (I have kind of an addictive personality). Then I started buying welkin and I dunno… Now I'm tired a bit. I feel like I'm getting baited into pulling chars I wouldn't want that much because of other people's excitement for them. So I'll probably go f2p in a few months. I have Eula, Kazuha, Raiden, Childe, Xiao (will have Zhong soon) + Diluc, Jean, Qiqi c2 (bruh). Weapon banner is theft, 5* consts not worth it, Abyss 12 is not even worth a single pull lol and meta always changes.

Anonymous 23635


its pretty disgusting greedy chinese corporate pedobait but i like it for the art, gacha and albedo. too bad the gameplay is also boring as fuck, i can only make myself use my resin and do 4 commissions before logging out for a week. dont care for the playerbase either. gonna pull for zhongli when his banner comes out, i have about 30 pulls saved up atm. i want him for the sake of supporting my c2 albedo

Anonymous 24100


it's an ok game. I only play because gacha addiction, but at AR 40 it became boring and repetitive. The storyline isn't that good, the graphics are like BotW but worse, I just go on sometimes to complete daily quests and get chr level-up materials

Anonymous 24129

As a mobage/soshage enthusiast myself: blandest gacha cashgrab ever
I don't get the appeal of the characters
Design is shitttt
But I understand it is nice to have an open mmo-like world in a mobile game, so that's that

Anonymous 24130

>Tears of Themis
wow that's literally mr love characters
buncha hacks

Anonymous 24317

I was under the impression that genshin is leaps and bounds ahead as far as gacha games go?

Anonymous 24384

Oh man I thought I was the only one who noticed lmao. I know Love and Producer (Mr Love) was really big in China not long ago so they probably felt they just had to get a slice of that

Anonymous 24385


Yikes my pic didn't want to upload

Anonymous 24437

Why I picked up Genshin
>every male main character is pretty in some way (up until oni dude, but I think they went back to pretty boys again with the new ice bishounen? I approve.)
>A l b e d o, my love
>pretty open world game that's essentially free
>Childe a qt
>the writing seemed very promising pre-Inazuma

Why I dropped Genshin
>toxic gamer waifufag moids in the fanbase
>didn't like Inazuma
>Signora is dead wtf
>game feels way too bland because they killed off one of the ONLY major antags that wasn't a nobody mob
>the foxboy sounds too mature
>they made a genderbend of him to appeal to moids
>bad gacha rates
>recycled characters from other Mihoyo games
>weird censored chat, impossible for RP
>better games exist
>the models can be ripped and used for better content

One of the Genshin Discords I was originally in got banned twice, nuked one time and then the remake also got nuked, because of moids sharing actual CP shit with each other. Not fanart but legitimately talking about trying to touch IRL children. I can't fault people who hate the fanbase, there are some really disgusting people in it. Some awful obnoxious trannies too.

I see why Mihoyo is trying to put the Mondstadt cast back into Inazuma and it's kind of hilariously pathetic. They don't belong there. Mihoyo struck gold with a unique cast and then they ruined it by becoming generic weebshit.

Anonymous 24441

>because of moids sharing actual CP shit with each other
jesus christ, i shouldn't be surprised but then again… it really is so different to crystal.cafe CP rainds.
>Not fanart but legitimately talking about trying to touch IRL children. I can't fault people who hate the fanbase, there are some really disgusting people in it. Some awful obnoxious trannies too.
Moids are a disease.

Anonymous 24442

no different to crystal.cafe raids.
srry should have proofread my post lol

Anonymous 24443

What villain did they kill off? I I haven't played in a while. Also who is the genderbend of the fox?

Anonymous 24445

nta i assume they mean Signora which that anon mentioned in the above statement

Anonymous 24447

Yae makes Gorou (who is a shiba inu, not a fox) crossdress in his character quest, haven't played it yet so don't know the details.
I hated Signora so it's cool shes dead. And seriously who hangs out in gaming reddits and discords, I just play the game, and for something free it's pretty good.

Anonymous 24465

i play in chineese VA too, its more pleasant

Anonymous 24478


Becomes the literal definition of a free rider
Nothing personal, haha. I'm in for the art 95% of the time as I absolutely love Ganyu!

But, I despise the coomer moids and wanna-be "woman" moids that are the reason Genshin is associated with human filth here in the West.
I'm also concerned about the CCP and the probable cadres they send to harass on them, as they do in every company.
>I just know that the company is gonna release an otomege
That would've be amazing if it happened.

Anonymous 24489

Yae doesn't make Gorous crossdress, did we play the same game?

Anonymous 24501

Yay another Ganyu fan! Good taste anon. I love that artist too.

Anonymous 24579


all the criticism of the fanbase makes me feel lucky that the only fanbase that exists in my head is my girlmutuals who share fanart of our fav genshin boys.

I miss Childe

i actively avoid large fan groups/discord servers for the sole reason of wanting to avoid coomers and "loli" weirdos

Anonymous 24583

Most genshin fans are just kids honestly, especially in discord servers. It's much easier to accept cringiness of a fanbase when you realise the cringiness stems from children. I'm sure I was cringe at their age.

Anonymous 24584


this 100%
whenever i find genshin fans on social media, most of them are teenagers and ive have younger relatives who also play genshin.

i feel if you find coomer scrotoids, theyre in deeper parts of the internet that you must actively seek after. on the flip side you'll find tons of fujos/yumes.
the best fanbase experience is simply just having friends your age who play the game

Anonymous 24586


The fanbase is okay; I find myself joining randos from time to time if I'm playing and bored enough, some people end up being chatty like me and it's fun. But I don't really pay attention to the fanbase outside the game, soo…

I personally play for the pretty environments and exploration. Rolling for characters adds an extra dimension to that gameplay loop. Enkanomiya is probably my personal favorite area so far. It has a very calming, ethereal vibe. Hoyoverse's art direction in general is very polished.

As for the story, I think the lore of the game is great, but the actual writing is pretty surface-level and I tend to skip a lot of dialogue because it's so needlessly long-winded and cliched. Mondstadt's repeated portrayal of alcohol and alcoholism is also kinda offensive to me as a German and makes me roll my eyes, but apparently only I think that.

Anonymous 24594

AYRT they're actually generous when it comes to Honkai, I will give them that. Genshin is clearly their cash cow and they are stingy towards the player base because of it.

Anonymous 24610

What's going on with Ayaka's banner?

Anonymous 24611

It will run until end of 2.6, as it currently says on the banner and explains in one of the in-game announcements about the banner.

No confirmation yet of when 2.7 will start.

Anonymous 24615


due to the covid lockdown in Shanghai, 2.7 is delayed. they also were suppose to have an event that took place in the teapot (during teapot maintenance too) which I think is ongoing now?

what I don't get is Honkai (another hoyoverse game) has ver 5.7 out and other chinese mobile names like Arknights are functioning fine. only Genshin seems to be delayed due to covid lockdowns.

Anonymous 24621

Maybe because different teams work on the games? I've also heard the Japanese voice actress for Lumine is unavailable to record new lines and that's causing issues. Not sure tho. I wouldn't be surprised if Genshin had a bigger team than Honkai and all their other games.

Anonymous 24648


who do you guys main? is your main also your favorite chatacter? whats your favorite element?

i main eula & ayaka, but tartaglia is my fav character. my fav element is cryo

Anonymous 24650

I'm a Ganyu main because I love bow gameplay and how strong she is but I don't even know if I have a favorite. I have a huge soft spot for Qiqi, Fischl, Bennett and Zhongli. Cryo is probably my favorite.

Anonymous 24930

Currently I play Itto the most. He is my strongest character by far and I don't even have that great of an artifact set on him. His burst scaling from his DEF makes him such a tank coupled with how he doesn't use stamina for his charged attacks..insane. Incredibly useful in the annoying Forsaken Rift domain (the cryo slime & abyss mage one that drains your stamina). He is a lovable character, too. I like the nice goofballs. I really like playing with Yanfei, and her characterization, as well but she's very glass cannon until you unlock her C4. I can't decide on who is my favorite in terms of characterization. Maybe Albedo or Yae. I love how she terrifies others like Gorou. My fave element is currently electro. I'm looking forward to seeing how dendro is implemented. That could become my new fave element.

Anonymous 25299

>those dumbfuck moids who pulled for a five star xingqiu because of the sex appeal
>and now Kazuha is getting a rerun after

Anonymous 25320


The fanart side of the fanbase is the most unhinged thing ever they kept me away from playing the game. My friends are so sheltered from it and were surprised when I brought it up.

Anonymous 25349

People have been losing their minds over all the latest leaked characters and how none of them are even tan. I'm perturbed myself considering the new region is supposed to be either South Asian or Middle Eastern inspired, but there is 0 point in complaining to MiHoYo. These people seem to have 0 idea of just how colorist China is. MiHoYo will not risk pissing off their home fanbase by adding in any other characters darker than Xinyan.

Anonymous 25380

I wish there was a way to discuss it without coming off as terminally online twitter user. It’s really lazy character design from a studio that’s making millions. I also don’t like defending Asian artists that can’t color anything but lily white skin but I don’t think they should be bullied they should be critiqued.
The new

Anonymous 25449

I really don't like chore simulators that are disguised as games. Whenever I see people talk about gacha games it's always oh I gotta do my dailies since the day is almost over, or I gotta grind for X, or I need to play this event more before it's over. My time is my time and I prefer games that respect that.

Anonymous 25451

Love the game.
Love the husbandos.
Love the waifus.
Love gamblin.
Hate the twitter fanbase.

Anonymous 25565

i wish the exp for killing enemies isn't so low. i like shooting enemies with Amber because it is fun, but it often feels fruitless. At least with games like pokemon, killing enemies levels you up. I always feel nervous about using the exp books because "oh no, what if I use them on the wrong character and waste the book!!111!!!", even though i still only have the original four lol

Anonymous 25566

i hate that this game is entirely online only. it will probably be far in the future, but one day, the servers for this game will shut down, and everything will be gone forever and unplayable :(

Anonymous 25715

EXP books are fairly plentiful before AR50, don't stress too much over using them. The game clearly does not want you to level via simply grinding mobs. It is WAY too tedious to level that way, even at max WL. Absolutely don't use them to level a character to level 90. Not until you've figured out who you want to use long-term and if you find it worth the effort for the resources that will be used to do their final ascend and leveling. The ascension gem cost alone is hefty, especially for anemo characters because anemo has the least amount of bosses you can get gem drops from. Some characters benefit more from the final ascension than others, like Bennett who benefits from the base ATK increase, increasing how well he buffs the rest of the party with his burst & benefits from the max HP increase, increasing how much his burst heals per tic. The number of books required to level from 80 to 90 is more than what you need for level 1 to 80, similar to how the weapon EXP works. Although there are non-official online alternatives to use, the enhancement progression calculator in the Hoyolab app is handy for quickly referencing this sort of thing and assessing if I have enough materials to level something to the level that I want (when aiming for more than 10 levels increase).

There are already people who run their own private servers for Genshin, showing that it's possible on a single person basis to run a separate server from the official one. There may be people who are invested enough by the time the official servers close, that they end up running their own for others to play on & it might be even more fun with custom settings. Like how people run their own WoW servers with quality of life changes, or where you can start off from the beginning with good gear and leveled characters. Imagine we finally get actually good co-op features then too, from players developing it themselves.

Anonymous 25742

There is no game i have ever felt truly disgusted by before this one, and i played A LOT of korean MMOS.
Without even addressing the gacha itself (which is really bad, don't get me wrong ),it puts so many artificial barriers between the player and the content, so much incentive on daily repetitive grinding for … literally anything.
Also, everything in it is derivative, gameplay, music, artstyle, exploring / platforming.
Every character is a caricature.
You basically don't gain xp by killing mobs past level like 20. You have to hunt for books. There are daily caps on things and ridiculous requirements for everything. Daily quests etc…. It has all the downsides of MMOs and none of the good sides.

When you explore new areas there is like a chest every 5 meters and it' s honestly sickening. it's like they trick you the game will be abundant in rewards but then they put you on a leash.
I gave it a fair chance honestly (40h+) , but I genuinely think this is barely a game. Way more of a money milking tool.
The actual gameplay is ok but every other system is so terrible that it's really not worth it.
The worst thing is that i have friends that are gonna defend it with "it's not designed to be played for X hours a day" or "you're trying to play the game wrong by thinking " or whatever
My sister in christ you are brainwashed.
This game preys on addictive personalities harder than every korean MMO combined

Anonymous 25744

It's just a gatcha game. That's the whole point, it's free, but it's tedious in other ways so you feel like paying money to make it easier.

Anonymous 25769

I have never played the game and I never will. The fact that the game has such intrusive spyware and people still play it makes me lose hope in humanity.

Anonymous 26506

New PV getting me excited a bit. Even if the aesthetics were really reminding me of Mercury.
I really do love the music in this game.

Anonymous 26538

the music in the PV was so good, and i'm absolutely looking forward to scaramouche boss

Anonymous 26560

I haven't even gone to Sumeru yet because I have to do a bunch of quests before getting there.
I think that if I don't enjoy Sumeru I'll probably drop genshin for good.
The best part of the game to me is the exploration. I think the environmental art team did a great job and I love looking forward to the next new area.
The worst part by far that I think most could agree with is the writing.
I wouldn't mind having to do a bunch of quests if they were at least somewhat interesting, but they're all so boring.
They either need a better writing team or to please just give us a skip dialogue button.

Anonymous 26578

I went into this game for the husbandos but ended up disappointed with how GI rips off every single game known to any human.

Just rando ones off of my head
>2B run
>Dmc's V (Fischl)
>the thousand rips from Zelda (especially the new thing in Sumeru)

We recorded alot more rips in one of the discoservers and honestly that made me feel really bad I spent money on it.

I thought I could ignore the stolen "creativity" aspect but the incoming husbandos are too recycled for me to care about anymore.
or maybe that's my depression kicking in again kek

What do miner sisters think about Cyno and Alhaitham?

Anonymous 26624

>What do miner sisters think about Cyno and Alhaitham?
I will pull for both of them. I'm sorry to hear that the husbandos are not your taste! I like most of them so i think i will get them all. Also i dont mind if they "steal" some ideas from other games if its done well.

Anonymous 26626

I just wish Cyno wasn't a short male model with a boring shounen voice. But I'm rolling for him anyway because 5 star male electro.
From what we've seen of Al-Haitham he seems boring, but I guess we'll se more of him in the future.

Anonymous 26747

You guys do know that MiYoHo is in Taiwan, and that Taiwan is not part of China, right? CCP has nothing to do with Genshin.

Anonymous 26753

Aranara Dance.webm

So cute

Anonymous 26844


For whatever reason, I genuinely thought the Hydro Yaksha was going to be a guy based on the first preview given the apparent boy butt and slender male body, but alas, I was mistaken.
She is still cute, nonetheless.
>Whoops, that went Bonanus

Anonymous 26907


Bonanus is so cute. It's disappointing that she'll likely never be a playable character.

At least we'll have Layla, who turned out cuter than I thought she would. Very curious to see if she is another handicapped 4-star or if her kit will be decent. I'm fine with the super niche kits like Gorou's, I just want her to have a good use. I hope she runs on Nahida's banner, rather than whatever the likely re-run banner will be on the 2nd half of 3.2. There will have to be something severely wrong with Nahida for me to not pull for her. I am feeling the limitations of Dendro MC in my Aggravate team & while Nahida probably won't be my ideal choice, she should be much better. I think ultimately my Keqing-Fischl Aggravate team needs a Dendro healer (Baizhu come on already!) and an anemo for grouping + VV shred, most likely Kazuha who I'm also lacking. Venti or Sucrose will suffice for now. I doubt Scara will be the kind of anemo I'm looking for on that team.

>What do miner sisters think about Cyno and Alhaitham?

I was excited for Cyno, but after seeing how much field time he optimally needs..meh. Most of your buffs are going to run out way before his burst is done. I also already have a decent selection of electro characters, so I'll wait for his re-run to see if his possible team comps have changed to something I would like that my current characters can't achieve. Also, his character essentially being a knowledge cop, even with good intentions, is not something I like. I was pleasantly surprised at his English VA though! Much deeper than I expected. Alhaitham based. I hope his kit turns out good. I expect many more months until his banner though, I'm guessing May or later.

Anonymous 26910

i'm looking forward to Haitham, i hope his kit is good and I wonder if there will be any sort of niche or gimmick to his kit as a dendro user

Anonymous 27212

I was honestly seriously disappointed by Cyno. I was hyped because of his cool burst design but gameplay wise he kind of sucks and he was pretty boring personality wise in the archon quest. I haven't played his story quest yet tho so maybe he's better in that? Still love his aesthetic.

Al Haitham meanwhile.. I hated him since his design leak. He looks super generic in my opinion and his personality is annoying too. And all the insane twitter fujos already shipping him with the unreleased Kaveh just turned me off him even more.
I agree with you on the recycled husbandos thing. All the newer male characters are kind of lame.

Anonymous 27226


Prepare for more insane fujo antics. Kaveh looks even better than the speculative fanarts and way better than Alhaitham. Mihoyo doing better with modeling male hair for once.

I was bummed about the 4 star rate-ups for Nahida's banner, but it made me realize I don't actually like her all that much – I just really want access to another decent dendro character to be able to play dendro teams on both sides. I'll be waiting until at least Yaoyao/Baizhu/Alhaitham/Kaveh. Maybe I'll nab her on her re-run.

Anonymous 27318


I have a pretty mixed opinion about them.
Like what others had said, it's a stingy gachashit with a mediocre main story and absolute slog of a "gameplay". On the other hand, I really appreciate the efforts Mihoyo do put on Genshin. OSTs and the Environment designs is surprisingly very beautiful for a free game. Even 2 years later the scenery and OST at Dragonspine still manages to give me chills, though that maybe my bias speaking as an Albedofag.
I wish they didn't skip the Dragonspine event this year, I actually find them more engaging than most of the main stories…
>Cyno & Tighnari
>Kaveh & Alhaitham
Sumeru really is the fujo region huh, with all the current boys having predetermined pairs and all.
Yumes region when? I'm still baffled how Childe is still the only Tall Male in the game that actually gives Yumebait content.

Anonymous 27330

>I'm still baffled how Childe is still the only Tall Male in the game that actually gives Yumebait content.
I think its because mc can also be a guy and you know that moids would rage if they see there self insert (aether) be to cozy with any of the guys.

Anonymous 27553

venti c2
mona c3
hu tao
nahida, tighnari c4

mostly been saving my wishes for the next hu tao rerun.

Anonymous 27554

yan fei is my main DPS now, used to be noelle but i can't get her to c6 and i can not handle being a whale for a FTP 4-star so she's been booted off the party

Anonymous 28395

Kazuha c2


Diluc c1


Qiqi c4




Childe c1
Mona c3


Itto c1

I want more cryo and pyro 5 star males

I really like Yanfei, her playstyle feels smooth its a lot better then Klee imo. I got her c4 so now i can also use her as a shield support.

Anonymous 28672

Jean and Yanfei. I triple crowned Jean and put a lot of effort into her build. I play her as a hybrid dps with focus on physical damage. It's probably the most inefficient way but really fun throwing enemies around. Yanfei is unfortunately neglected most of the time but the one-two-three-pow playstyle is absolutely addictive.

Anonymous 28674


Ah I know the weapon banner is a scam but I pulled anyway because I want both weapons on the current banner. I got Scara his weapon! I wonder if I should keep pulling for Itto his weapon or if I should just save, I might want to pull for All Haitham.

Mh I think my mains right now are Kazuha and Childe, I pretty much put them in any team comp because i really like there gameplay and animation. Childe is my fave character and I like Kazuha but there are other characters that I like more.

I wonder if we would ever get a character that will enable anemo infusion like Chongyun, Bennet c6 ect.

Anonymous 28681

i love tears of themis

Anonymous 28682

Who's your husbando anon? I stopped playing when I got a real moid.

Anonymous 28700

I never really could get into it tbh, its just not my type of game

Anonymous 28755

it's so boring. just play obey me instead.

Anonymous 28789


Never thought I’d fall for an NPC.

Anonymous 28790


…but here we are.

Anonymous 28791


Reminds me of Lucas from Trio of Towns

Anonymous 28800

Need a playable character with his personality and buffness.

Anonymous 28807


Anonymous 28815


Should I pull for Al Haitham bc he's a hot boy or wait for Hu Tao or Ayaka because they're proven good main dpss? I probably will pull for him but I'm afraid I'll get tired of him. I find his personality really boring, I just like his face and outfit. And he's been nerfed.

Sage 28816

May be an unpopular opinion, idk, but so far, I hate Dendro as an element.

Anonymous 28817

Sage 28818

It’s just another anemo.

Anonymous 28820

I will get him anyway since im a husbandofag, my advice would be to try out his trial and see if you like his gameplay or not. Do you really stuggle with the game that much that you need to pull a 5 star for a good main dps? I mean you can pull for Hu Tao or Ayaka if you like them but i would never pull for a character just because I think they are "meta"

That's not how you sage. You can sage by click the checkbox, the email and name fields should be left empty

Anonymous 28822


I need a second hard hitter for spiral abyss. Preferably a sword wielder.
Besides that, I like Hu Tao's design (I'm very superficial) and I want Ayaka bc of her sprint. The thing about them that puts me off is the fact that they're "waifus" (-> less pleasant to look at and they remind me of disgusting moid behavior).

Anonymous 28826

>less pleasant to look at
n0nny what?

Anonymous 28828

She's straight and that's the problem I guess

Anonymous 28839


I present to you all Tighnari with long hair…

Oops, thanks, anon. I actually thought I put it in the email field instead the first time around, but apparently didn’t even do that. Nifty. I like the check box thing.

Anonymous 28840

Ayaka’s sprint is extremely useful for overworld exploration. However, I have Mona from a lost 50/50 and she works well enough for the same thing.

Anonymous 28847

Hu tao is kind of useless in abyss outside of speedruns (with a lot of investment and ayaka) or single target (which is rather rare to have). I know plenty of people who benched her for something like mono geo team lol. And in overworld she is pure garbage. If alhaitham turns out to be mid you can always use him in hyperbloom, which is the national of dendro teams (low investment+good performance). Ayaka is nice but you shouldn't feel pressured to pull for her only because of powerlevel, especially considering that a lot of previous abysses have been unfreezable and she is cluncky in melt.

Anonymous 28853

Don't even just pull a character for abyss since you can literally clear those with 4 stars. Again just see if you like Alhaitham gameplay and if you don't you can skip him and go for Hu Tao if you like her.

Thank you for blessing my eyes and no worries

Anonymous 28854

This is pretty useful, thanks.

Anonymous 28855

I'd rather level up a 5 star than Noelle tbh. It may be possible to do it this way but I prefer 5 stars.

Anonymous 28861

I have Fischl and Xiangling both C6 and I agree with you. I’d rather level my (good) 5 star characters. I know XL is in a lot of meta comps, but I hate the polearm play style.

Anonymous 28863

You are not supposed to play Xiangling on field, just use her Q and E.

Im not sure if you watched the video but you definitely don't have to build Noelle, she is just an alternative if you need a Geo comp and you don't have any Geo 5 stars. I'm saying this because you mentioned needing a 5 star to clear abyss. 4 stars like Fischl, XQ, XL, Bennet, Kaeya and Sucrose absolutely can help you clear the abyss faster because they are so broken. And with dendro being out Kuki is also a good option now. Quick swap comps are currently the most favorable playstyle right now so you don't even need a dps who stays on the field for a long time.

Anonymous 28864

I have most of those 4 stars lvl 70+, I just think they're boring to play. Xiangling for example: switch her in to place a teddy or activate the fire loops and switch her out again. Kaeya does pretty much the same thing except his E is even more boring than XLs.
I will use them out of necessity, but I want a more fun character to take the main role.
I will refuse to use Kuki until the day I die because her character design is butt-fucking ugly to me.

I want characters with E hold skills, useful overworld exploration skills, attractive character design, and Q animations.

Anonymous 28865


This is damn cute

Anonymous 28880


So cute!

I really wanted to talk about this with the genshinfags on lc but I’m bringing the conversation here. The Alhaitham nerf. It’s actually insane what came out. Turns out his nerf WAS because of the devs hating female players after all. The CN female player base are going nuts about this. Not only did they nerf him exactly with odd numbers that literally mocks the players, his talents even got named as "only fools use this" in the beta. Some dev basically had a hateboner and nerfed the shit out of him because he could have been the first S-tier meta male dps pre-nerf

Anonymous 28889

>the first
Can we stop at least with this? You know that tighnari (top team outdps hu tao's top team in st), childe (best team in the game) and now scara (all teams have top tier dpr/dps) of exist? People like you who are downplaying male dps are the actual main problem behind the "male dps issue". Could you please provide more sources for the changes in alhaitam's kit being a mockery? I find it hard to believe, especially considering that the yesterday's ones were actually buffing him.

Anonymous 28899

playerbase is so fucking retarded now i’ve been playing since release now i only log in and roll for the pretty boys Lul

Anonymous 28931

I fell for the weapon banner meme… got the skyward harp, fml

Anonymous 28974


The leaked Focalors looks neat, as does the tall blonde lady. I'm already beginning to regret spending primos on so many Inazuman and Sumerian characters when it's extravagant frills, dress shirts and vests that I really lust after. And my inner 15-year old needs the steampunk shit.

I regret pulling Cyno and Ayato in particular. Their kits are so boring. I don't like Nilou's kit either but at least she's cute.

Despite my Cyno and Nilou getting instabenched I don't regret skipping Nahida. I just don't like her kit, personality, character design or voice. I don't get why people lost their collective shit over her

Anonymous 28996

Please go sperg to lc. I'm here to escape your waifu bad mihoyo hate husbando shit.

Anonymous 29399

Just barely got my dailys in because I forgot to start the download phew.
But Alhaitham in 74 rolls, if only FGO had such a generous pity.

Anonymous 29401

congrats ! I lost my pity to Jean but I saved a lot of quests and exploration so im gonna grind now and hopefully i will get him soon

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