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How To Become E-famous Anonymous 1987

Are you e-famous? How do people online become e-famous?
Is there something similar they all do, or was their rise to popularity a unique path? Is it really all abour being the right person in the right place at the right time, or is there more to it?

What platforms (Youtube, Twitter, Insta, Etcetera) have the mose e-famous people on them or allow people to become popular or well-known?

Let's talk about how people got to be e-famous (or e-infamous in some cow's cases).

Anonymous 1988

How would you define e-famous though? People know me very well on a specific plataform, but not by name, or face, I'm a nobody IRL.

Anonymous 1989

"Well known" is like being e-famous. How did you get that way though, like what did you do to become well known? Do you think other people become popular or well known the same way?

Anonymous 1990

Do you have links to videos you do that you can post or anything? Do you feel what you did or created was of a better quality than other people's or do you feel you became popular more by chance or through getting recognized by another popular person or similar?

Anonymous 1991

One example for exposure is posting semi-nude and just being cute/different or whatever. Have someone take pictures of you, edit them, do idiotic quirky shit and you're probably bound to get found by people (especially via instagram).

My question is, why would anybody want to be e-famous anyway?

Anonymous 1992

>edit them
Honestly I wonder if somebody could make an entire living off of shooping their photos?

Anonymous 1993

Plenty of girls on instagram do

Idk, attention? Thanks to yt and instagram are also making money that way so I get the appeal

Anonymous 1994

Wish i could ask how they don't feel embarassed about themselves

Anonymous 1995

One of my friends shoops her pictures. Her most recent one was ridiculous. If you're gonna shoop make sure you don't look ridiculous.

Anonymous 1996

I work with written media, anon. I think my case was mostly chance and the fact I really enjoy what I do, which helps.

Anonymous 2014

I have a few up and coming semi efamous insta friends and the one thing they all have in common is looking pretty. They're all very attractive and constantly getting modeling gigs and what not. What >>1991 said is pretty much how they got popular. Good looks (IMO) is one of the best ways to get noticed. That or having a good personality, special talent, or hanging around famous people, could help you get noticed some how. Being active online also helps.

Anonymous 2015

I'm not famous, but I run a popular tumblr blog. Am I okay in here or should we have a different thread for people whose status doesn't revolve around themselves?

Anonymous 2018

you can probably provide some good tips!

Anonymous 2019

1. Be pretty
2. Have some kind of talent or skill
3. Be a 10/10 sperg to the point you become a lolcow
Or everyone's favorite
4. Sell your soul to the devil if you wanna be REALLY famous.

Anonymous 2032

My problem is that i'm too impatient. Until a short time ago i had a rather popular tumblr (for a rather niche thing) but because i'm a perfectionist i deleted everything.
Now i regret it so much, i created minimum 5 accounts afterwards but always end up deleting again if i don't get 'attention' immediately… Sorry for being childish

Anonymous 2044

Why would you want this? The consequences are no privacy and everything you do and say and your appearance gettibg nitpicked to death in public. Seems like a bad lifestyle choice.

Anonymous 2058

people like attention

Anonymous 2059

Seeking fame just for fame's sake isn't a good way to get positive and fulfilling attention, though. There's a kind of euphoria that can come from being the center of attention but it's empty and fleeting. Everyone wants real love and personal attention but seeking fame on the Internet isn't the path to getting it. Suffering is easier to bare when it's not disguised as pleasure.

Anonymous 2060

i know and agree with you

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