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Twitch/Stream General Anonymous 19960

>Do you watch streams, or VODs? >Why/why not?
>What kind of content do you enjoy, what kind can you not stand at all?
>What the worst part of 'stream culture' for you?

Personally I've been oddly obsessed with watching literal gambling on twitch, there's one guy I watch that regularly goes off-camera to do cocaine and it's a huge weird injoke within the community, posting sugar emojis and all.

Anonymous 19982

I really only watch Jerma because I find the general Twitch culture insufferable but you have to let us know who the guy you’re talking about is OP

Anonymous 19995


i only watch 2 streamers that do gta rp. watching vods is better for me bc it's faster and i always close the chat, twitch chat is so cringe

Anonymous 20013


picrel is him, trainwreckstv. Aptly named, the stream is a literal trainwreck of gambling and substance addiction. One of his top clips is him winning 1mil in one hit, which even I found exciting until he clarified that he was overall still playing at a loss. As in, he sunk 1mil+ into online slot machines, not to mention how much the booger sugar must cost

Anonymous 20014

>Do you watch streams, or VODs? >Why/why not?
I don't as I do not find it entertaining and I do not need to simulate some friendship as fine being alone I guess.
>What kind of content do you enjoy, what kind can you not stand at all?
I actually did used to like watching pokemon speed runs a few times. I liked it as it was the games I played as a kid and the runner knew everything about them plus would get BTFO by RNG constantly
>What the worst part of 'stream culture' for you?
the way they spam.. I do not like it and their stupid memes.
I have met people who were JUST twitchfags and their culture was cancer.

Anonymous 20015

It's quite literally impossible to play online gambling at a net gain long term. the games are rigged so your chances of winning are low enough that it's impossible for them to be at a loss.

It's like throwing money at a 0.5% of winning over and over. sure you may get lucky and hit the jackpot as a new player but the moment you start going for a 2nd jackpot you'll be putting in more money than you'll ever make.

Had a friend who ended up getting a gambling addiction and it was so disturbing to see even though she was a smart person, she got lucky initially and things just started going downhill for her when she refused to cash out.

Anonymous 20035

We could get meta and if you can monetize viewership of your gambling (as this lad has done) he could actually make money by streaming the gambling, therefore earning more by gambling. We can argue that this isn't technically earning more money from gambling, but from my viewpoint that's irrelevant. Yes he can never win enough slot machine pulls to make slot machine gambling profitable, but he can monetize every slot machine pull until his money going into the pull is outweighed by viewers/donation/etc.

Anonymous 20036

>Do you watch streams, or VODs?
I used to watch alot of minecraft and later some variety streams in the Carson era. Not anymore.
>Why/why not?
The fact that pretty much everyone i found entertaining is a characterless mouthpiece started bothering me too much.
>What kind of content do you enjoy, what kind can you not stand at all?
I enjoy pretty much anything thats coming from people who are intelligent and funny. I cant stand twitch thots and the lack of morals they bring to twitch. They are just enabling cooming and disguising their shitty behavior as "female empowerment".
>What the worst part of 'stream culture' for you?
Coomer culture. For sure.

Anonymous 20037

I used to watch some tournament streams back when I played Starcraft. Kind of like watching regular sports on TV really.

I've also been streaming to friends. I especially enjoy streaming RPGMaker games, as they can often get strange and surreal. It makes for fun evenings exploring alien worlds together.

Anonymous 20540

Lots of slots streamers are in partnership with the gambling company. They play with house money and get paid per hour.


>“It wasn’t my money,” Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo said on his Twitch channel in June. Rinaudo, 26, says he was getting offers to do gambling streams for $35,000 an hour—double the price tag of his typical sponsorships—for 10 hour-long streams over the course of a month.

Anonymous 20543

this is just so depressing, dystopian and vile. I love it.

Anonymous 20544

Damn, on the one hand despicable, on the other hand what a grift.

Anonymous 20546

Fuck, assuming he is playing slots, the slot machine takes 5 seconds to output a result, and it takes a generous 10$ for a pull, and he wins 0 times. He still makes 23000$ an hour. What a fucking payrate.

Anonymous 20547

How did we get here?

Anonymous 30335

Is it wrong to necro this thread? I just wanted to ask female streamer recommendations. Pls no ban. Preferably on YouTube, and does lets plays. I’m tired of watching and listening to guys

Anonymous 30338

>tired of listening to guys
totally feel you.
I follow LDShadowLady, froggycrossing, SevyPlays, and CharlieBarley. Idk what kinda games you like to watch but I've noticed that there are more female streamers who play aesthetic, non-competitive cozy games.

Anonymous 30343

i watch streams very occasionally - sometimes fun to wind down for a little bit watching someone chat and play a comfy game.
i like female streamers playing farmsim games - can't stand the most popular format of some dude playing an fps/whatever overwatch clones are considered
worst part of stream culture…just people yelling, raging, being catty for no reason, etc

Anonymous 31990

someone I like a lot is hazelnuttygames! She does a lot of wow stuff mainly so it’s very niche but she’s fun to watch.

Anonymous 32081

who else is a radfem but still watch male streamers? men exist purely for our entertainment.

Anonymous 32084

what streamers do you watch? I don't think I've ever seen a mold streamer that wasn't obnoxious.

Anonymous 32085

Not that anon but Vinny from vinesauce is good, though I haven't watched him in years. Rev from the same group was OK too.

There are other guys who I like who do YouTube primarily and stream on the side, but as a whole I don't have time for streaming.

Anonymous 32086

right now I usually watch either jerma or moistcritikal(except his just chatting streams, which do get annoying).

Anonymous 32087

Sorry anon but Critkal ticks me off. I hate how he is a glorified react channel and doesn't add anything interesting to the discussion.

Anonymous 32088

no yeah I understand completely. I used to watch his youtube vids but realized how he just says a bunch of nothing for 10+ minutes. Nowadays I just like when he plays new games/shitty games.

Anonymous 32102

nta but I watch middle aged guys who don't use facecam and stream to like 20 people. I found them through old Youtube LP's and they're pretty chill.

Anonymous 32104

I refuse to watch anyone online who uses a facecam, most people who use a cam are to loud or showy, I care about what people say not who they are.

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