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big tiddy bad Anonymous 20150

Do you think it's bad to like characters that were designed or written to be sexually or romantically appealing to moids? Where do you draw the line?

Anonymous 20152


And yeah, I was thinking about the Lady Dimitrescu and Bayonetta threads but I didn't want to try and hijack a thread discussing individual characters. I actually like those characters and I like Shantae and Jessie, 2B, Widowmaker, Genshin girls, Morrigan from Dragon Age and Pokemon trainer girls in their hotpants and mini skirts. I even like the literal cabaret girls you can date in Yakuza games.

I know it's intentional coomershit. It isn't the only thing I like and I generally don't even view coomer characters sexually. It's sad and annoying to me how large of a portion of female characters are made that way but that hasn't stopped me from growing attached to those characters as I play their games.

Reading the aforementioned threads here made me second-guess myself, it does feel inconsistent, like I'm taking what I can get. But those characters still make me happy regardless of whom they were meant for.

Anonymous 20153


I've seen men express sexual desire for literally everything up to and including postmodernist sculptures of fat inanimate objects, pic related, so it's really not worth it to avoid their coomer approval. If a female character has any purpose or depth beyond being a fetish totem then most of us will probably find her at least a little relatable.

Anonymous 20155

I don't know what you mean by "Draw the line". If you mean, "Where I stop liking it", is just when the character is boring because that's their only trait, if you mean "where should no one ever be allowed to do something" nowhere because they're just drawings/polygons/fictional people.

Anonymous 20156

No, I often like sexually appealing characters…I like to see a woman who is okay with her sexuality and can express herself like that. A character with that as her only trait is annoying but that very rarely happens especially in modern media. When you see women reduce a female character to that while ignoring her other traits it says more about that person than it does that character. When I see those opinions online I usually assume it's some moid trying to look like an ally but I guess some women do feel that way. They are probably the sort to spread rumors about the popular girls in school and say they got syphilis from fucking a hobo or something.

Anonymous 20157


I don't know how to say this. I generally hate sexualized female characters and finding them really annoying and uncomfortable so I usually ignore them. However I absolutley love Bayonetta and find Super Sonico cute but disgusted of Uzaki and Iruru.

Anonymous 20159

Being sexually or romantically appealing is not bad, why would such characters be bad? Is being ugly and unappealing good? Bland and boring characters makes a bland and boring game, if i wanted more blandness and boredom in my life i wouldn't have to pay money for it.

Anonymous 20160

There should be characters for everyone out there but at the same time it's very off putting for me to play a videogame where all the female characters are porncoded, and maybe the one female character with depth is presented as this pure angel with which to say "all women apart from this one woman are nothing, no characteristics, just booba and bum bum, with whore tendencies here to serve moids who like to weirdly take the optional sex scenes in games and that's it"

Anonymous 20163

If its an interesting character, i dont mind it. Unfortunately i've never seen a coomer idol thats interesting… well female characters are rarely interesting. Its always either some sucky femminist try at making a "strong female character", an edgy cool girl thats annoyingly childish and unreasonably hot headed or a literal sexdoll.

Anonymous 20165

Your assumption here is that not designed to be sexually appealing to moids = boring, bland and ugly, which is not true. You can make a character attractive and itneresting, you can make the character unattractive and still be interesting. Why do male characters be it video games or movies,e tc., get not to look like sex dolls and still be interesting, but if a female character isn't even the tiniest bit feminine then it's the end of the world?
Why can't we have female characters that don't appeal to the male gaze and that are interesting?

Anonymous 20166

I rather dislike the fact that most characters just have to be appealing physically to even be considered good. Yes, moids WILL sexualzie everything, but it's not an excuse to pander to them. Yes there are plenty of characters that look like they beg to r34 to be drawn of them and still be interestign and complex, but why can't we also have realistic looking female chartacters that don't have exaggareted features or body parts? i can only name the walking dead that's where the fem characters aren't sexualized and look realistic.

Anonymous 20167

Your post reminds me of an advice some writer gave on how to write interesting female characters: "Just write a male character and give him a vagina."

Anonymous 20168

How do I write male characters tho

Anonymous 20172

There has actually bewn a study made on slutty dolls. Little girls were given 2 barbies to play with, one was dressed in stylish modest clothing, one was dressed in slutty clothes. Most girls picked the slutty one to play with. Also when asked which of the dolls is more "popular" they would say the slutty one. Pretty sure this is why some girls (such as yourself) like coomershit characters.

Anonymous 20173

yeah, you get attached to them because you aren't objectifying them the way men do. you still see them as "people". like, i think "slutty" clothing looks good, but not from a sexual perspective. i'm not sexually attracted to the women in it, but i still think a lot of "slutty" clothing is cute and i don't demean or dehumanize women that wear it, largely because i'm also a woman who understands the humanity of other women. boys and men have extreme difficulty humanizing sexualized and objectified women in particular. i don't think it's good for little girls or for women in general to be surrounded by characters and depictions of basically all women and girls in popular media to be sexualized and put in "slutty" or revealing clothing, even if i personally think they look cute.

you have to understand that a lot of people do end up objectifying these characters, even if you don't. i don't think it's good for the psychological development of anyone for characters to commonly be portrayed in this light. it encourages girls and women to then objectify themselves, too. it does more harm than good.

Anonymous 20174

Men objectify women whether or not they are wearing sexy clothing. Muslims countries exhibit this brilliantly in the fact that even though their women are covered head to toe they are still treated like objects. The sexy clothes don't make men objectify, men make men objectify.

Anonymous 20175

i agree, obviously they objectify all women, but it's 10x worse when women are sexualized. you're really going to argue that when men are seriously out here claiming that women who wear sexy clothing were asking for it?

Anonymous 20176

Not that anon but my parents wouldn't let me play with those kinds of dolls. I thought it was unfair then and I still do now. Why do that to an innocent little kid and tell her "this is wrong you mustn't grow up to be like this."
Anyway I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Moids like characters intended for women like Sailor Moon. So we can like characters intended for them.

Anonymous 20178

Muslim countries are the ones that argue that with legal backing though whereas with western moids it's just words.

Anonymous 20180

you're trying to compare more secular countries vs countries marred by religious extremism. there's really no sense in comparing the two. it's not as if their views on women are the only thing that shows they're insane and unreasonable. just not comparable.

Anonymous 20182

>you're trying to compare more secular countries vs countries marred by religious extremism. there's really no sense in comparing the two.
I'm comparing countries that say "women can wear whatever they want" and countries that say "women must be covered", and you're stating that the former is 10x worse for women than the later when every observable case on the planet is the complete opposite. I'm not going to respond anymore because you are literally insane thinking that woman walking around in burkas get treated better than western woman. If you at all want me to take you seriously please provide an example of country where sexualized depictions of women are regulated and they are treated better, not worse, than their counterparts. Physical examples, not abstract rationalizations.

Anonymous 20183

>I'm not going to respond anymore because you are literally insane thinking that woman walking around in burkas get treated better than western woman.
i never said women are treated better in muslim countries. i wasn't responding to your claim about muslim countries at all because it's not even remotely comparable. i only said that men (and i meant not raised in absolutely batshit insane religious environments) are likely to objectify women even more when women dress sexy. when religion is brought into the equation, any sense goes completely out the window, and again, this applies to more than their views on women. once again, religious extremists are insane. i'm, again, trying to talk about the development and opinions of men not raised in completely psychotic environments.

Anonymous 20184

Isn't that just a transman? A female character's body includes more than a vagina.

Anonymous 20185

Yeah and you're right. If I were to go outside wearing baggy jeans vs a tight shirt and a short skirt and some makeup which would attract more male gaze? obviously, dressing in less revealing clothes won't save you from rape or sexual assault or cat calling, but we're not talking about assault here. It's kind of the same with characters.

Anonymous 20186

>If I were to go outside wearing baggy jeans vs a tight shirt and a short skirt and some makeup which would attract more male gaze? obviously, dressing in less revealing clothes won't save you from rape or sexual assault or cat calling, but we're not talking about assault here.
i think it attracts more than just the male gaze. i do think men believe they are even more exempt from treating women like people or seeing them like people if the woman is wearing little clothing or especially provocative clothing. they're pornsick and believe women who just dress sexy are sluts with no humanity, that women who dress like this are worthy of even more disrespect, even more than they do women who dress more modestly (and obviously they already believe women who dress more modestly are still subhuman, the effect is just intensified when women show off their bodies). it's my opinion that they believe the same of characters or anything depicted female.

the intense outrage they feel when female characters are introduced that are not heavily sexualized pretty clearly shows their conception of 'female' in general is purely based around sexualized material and little else. they get insanely belligerent over the idea of decoupling female characters and fap material. they think they're entitled to all depictions of females being sexualized, always. this is so unhealthy.

Anonymous 20188

>are likely to objectify women even more when women dress sexy
But purity culture disproves this. Conservative and Muslim women for example are some of the most objectified despite being the most modestly dressed. Muslim women in particular are forced to be covered to avoid tempting men, because they are pretty much seen as walking sex objects. And it's not about religion, it's about moral beliefs. Japanese people are not very religious but still treat women in similar ways.
Things become better for women when showing a normal amount of skin becomes normalized.


Your culture and environment definitely makes you different. Our moids might still be bad, but at least most of them don't treat women as second class citizens.

Anonymous 20190


No. I like Lady Dimitrescu and I dont give a single fuck that moids fap to her. They stroke their gremlin to anything anyway. She'd be proud to have me as her #1 fan too.

Anonymous 20919

Do you really think that men would see women as "not human" just because they are sexy? Its kind of a leap in logic.

Anonymous 21161

Yeah I get what you mean. In Bayonetta's case, whasn't she designed by a woman?
In Super Sonico's and Pochaco's case, I wonder what it is about her design that really doesn't have the same effect as other female character designs made by and for coomers. Perhaps it's because since she's a company mascot, they made her cuter than she's sexy, and don't sexualize her in every single illustration (your pic related). Maybe the fact that the artist is better is a factor too.

This, though.

It would bother me when a female character with big boobs is only ever talked about because of that and not any of her other traits. She might be designed to be sexually attractive, but she has substance beyond just that, and no one cares.

Also this, if a female character that was made solely for coomers has any redeemeing quality and it appeals to me, then I will like her and if possible draw fanart of her as a self-insert for women to fuck a male character that I will portray in a sexualized way lmao

Anonymous 21412

>yeah, you get attached to them because you aren't objectifying them the way men do. you still see them as "people"
This is the weirdest persistent belief I see among gals in general. I mean I used to believe it, so I guess that sounds a little bit judgemental in hindsight? If so, sorry. When I met a guy and we were dating for a while, I asked him about this sort of stuff and he explained his perspective. He didn't think lesser of women who dressed sexily or "slutty," but clothing displays like that made him want to be very… handsy? He said when a woman has got her cleavage out, it's incredibly difficult for him to try and look away, like he knows he shouldn't be glaring right at a girl's chest, but it's as if some magnetic force is pulling his eyes right at them, and he gets that same sensation in his arms. Like monkey brain is taking over and he just wants to squeeze and fondle every part of the woman in front of him.

His "best example" was when he was in college and there was a woman walking down the hallway with what must have been E-cups jiggling away with every step, and he said you could almost hear the necks of every guy seizing up in a desperate attempt to not leer at her as she walked by, him included. He said it's not that they want to make her feel uncomfortable or dehumanize her, but that dumb instincts are super powerful and people think because we wear clothes and go to work, humans aren't affected by instincts because it sounds like animal behavior.

Anonymous 21448

Would be nice if characters could just have big tiddies without it immediately being viewed as fanservice. And i mean it is ALWAys viewed as fanservice. Then again the issue here is representation and they usually really are of disproportonate size and arent representing real women

Anonymous 21450

Make him act like every single thing he does is for the sole purpose of putting his dick in a girl.

Anonymous 21462

I'd expect a grown ass man to be able to control where he looks lol what the fuck. That's retard behavior. And we let these people run countries.
https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/bikinis-women-men-objects-science Take a look at this, you're giving scrotes too much credit.

Anonymous 21501

A bf I had, who was into video games much more than anime, said that he hates random fanservice of the sexual kind. Like anime girls having stupidly sexualized designs, obviously for no practical reason other than make men horny, especially if they have little personality aside from being hot, that kind of stuff made him uncomfortable.

And to contrast that, he used EVA from MGS as an example, since EVA has a perfectly logical reason to wear her jumpsuit open like that, and to act flirty like she does, plus she has more personality than just being seductive, is actually competent, and has a much larger role in the story than just "love interest" or "sidekick". So her design makes sense in-universe, and it doesn't look out-of-place at all, it's as realistic as MGS designs can be. He struggled to tell me what it was about her that didn't bother or distract him at all, but in the end these were his reasons, basically.

Anonymous 21584

>I'd expect a grown ass man to be able to control where he looks lol what the fuck. That's retard behavior.
I could easily spin this and say you should be able to control when your body drops its period. You know that's a dumb statement, so based on the explanation my old boyfriend gave me, it seems like a dumb statement to treat men like their sexual desires and wants are binary and can be easily controlled like the flick of a switch.

Everything he said correlates with the globally shared religious ideals of male abstinence, that the "cure" all these groups tout varies from women covering up, to just avoiding women altogether.

That's not to say those supposed solutions aren't sexist as fuck, because the very clear answer is teaching male restraint and handling those urges in an adult manner instead of putting the blame on women, which is what my old boyfriend did, and what many men do. He didn't go around molesting women who happened to be showing skin, he simply shared how powerful the urges are when surrounded by that sort of display.

Your article is nonsensical garbage by the way.

"Fiske and colleagues asked 21 heterosexual male volunteers."

21 volunteers isn't even scratching the surface of a well researched and documented paper. That's pseudoscience, that's so bad you'd flunk university if you crafted something on that level. Also, scientists know basically nothing about the higher functions of cranial activity and how that correlates to each part of the brain, especially not back in 2009. This Fiske person is talking straight out of their ass, pretending they know how X input correlates to Y output on brain scans.


"If you ask Christof Koch, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and President of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, how close we are to understanding our own brains, he scoffs.

“We don’t even understand the brain of a worm,” Koch said."

Anonymous 21668

Holy shit scrotes are animals JFL

Anonymous 21672

I think this is just a high libido issue rather than male exclusive. Men simply happen to be high libido 99% of the time.
It's horrible, but I was the same as a teen with both men and women and still kind of am. The situation described by your ex with that lady has happened to me with people of both sexes. Other coomer-chans may be able to relate. For what it's worth, it's a nightmare for the person experiencing the attraction as well.

Doesn't excuse rape or harassment, obviously. As an adult you learn to control yourself because you want to be respectful. But a horny person can't stop thinking horny thoughts even if they become a shut-in.

>inb4 nlog

To the contrary, I hate rhetoric saying that women have to be uwu sexless pure maidens to contrast men

Anonymous 21673

I kind of relate to this. I could be grabby as a teen. I remember sitting with a guy friend and I couldn't take it anymore and grabbed his crotch lol

Anonymous 21679

I can attest to this. The idea that only males act "like animals" (do things like stare at body parts they like because of libido) and that there is something wrong with men because of this is ridiculous.
In my case, I used to grab a guy's pecs in HS without his consent and that's not something I'm very proud of. Nowadays I just stare at men I find attractive when they're not looking my way and that's actually common among women where I live

Anonymous 21680

>Having a period is the same as ogling people without their consent and claiming "muh instinct"
Yeah, I'm not reading any more of your retarded and long post.

Anonymous 21717

Wtf, what did they do when you groped them?

Anonymous 21723

Better example would be when rape victims orgasm (which is not just a moid fantasy and does happen according to self-report) and it severely fucks up the victim psychologically.

Anonymous 21727

>We don’t even understand the brain of a worm,
Fun fact: a couple years ago scientists fully mapped out all 250 neurons in a particular nematode species, making it the first organism whose brain we can actually simulate.

Anonymous 21728

Correction: its actually more like ~300 neurons. My bad.

Anonymous 21730

Not yet. There are more to brains than neurons… but it was a big step forward!

Anonymous 21743

I think their point is women can't control their menstrual cycle any more than men can control where their eyes wander to. In fact you probably can't control where you look either, almost none of us can. Look up eye-tracking challenges and videos on YouTube, both men and women have their eyes reflexively look at certain things.

Anonymous 21744

NTA but probably nothing, moids either aren't hard-wired to be as reluctant to unconsensual groping from the other sex and/or women they think are attractive, or they really are so starved for this sort of affection that they don't mind.

t. have a big brother that used to get sorta fondled by classmate girls

Anonymous 21745

Ok but there's a difference between your eyes being drawn to something before you immediately look away because it's inappropriate and straight up ogling women

Anonymous 21747

He was visibly uncomfortable and (politely) protested, sometimes tried to cover his chest. I had forgotten about this part, honestly, now I feel even worse about it.

Anonymous 21755

The anon the other anon was replying to has a problem with moids looking at breasts in general, not just ogling. Read for yourself >>21462

Anonymous 21790

I really don't care, and it doesn't matter. Women pretending not to like characters just because they were made to be attractive to males won't ever change the herd of salivating memelets these characters produce. If anything I care about having more male characters made to be attractive to females. Objectification is cool when it goes all ways.

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