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Anonymous 2048

Thoughts of Korean dramas? They have become like crack to me.

Anonymous 2049

What’s the best Korean drama out there? I wanna give k-drama a shot.

Anonymous 2050

Depends on what you like? My first drama was an old one called Coffee Prince, but I recommend either the one in the pic or cinderella and the four knights

Anonymous 2051

I don't like them. Idk why. The language bothers me and I don't really like the humor, but my mom is watching Strong Girl Bong Soon and loving it. Huh. I do like the aesthetic many of them have though.

Anonymous 2052

I honestly could not get into that one.

Anonymous 2078

When I first got into them I was addicted, but that was extremely short lived. After a while I just found them painfully cliche, dragged out with forced drama, terribly acted and directed, and full of weird shitty behaviour, like men forcefully grabbing women and women who can't act like they enjoy kissing.

That said I really enjoyed them at the time, many of the things I dislike about dramas worked in their favour at first (like the cliches and drama). They have a lot of good looking actors, nice sets and good production values, and the romance and emotional moments can really get you hooked. I remember liking Secret Garden, Coffee Prince, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You're Beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Anonymous 2446


Necroing this thread.

I binge read The Lady and Her Butler, and kept thinking how I'd love for it to become a k-drama.

So my question is, is there any k-drama out there similar to this manwha? Like the characters and their relationships, I don't know. (if anyone has ever read it, that is; if not I recommend it, it's kinda silly sometimes but it's lightweighted fun and cute at times)

Anonymous 2480

my first k-drama was coffee prince, too! my best friend in high school got me into it. good choice. i want to go back and rewatch it now, this brings back some nostalgic feels…

Anonymous 2595

How do you guys watch these dramas? I heard that there's a few dedicated torrent tracker sites.

Anonymous 2596

I don't watch them but a family member does and she watches them on Netflix

Anonymous 2617

>a bunch of mannequins looking pretty and nothing else is "crack" to the OP
Holy shit, bad taste.

Anonymous 2621


Anonymous 3045

Korean language sounds ugly

Anonymous 3052


I liked My Love From Another Star, mostly because of the sexy villain. I don't think I ever watched another k-drama though. I get annoyed by stories that are entirely centered around romance. Do non-romance k-dramas even exist?

Anonymous 3054

Any recommendations of K-drama for beginners? I'm not into Korean pop culture but they look like an easy watch and I'm bored out of my mind

Anonymous 3069

eh I've been a "kboo" for like 4 years and watched some kdramas but I never really got obsessed. I'm more into slice of life stuff so I enjoyed The Lover a lot

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