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Strategy games Anonymous 20722

Am I the only one who enjoys strategy games instead of fps stuff?

Anonymous 20724


>Am I the only one who enjoys [popular genre] instead of [moidy popular genre]?
No, I enjoy the former far more than the latter. Good strategy or tactical FPS games are few and far between and require you to subject yourself to the abuses of random moids for teamwork.

Anonymous 20730

I like them and most of my childhood games are strategies (disciples II, homm 3, warcraft 3, starcraft, etc) , but I enjoy fps stuff more - I hate 2d volume-less graphics, I prefer to coordinate myself in space.
>>20723 hey speak for yourself, I love them.

Anonymous 20733


No, I quite like turn based strategy games. Especially on the PC. I love Civ, Masters of Orion, Heroes of Might and Magic, that kind of thing. A recent one I liked was The Banner Saga which had one of the best video game dads.
Untrue especially in the post-Overwatch world. I suck at FPS games and have never been interested in the online multiplayer scene but the old ones like Doom are simple, fun and universal. I can just sit in my blanket cocoon and explore the maze on the easiest setting in peace

Anonymous 20823

do anyone play Crusader kings II?

Anonymous 20842

Not my favorite genre, but I really like Stellaris.
Next game I'm going to buy will be Victoria 3 and it looks like it will once again be supporting Linux yay!

Anonymous 20847

I desperately wanted to like stellaris. But as much as I like the concept of stellaris, I just hated the gameplay.
I guess I'll stick to just listening to other people talk about their campaigns.

Anonymous 20849

anno anno anno anno anno

Anonymous 20879

If you like the concept try Masters of Orion or Galactic Civilizations, to me they are better space opera strategies than Stellaris

Anonymous 21002

which Anno? My heart is with 1404, but I played 2077 the most. I like the ecosystem mechanics and fighting seems less convoluted

Anonymous 21003

Nta but Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery was my favorite as a kid

Anonymous 21159

I like RTS. I played the fuck out of AoE2 and AoM (with a bit of StarCraft) when I was a kid. They stil hold up, especially since AoE2 got an HD release on Steam and then the Definitive Edition with a pretty active competitive scene both on the original CD game and the newer versions. I'm not very good at it though.
Apparently C&C2 is considered one of the best RTS, but I never played it, sadly.

Anonymous 21303


Geez Anon, that's a bit of an over-generalization. FPS games aren't exactly my go to either but they're fun from time to time.

Though never any team games, I hate talking to people lol. But maybe try Quake, it could change your mind :)

Anonymous 21330

Rome and Medieval 2 total war are my go tos, but literally NONE of my friends (besides one who makes fun of me for being bad at them even though Im better than the friend) plays them.

Anonymous 21354

i don’t like any of them to be honest, i’ve always been a casual player so I like 2d, 3rd person and sandbox-ish games that are challenging
but i really don’t like multiplayer, it usually ruins a game when it gets added

Anonymous 21449

who is the man in the picture? I know my historical knowledge is really fukin bad but atleast i wanna learn

Anonymous 22043

I like factorio and civilization 5. I wanted to play Frostpunk, but I have too many games in my backlog that I should complete first.

Anonymous 22048

does anyone play dominions? a game with the people here would be a lot of fun

Anonymous 22049

George VI, Lizzie's predecessor

Anonymous 22193

I just finished playing an Attila Total war game as the berbers in the TLR dlc when i saw this thread lmao.
I sadly feel like they are often filled with even more men than FPS. At least FPS will sometimes have women, but there are massive paradox modding discords with massive membership counts and not a single woman other than trannies.
This is especially true for paradox titles, but it also applies to Total War. Civilization games are bit better in this regard, but i don't enjoy playing them as much as i enjoy Total War or Victoria.
The only other woman i know who plays these games is a childhood friend.

Anonymous 22313

Growing up I would watch my dad play Age of Empires on his computer. I found it so fascinating and he would tell me about all his strategies and what exactly he was doing.

My mom hated me watching him play (she hates video games, thought it was violent and would rot my little girl brain) so I eventually got really into chess, which is sort of similar strategy wise. When my mom wasn't home my dad would let me play Age of Empires, although I mainly focused on building my civilization as opposed to attacking the opposing one.

I got into AoE again recently (especially over quarantine) and started watching Youtubers/Streamers competitively play the game and share strategies/tips. It was a lot of fun and I'm still really into the game, just really busy with school and work at the moment. Additionally no one in my irl-circle really enjoys the game except my dad. We bought all the games on steam (AoE 1, 2, and 3) and he even told me that they came out with the 4th one which I can't wait to play.

Anonymous 22345

Heh, that's so cool. Just a warning tho, 4's probably gonna suck ass because it's a different team working on it. IIRC they're known for shitting up other games.

Anonymous 22847

I literally cannot stop listening to this. I cannot wait for TWWH3 to be released. Sad that there will not gonna be Araby unless GW decidesto add some more lore to the region, but whatever.

Anonymous 23038

i play older strategy games. like old Fire Emblem. lots of Devil Survivor lately.

Anonymous 23052

They're a lot more comfy and nice to multitask with music.
I'm currently playing ck3

Anonymous 23234

My favorite strategy games atm are XCom and Suzerain. In general I really like strategy games, but I hate that I know at least half a dozen moids irl that enjoy the genre but literally no women.

CK3 still feels kind of half-baked to me. As of right now, CK2 has more replay value. I'm really excited for the royal court DLC that's coming out though.

Anonymous 23262

My first interaction with CK was with ck2 and I was so overwhelmed by it all, ck3 made it a lot nicer to get into the game
What does ck2 do better than 3?
Xcom is really fun and I love customise all of my characters
Which xcom are you playing?

Anonymous 23351

What is your personal opinion on this? Why are there so few number of (actual) women into strategy games?

Anonymous 23352

I'm not into history/politics/the economy, especially war stuff. And I just don't like strategy games, too slow and you have to think too much. I play things for story, self inserting, music and graphics.

Anonymous 23354

eu4 specifically is just boring.
CK3 and CK2 is much better. It has roleplaying elements, you can create the wildest of stories, you can expand, manage your kingdom, you have a very complicated court mechanic, schemes, fragile diplomacy, assassinations and rivals to deal with, literal eugenics, coupled with an interesting military systems with manageable retinues. You can create a line of superhumans to lead your country, you can create the most possible inbred dynasty in the world, or you can roleplay as your own dynasty and create your very own character. You can do the weirdest shit there honestly. So much to do, so much to see.
Hearts of Iron IV has fast paced warfare which often requires quick thinking to exploit the various chances that present themselves on the front, like possible encircelments for example. You have to think a lot to truly be good at it, and a whole game lasts 10 hours at most so if you want to you can play a whole game in a day or two, even with your friends.
But EU4? It's boring. The economy system is more simplified, there aren't any vassal systems anymore, you have like 10 buildings to build and their upgraded versions, that's it. There is no complicated court mechanic, you cannot roleplay, nor do any funky stuff. The army mechanic is even simpler than CK3 despite CK3 being mainly focused on the happenings of court life. Your king is not an interesting character who you develop and nurture- no, he's just a name on the screen with 3 attributes to him, and yes, nearly always him. There are no schemes, no deep thinking is required, and diplomacy is dumbed down. You just sit there, watch as every month that money sound activates and when you see an opportunity you may or may not do an expedition against your neighbour, that is it. I frankly find EU4 deeply boring.

Anonymous 23383

You hit the nail on the head. HOI, CK, and Stellaris all have gameplay. EU4 just does not. But women also just don't play grand strategy in general as frequently. I think there are a lot of reasons: a lack interest in military history, lack of interest in spending 100s to 1000s of hours playing a game with no plot, design choices that don't generally appeal to women, limited advertising/advertising only on places like 4chan and leddit, unintuitive interfaces and gameplay that frequently encourages autistic minmaxing, and most importantly a lack of other female players or a strong social element.

I think CK2's military system is more challengin and realistic. I also like that it has actual flavor for just about any culture/religion/government type you could want to play. When I tried CK3, characters on opposite sides of the map felt basically the same. I do think that will get better once they've released some more dlc to pirate. I don't know if they've fixed navies/embarkation yet, but when I played CK3, I would have random AI dukedoms in continental Europe declare war on my English ruler, which was super annoying.

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