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Radio stations Anonymous 20811

I've been into radio.garden as of late. I'm also interested in other good and/or interesting radio stations that are available online. Take a look and share if you come across something nice!

Some things I've found
French pagan music — http://radio.garden/listen/witches-radio/KFzzEoqv
Post-Soviet space age pop — http://radio.garden/listen/soviet-wave/GEjt7pxT
NYC payphone calls — http://radio.garden/listen/payphone-radio/Vqbk96aA
I'd also recommend Shirley & Spinoza Radio but it's increasingly hard to reach for some reason.

I'm especially interested in radio channels playing Asian oldies, I occasionally think I've finally come across some but every single one of them has been just a temporary program.

Anonymous 20812

Anonymous 20840


This is a really cool website!

Anonymous 21022

The "new" WQXR station in New York is not bad.
It was originally the Classical station (and my go-to) for years, I used to listen to it nightly far back as ~2011, but they just moved it to a different station now and renamed it WQXW. The new station now is called "New Sounds" and plays experimental or 'different' stuff.

I found this song on that station - this can give one an idea of the type of music you might hear here

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