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Anonymous 20846

Who is your favorite songwriter?

Anonymous 20848


Excellent choice. But I raise you a Blixa.

Anonymous 20916

why is he your favorite? what's your favorite song by him?

Anonymous 20930


Anonymous 20960


Joanna Newsom, I don't know how she can write so beautifully.

Anonymous 20962

Came here to post this. I was at a friend's place, contemplating kissing him for the first time, and his playlist had Sprout and the Bean, which completely distracted me as I desperately searched for the artist. I became just so fascinated by her music from that point on.

Anonymous 20966

I love, love, love her. I could write a dissertation about her. In fact I was planning to write something about one of her songs.

Anonymous 21016

feels good

Anonymous 22597

Anonymous 22604


Yess, Joanna and Vashti are so good. Karen Dalton, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Mariee Sioux, and Joni Mitchell are geniuses.

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