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/rgg/ - Yakuza & Judgment General Anonymous 21249

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?

Anonymous 21250

>Yakuza series and its spin-off
Do you know where I can find some sailors?

Anonymous 21251

??? That's a Shenmue quote. It has nothing to do with Yakuza.

Anonymous 21257

>>best boy?
Do you really have to ask this question? Everyone knows who it is…

Anonymous 21261



Anonymous 21266

It's not as much SEGA's fault as it is Takuya Kimura's management's. They're the ones who are vehemently against a PC release because they want to have as much control over Kimura's image as possible, and PC as a platform allows too much liberty for users to do what they want with their games (modding, piracy). The Stadia release was more like SEGA trying to find a loophole to this since the old men at Johnny's don't really understand what that is.

Anonymous 21376

Who's ready for lost judgement next week?

>favourite minigames?

Koi-koi and mahjong.

Anonymous 21390

me except I don't have a playstation anymore

Anonymous 21825

yes i know it came out yesterday, but has anyone here tried Lost Judgment?

Anonymous 21838

currently playing. Love the new soundtrack. Have you tried it?

Anonymous 21850


Anonymous 21867



Anonymous 22480


Anonymous 22508


Anonymous 24587

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