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Anonymous 2132

Who are your favorite female protagonists? (Any medium.) Pic related for me, I love Anne Shirley's spunk and whimsy from the Anne of Green Gables books.

Anonymous 2134


Claire Beauchamp from Outlander has made quite the impression on me. Usually I don't care much for protagonists in general but Claire is witty, cunning, funny, and a great doctor/healer and stays so strong and genuinely helpful throughout the books and show. She's different and a nice change from women being displayed as either a damsel in distress or super harsh badass "i'll beat your ass" chick in the media. Wonderful character.

Anonymous 2135

Heather Mason.jpg

Heather is my favorite female vidya character hands down.

Anonymous 2136



Anonymous 2188


This isn't original, but Rei Asaka from Oniisama e. I was in a dark place last year (suicidal, raped, emotionally abused, etc.) and I finally got around to watching Oniisama e after wanting to watch it for a super long time. I connected with her character for numerous reasons and even though there is a lot of irony in the end because she improves, I felt comfort in how she was able to climb out of her pain and I felt joined by her excessive devotion/closeness to her sibling. She made me feel extremely aware of how I may not be able to see myself well in my clouded thoughts, but other people love me for who I am and value me, despite how despicable and wretched I feel. I know, silly, but now that I'm doing better and don't want to actually kill myself and never see tomorrow, I feel quite fond of her for making me feel like I was less alone, even though I know her character isn't real.

Anonymous 2189

Ayyy, same.

Anonymous 2190


It's always been Samus for me. I haven't even played any of the Metroid games but when I saw Samus first step out of her suit in Smash Bros. Brawl and learned that she was a girl I was enamored. I've just always loved girls who could fight and show some independence, it meant a lot for younger me. It sucks to see her become reduced to a sexual object but I guess the zero suit can make people's mind's wander.

Anonymous 2194

Same tho

Anonymous 2200

>I haven't even played any of the Metroid games
Oh honey, reconsider living.

Anonymous 2201


Tbh Dragon Age got a lot of good female characters.

But Yen takes the cake.

Anonymous 2210


Anonymous 2211

Not silly at all! I've been wanting to watch this for a while and reading what you wrote makes me want to watch it right away!

Anonymous 2212


I have so many favorite female protagonists that it's difficult to choose only one haha, i tend to get drawn to female characters instantly a lot more than the male ones.

But thinking about one i fell for recently, i really love Lagertha from Vikings, she is a really strong woman without being a "strong woman" stereotype, if that makes sense. She doesn't let any man influence her actions or walk over her, she is beautiful and strong, she is determined, she has her ideals and she will fight for them no matter what, she is intelligent…etc.
Man, i had an instant crush on her as soon as i started watching the show.

Anonymous 2313

super visor.png

this tbh

Anonymous 2317


I hate how no one ever talks about Daria , except wannabe edgelords. Daria and Jane friendship was goals (except when Tom kinda ruined it).Plus those two were kinda my sexual awakening as a les.

>tfw no Daria to my Jane

Anonymous 2318


yeah it's both underrated and overrated in a way.
overrated because the plots and animation and everything are pretty mediocre
but those two characters and even like trent are a type of protagonist that so many of us relate to, but rarely get to see

Anonymous 2319

>I hate how no one ever talks about Daria , except wannabe edgelords
that's why no one talks about it except for people on tumblr. it's also a 30 year old show so theres that

Anonymous 2321

Because Daria was before its time in terms of character and relationships. It didn't help that it was a spinoff of Beavis & Butthead so the target audience wasn't too far off from wannabe edgelords.

As a protagonist, Daria has a lot more flaws/human qualities compared to the other posts like >>2318 said, but she still has a place in my heart.

>>2319 It came out in 1997, that's only 20 years. There's another 1990s character here too, Scully. Oniisama e the manga is older and the anime is around the same time period. Metroid first came out in 1986.

Anonymous 2333

MFTE. I love the show, though I identify more with Jane than Daria nowadays. It's still ~iconic~ and has a lot to offer in terms of humor and introspective.

Anonymous 2334

MTV back there ruled. I used to watch Daria and Aeon Flux

Anonymous 2512


Jane Eyre. I know I must be cliche as hell, but her determination despite everything going to shit around her and how she still did fine without suddely becoming a hottie. I read the book back when I hit a low point with my depression and I'd just started uni (which didn't help matters) and she helped me be a little stronger.

Anonymous 2513


Most relatable character.

Anonymous 2515

Have you read the book? Shes even more fucked up in it.
Love her in the movie too tho. No wonder Kathy won an Oscar for it.

Anonymous 2516


This hardcore bitch. She always did what she wanted to do, never gave a fuck about what any asshole thought of her or what was expected for "being a woman". Loyal to her friends till the end, etc etc.

Anonymous 2517

She's so amazing, no wonder Rose of Versailles is still the best shojo ever made. Perfect mix of strong female characters and drama

Anonymous 2519

I tried to read the book, but I can't stand Stephen King's writing. I like most of the movies based off his novels though. Misery is one of the best.

Anonymous 2542


Nan is probably the character I relate to most, and I so wish she had become the Supreme and gotten together with Luke :P
I also relate to Ellie Arroway from Contact and Ann from Arrested Development.

Anonymous 2580

images (15).jpeg

Hope this isn't too childish lol
I really enjoyed her since it was refreshing to see such an interesting character in a kid's show.

Anonymous 2581

wake me up.png

>tfw you read The Shining thinking the movie's a masterpiece and then it turns into Goosebumps 3/4ths through

Anonymous 2644


This dork
Hakunon Kishinami

Anonymous 2645

Came here to post Yen as well. I love all her complexities, her struggles, the ways she surprises you.

Anonymous 2648


Y'all have already posted some of my favs – Scully, Daria <3

I'm also a big Brienne fan. Like in love with her and also just think she's so badass.

Anonymous 2649

Mmm yes tall waifu.

Anonymous 2678

Thinking about picking up GoT again just because of her.
asoiaf must've been my first fantasy, I've read it when i was in middle school and it seemed so perfect back then, and I've been waiting for years for the next book which never came. So glad Brienne is still doing fine in the tv series

Anonymous 2690


Coraline Jones, because she's such a fun, realistic and likeable character. She can be bratty, annoying etc but she's also brave and determined and not in the way that's unrealistic for a girl her age. Idk I just think she's a wonderfully crafted character and Coraline is still one of my favourite movies of all time.

Anonymous 2700

Tula Bane, the main character from the book "Tin Star" by Cecil Castelucci is one that sticks out right away for me. I loved the book and a BIG part of the reason why I was blown away was because of her character- so refreshing in YA. She's not obsessed with her own plainness, she's not whiny- she accepts her fate, grits her teeth, and makes a way for herself. She's tough. There's also some romance in the book but it's just done SO WELL that it doesn't come off as forced or cheesy. She's one of the best written female characters I have come across in a loooong time.
tfw can't find a cover of the book on imgur :(

Anonymous 2702


Lisbeth. Fucking. Salander.

Anonymous 3075


I hope video game favorite protagonist is okay. I love the old Lara Croft.
Badass without being so manly aggressive like the most modern female protagonist are and so pretty. I never thought that she was too sexualised.
I always thought that she was awesome.
Can't stand the new one.

Sorry i am rambling.

Anonymous 3081

Yeah, I never realised she was supposed to be a sex symbol until I read it online many years later. Primitive graphics and being a kid obscured what I have to confess are some pretty crazy huge boobs.

Her butler spooked me good.

Anonymous 3092

Recently someone posted scans of a TR2 review that was pretty disgusting, Lara was called a "sex goddess" or something to that effect and the author even referred to Mario as an "Italian bender". I dislike people who view TRClassic Lara as "sexist" because of the press she got, because when I was 7-8 I thought she was the coolest and toughest chick with the sharpest tongue and that's what I admired her for. The re imagined version is too damn whiny and squishy.

Anonymous 3093

Classic Lara Best Lara.

Reboot is trash, Classics are love.

Anonymous 3109



i seriously can't believe she hasn't been mentioned yet. she's my top pick for a shoujo heroine, she's so brave and good-hearted. admittedly part of the reason that i love her is because i watched the series after i got into college, when i was in a really dark mental phase, and that show is what helped me get through it. watching utena made me decide that even if the world is as bad as it seems, i can't give up on my dreams and become one of the people that make it bad just in order to succeed or fit in.

the other character that i strongly identify with and care for is Molly Grue from the Last Unicorn. She may not be a cool or pretty character, but she's smart enough to recognize the unicorn when nobody else can, and she genuinely cares about Amalthea and has such an intense loyalty to her that I can't help but love her. I remember watching the movie as a kid and kind of being like, 'I don't get it…' but I went back and reread the book a few years ago and the scene where Molly meets the unicorn left me a sobbing wreck, it's so well-written.

Anonymous 3111

I love utena for the same reasons, too. Plus the art is gorgeous.

Anonymous 3144


I would go gay for Ripley.

Anonymous 3150


>tfw when you want to be a Ripley but know you'll always be a Lambert

Anonymous 3455


Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish is adorable and amazing and I want to give her a big hug. I just finished watching the anime and am now reading the manga, I can't believe I haven't done this earlier.

Anonymous 3457

I wasn't expecting the manga to get so deep into the fashion business. It was super interesting.

Anonymous 4480

The move was aesthetic, but I liked her so much more in the graphic novel.

Anonymous 4520


My waifu

Anonymous 5451


I've always loved Ahsoka

Anonymous 5454

Probably maybe I guess Princess Leia, even if she is rebel scum. She knows herself and while she doesn't always go with what a male with authority like Luke or Han says, she knows that cooperation and not being a dick is important.

Anonymous 5455


Almost every Jodie Foster character as well.

Anonymous 5456



excellent taste

personally I love Raven from the 100. she goes through so much shit but still fights. I quit the show actually but I'll always love Raven

Anonymous 5457


Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena, one of the best yuri film of all time.

Anonymous 5529

nana and hachi 2.j…

These two are so important to me

Anonymous 5693


my lovely wadanohara

Anonymous 5701


She is my waifu and I get mad when I see drawings of her with big boobies

Anonymous 5718


Watashi from Jintai

Anonymous 5719

natsuo 03.jpg

Natsuo from Teppu is such a cool character. She turns the typical sports protagonist tropes entirely on their head, resulting in a very complicated young woman with a lot of humanity.

Anonymous 5721

i never understood why her brother ahted her so much

Anonymous 5722


Since she's already been posted I'll post a character I like for similar reasons, Aqua. They both undeservedly get it really bad because of bad decisions of other characters and it's endearing watching them suffer but never break.

Anonymous 5723


Probably Momo from Peach Girl

Anonymous 5754

Almost everyone around Natsuo was extremely jealous of her, but nobody could have been as jealous as her brother. He must feel like he lost the genetic lottery by a single digit. His little sister only got into fighting after she saw how much he loved it. He was scolded and mocked for losing to a girl who was a great fighter, and then he constantly got his ass kicked by neighborhood bullies. His aspirations didn't match up with reality, and Natsuo turned out to be exactly what he wanted for himself, as if God was laughing at him. He wasn't good at anything, and now he had to rely on his younger sister to defend him from bullies, but he wanted to be the one who defends her.

It's tragic because Natsuo never asked to be in this position either, it's just the way they were born. In Natsuo's fantasy where everything is okay and she's achieved true happiness, her brother is the tall strong gifted sibling, because she cares more about her family than her genetic gifts.

Anonymous 17797


Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote. It's a nice change to see a female protagonist that isn't very ideal (like most female characters being super cutesy, beautiful, sexy, badass, optimistic, etc.) and I find her somewhat painfully relatable.

Anonymous 17798

Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle. I think her character gets a bit diluted in the sequels though.

Anonymous 17808

I remember reading the book and it didn't feel like she had a character at all.

Anonymous 17889


Sakura Kinomoto is a lot like Anne Shirley, they're both very positive, very energetic young girls who seem to easily win others over, and make the lives of people around them much better. I can also sense that some of the inspiration for Sakura and Tomoyo's friendship comes from Anne and Diana's unbreakable bond.

Anonymous 17895


charlotte wiltshire from hello charlotte ep1 and 2
pretty basic but yeah

Anonymous 34149


She's just so fun and wholesome

Anonymous 34150


her and Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha have my heart

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