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Metal music thread? Anonymous 21423

I'm not sure if there's enough of metal enjoyers on here, but I wanted to make a thread for a long time now so here it is

You can just send a song(s) that you like or complain about anything metal related, etc.

Anonymous 21424

I'm a metalhead myself but I'm not very into black metal, I hope you don't mind.

My favorite is power metal. I like thrash and classic heavy metal as well. I think anything from the 70s to the late 90s is good for me.

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I liked Black Sabbath's 13 a lot. It was the first metal album I got physical, as well.

Anonymous 21425


Does Blind Guardian count as metal? They're always listed as prog or power metal but half the metal fans I talk to seem to scoff at them?

Anonymous 21426

>I'm a metalhead myself but I'm not very into black metal, I hope you don't mind.

I don't mind anon, I just used the picture cause it's funny.

>My favorite is power metal.

I don't really like it because the music most of the time is too corny for me, at least the modern stuff, and the album covers are even cornier. I do enjoy some Blind Guardian stuff and their Battlefield song is epic but in a good way.

>I like thrash and classic heavy metal as well.

That's very cool. Thrash is always welcome.

>I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I liked Black Sabbath's 13 a lot. It was the first metal album I got physical, as well.

I don't think I've ever actually disliked anything Black Sabbath did. it's better than what a lot of other famous bands do, tbh.

Metal fans scoff at absolutely everything for any reason. Especially if the place is circlejerky, like reddit.

Anonymous 21427

>people say they are metal head
>they recommend through the fire and the flames and shit like sabaton
has this stuff ever happened?

Anonymous 21428

That makes sense if they're recommending you stuff because you're a "beginner", but if that's not their intention it sounds like they're just being sexist assholes.

Anonymous 21430

Yes, of course they do lmao
They're power metal, only some of their albums are considered prog metal as well
>half the metal fans I talk to seem to scoff at them?
it depends on what kind of metal fan they are. They're generally separated by genre. Power metal fans will agree that they're power metal and Blind Guardian is one of the more popular PM bands. Maybe you got those reactions not because of that but because the guys you asked are extreme metal elitists (pretty annoying thing in the metal community)

Anonymous 21431

Oh yeah, i got sabaton recommended to me all the time. I fucking hate sabaton and always did lmao.

Anonymous 21432

Yes I think this is it. A lot of people just really don't like power metal because of the cheesiness of it. I think most people who like power metal like BG though. I like both power metal and metal that is more extreme and high energy, I find it really cathartic. I get a lot of pent up feelings and energy and that kind of music just lets me let it out. I am not really big on the more atmospheric type stuff.

Anonymous 21434


My only experience with Metal is attending a GWAR concert. In fact that's the only concert I've ever been to.

If Sabaton counts then I guess I listened to that too. The music was okay, I find the history more interesting.

Anonymous 21437

Got any problem with either of those?
And no, it never happened to me. I got "more serious" recommendations, though I like both of those unironically too. Maybe I got good stuff recommended because I told them what kind of stuff already listen to.

Anonymous 21440

>Yes I think this is it. A lot of people just really don't like power metal because of the cheesiness of it
I thought this was common knowledge haha
Generally, extreme metal (death/black metal) fans and power metal fans don't mix
>I think most people who like power metal like BG though.
Yeah, they're probably one of the best, most influential and least generic PM bands out there (or used to be, depending on whether you like the direction they went or not). They're highly regarded among PM fans.
Speaking of power metal, Rhapsody NOT of Fire is also one of the most influential, but their style is quite different from BG's. Sadly I've listened to their first saga for so long that I've gotten bored of it and I refuse to listen to anything they've released past that.
Another great and influential early power metal band is Helloween, though I'm not that big of a fan, but I still enjoy them. Blind Guardian seemed to rip off their style a bit in their early days.

Anonymous 21442

Helloween rocks

Anonymous 21454


I miss old Sonata Arctica, their new stuff is so bad. Same with Sabaton, their old music is alright but the new stuff just has the same boring sound to it.

Anonymous 21459


I don't listen to metal that much anymore, however i still enjoy this

Anonymous 21466


I've been listening to this album nonstop lately, highly recommend it to everyone

Anonymous 21469

I liked Night Witches tho
Heroes wasn't that bad, I haven't listened to their two latest albums

Anonymous 21470

Oh fuck yeah, I also liked Municipal Waste and especially that album

Anonymous 21483

Hey, I was thinking of making one of these threads but I was worried no one would reply.

I really need to listen to their new album with the original singer and guitarist already, I've heard it's good.

Speaking of cheese, do any other miners like Symphony X?

Anonymous 21491

I would say I love most metal, but my favorites are symphonic, melodic, folk, speed, and especially power metal. I think Im really attracted to the general themes of these genres, like fantasy, being strong, being there for others etc. It honestly pumps me up to be a better person and be strong (and majestic), its awesome!! I am honestly glad that music exists, I feel like I couldn't live without it. Also, I really appreciate the album art that these sort of bands have. It reminds me of the early 2000s and the rise of PC games that were specially centered around fantasy. I never played any back then, but I loved seeing the commercials for them and the graphics. Its just really nostalgic for me, and it fills a now warm place in my heart. <3

also I just want to drop this here, but I love exploring genres, bands, artists, etc And there's this really useful website called Encyclopedia Metallium: Metal Archives. I use it a lot when I am looking for new bands
https://www.metal-archives.com/ Enjoy!

Anonymous 21499

Are you me? My god, I love how epic power metal is. I don't care if it's considered shit, or how cheesy and formulaic it is (most of the time), it sounds REALLY good.


Last April Fool's, their joke was replacing every band's photo with relevant cat pics. It was so popular that after April 1st they released a version of the site with the cat pics.

Anonymous 21502

YES I feel the same way! Its just so cool, it makes me want to thrash and bash the pain away and fight with joy at my side! or some poetically kitschy thing like that, it just makes me feel powerful and joyous. As if I am a warrior, fighting for the good of all. its infectious! Do you have any fav bands btw? I am always looking for more reccs!
also I didn't know about that april fools joke, that's super cute lol

Anonymous 21505

Haha I know what you mean. Power metal can be so beautiful (even if it's "superficial", idgaf), it really inspires me.
This post is mine >>21440
This post is mine as well >>21409
I also like Dark Moor, Dream Evil, Twilight Force, Gloryhammer some Stratovarius and Nightwish, DragonForce's The Power Within album (it's pretty decent, trust me), and Sabaton even if they're considered shit and overrated (I've liked them since Carolus Rex)

Anonymous 21506

Also, I like some folk metal. Turisas, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, you know. It often has an energy similar to power metal that I like.

Anonymous 21530

Yeah, Heroes was their last good album tbh

Anonymous 21542

you have a good taste, the first ever power metal band I heard was Stratovarius and from then on, I was hooked!
>DragonForce's The Power Within album (it's pretty decent, trust me), and Sabaton even if they're considered shit and overrated (I've liked them since Carolus Rex)
I know that those guys are considered overrated, but I honestly love em a lot lol, like I said, its just infectious its hard not to like it!
oooh the only one I know here is Korpiklaani, I will have to look into the other bands, ty!!

Anonymous 21566


Anonymous 21591

Fucking awesome

Thanks, hope you like the bands!

Anonymous 21599

Been getting into Kalmah lately. The whole album really grew on me. THOSE KEY SOLOS


Anonymous 21607

I've been loving this album recently

Anonymous 21645


This is the peak of metal for me, maybe even music as a whole. i first listened to it in 2018, and haven't been able to find anything better since

Anonymous 21647

Great band, if you like Kalmah also try Norther

Anonymous 21648

Based, I love Alcest

Anonymous 21655


Yes more melodeath plz

Anonymous 21658

Lemme add that PM isn't as popular in the US as it is in Europe, Japan and parts of Latin America. Maybe that's also why you get that reaction IRL, if you live in the US.

Anonymous 21676


I have listened to first 5 Dream Theater albums and they're pretty… boring. Not inspiring, not impressive… at all. Almost as boring as The Gathering.

Does anyone here use rateyourmusic btw? I'm not asking for profile links, just as a side discussion. Easy to organize music, lists, tags, ratings, reviews, I like it. Give it a shot if you never used it before

Anonymous 21688

yes, i've discovered some really good stuff through its automatic recommendations system (recommendations based on the genres/artists/labels you've rated before) and genre charts. don't go in the forums though as it's largely users just passing time

Anonymous 21695

Agree with this, it is also one of those forums ruled by troon tyranny, not as bad as some places but you will still get banned for wrongthink

Anonymous 21712

True but that's basically any western website/social media now unfortunately.

Anonymous 21739

Anonymous 21741

I avoided amon amarth successfully for the entirety of my metul experience.

Anonymous 21863

What if Babymetal, but guys?

Anonymous 21878


Anonymous 21901

I like every single Death album, really hard to pick a favourite.
Their first album Scream Bloody Gore from 1987 is considered the first death metal album ever. The Sound of Perseverance was their last work, rip Chuck.

Anonymous 21933

I think 95% of metalheads at least like this album

Anonymous 21956

I hadn't heard of this band before, this is cool.

Anonymous 21967

got banned from genre voting because of voting "male vocals" on that one tranny issues "death industrial" album lol, thanks tranny jannies for silencing wrongthink
also that album fucking sucks if one was to ignore all text and pretend it's instrumental

Anonymous 21974

That's so funny. I wish gender crit people infiltrated it just like troons infiltrated reddit, we'd see some positive change.

Anonymous 22053

Anonymous 22222


Still better than most of metal

Anonymous 22223

digits of truth

Anonymous 22235


hi metal people

can anyone rec me some good drone metal pls?

Anonymous 22286

Sonic violence

Anonymous 22495

Anonymous 22501


Arch Enemy, female lead singer

Anonymous 22507

What do you mean female lead singer? Like with those various symphonic metal bands, that group had this particular singer replacement uglines.

Anonymous 22529

I want to love Arch Enemy, but any time I listen to their newer music I wish I was listening to their older music, and any time I listen to their older music I wish I was listening to Heartwork.

Anonymous 22546

Screen Shot 2021-1…

Anonymous 22825

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