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so 2 autists made a song about cc... Anonymous 21653

Anonymous 21654

honestly based

Anonymous 21657


what did i just listen to?

Anonymous 21694

so thankful i'm not british

Anonymous 21750

the funniest thing i've ever heard

Anonymous 21758


>I could really do with a fat kebab with double meat and extra spicy sauce right now
Same but what?

Anonymous 21760

>i share this imageboard with edgy 14 year old britbongs
it’s just surprising to see physical evidence of it tbh

Anonymous 21771


A bit like Throbbing Gristle.
Probably not even any cocaine involved either.

Anonymous 21942

its so stupid but i cant stop laughing…

Anonymous 21943


Anonymous 21948

No way we actually interact with that kind of retard here…? I suppose that's always better than moids.

Anonymous 21957

yes they may be autists yes i am rooting for them

Anonymous 21958

What did i just witness

Anonymous 21976

Yet you speak their language pleb

Anonymous 21982

Crystal Cafe anthem

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