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crystal.cafe playlist Anonymous 22107

Use the link to add your own songs or if you don't have Spotify request it below

I thought that it's about that time that crystal.cafe made our own spotify playlist with our own tunes (to demonstrate our superior music sense for the most part). The link is for the collaborative playlist. Feel free to add whatever you like as long as it's not spam or tranny shit. Don't delete the songs of other people, or if you want to, discuss it in the thread. If you have any different recommendations for like the playlist name/description/image also discuss it here, I'll try to check this thread often. Sorry if this has been done before, but when I looked earlier I couldn't find anything.


I'll also try to add songs previously discussed here later

Anonymous 22118

Does it show my username if I add a song?

Anonymous 22119

yes, unless you have a private account (not sure if this is still a feature)

if you want me to add a song just link it or say the name

Anonymous 22120


OP again, I forgot to mention that if you follow the playlist (your username won't show), the playlist automatically adds similar songs to what you listen to

Anonymous 22202

I can't access the playlist for some reason. But some songs added were fire last time I checked.

Anonymous 22215

same, it doesn't show anything :(

Anonymous 22234

Ahhh sorry it had gotten raided and I had to completely nuke it, I'll probably fix it later today; thank you for the reminder!

Anonymous 22237

How did it get raided?

Anonymous 22240

Some 4chinz moid deleted all the songs and spammed some shitty John Lennon song (you probably know which)

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